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price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria

The price of Redmi Note 12 Pro in Nigeria falls between 280,000 and 350,000. Though these prices are almost accurate, many factors could either heighten or reduce the market value of the Redmi Note 12 Pro.

price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria
price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria

The inflation rate and logistics among others could increase the price. A hundred and eighty to two hundred thousand is speculative enough to get you a Redmi Note 12 pro.

The prices are different according to the storage of the phones. More storage equals more price. It’s simple economics.

The following are the different storage on the phone with their prices.

  1. Redmi Note 12 Pro (6+128GB) =282,000
  2. Redmi Note 12 Pro (8+128GB) =297,000
  3. Redmi Note 12 Pro (8+256GB) =320,000

Remember, although these prices are keenly spéculative. There might be slight differences in the real market value.

Where Can I get the Redmi Note 12 Pro in Nigeria?

price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria
price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria

Online stores are faster ways to get the products you want. Some popular ones have earned the trust of the general public through lengthened service.

You can get your Redmi Note 12 Pro on Jumia for about 280,500 to 295,000. Konga sells their Redmi for 350,000. On Jiji, it goes for 290,000 to 350,000 depending on the storage.

SLOT also has an e-platform where you can get your Redmi Note 12 Pro. You might be lucky to catch a bonus sale. Other platforms include 3C Hub, Finet, Pointek and Raya retail outlets.

If you do not like online purchases, you can check out their offline retail stores and have more personalized sales.

You are advised against buying from unverified stores. The only person you’ll have to blame for any fault is yourself.

Now that you know the price of Redmi Note 12 Pro in Nigeria. It’s time to answer some more pertinent questions;

  1. Is the Redmi Note 12 Pro worth the price?
  2. Should you buy Redmi Note 12 Pro when there are other brands out there?

Let’s delve into it.

Is Redmi Note 12 Pro Worth The Price?

price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria,.
price of Redmi Note 12 pro in Nigeria,.

I’m going to ease into this and not just give you an outright yes. To know if it is worth the price, we would have to look at the specifications and details of the phone.

Redmi is a subsidiary Chinese company under Xiaomi. This means it wouldn’t be impossible to verify Redmi’s present competence without checking Xiaomi’s record.

Xiaomi has been known to give us excellent phones with good storage at affordable prices. I have had a personal experience with Xiaomi in the hands of a friend.

It surprised me to see how seamless the whole process was. I almost switched my iPhone with his phone.

With Redmi, Xiaomi has not deflected from its core principles. It includes; Durability, Affordability and Technologically Satisfying.

“Do you work with Xiaomi? How do you know so much?”

My conclusions come from an in-depth review of the Redmi Note 12 pro and also various comments on the internet about the phone.

It has always been the goal of Xiaomi to be a leading force in the area of technology. They give us such goodness at a rather relaxing price.

To know more about the Redmi Note 12 Pro, let’s dive into the specifications.

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Why Redmi Note 12 Pro is Special

1. Design and Build

The Redmi Note 12 Pro boasts of a sleek and modern design, with attention to detail. The construction of the phone is evidence of that.

Its premium build quality ensures durability while maintaining a stylish appearance.

The device is crafted to feel comfortable in your hand, making it a pleasure to use for extended periods.

2. Storage

With enough storage options, the Redmi Note 12 Pro provides users with the flexibility to store large amounts of data, including photos, videos, apps, and games.

Whether you opt for the base model or higher storage configurations, you’ll have plenty of space to meet your needs.

3. Camera

Redmi Note 12 Pro is equipped with advanced camera technology that delivers stunning photography capabilities.

Its versatile camera setup enables users to capture high-quality images and videos in various lighting conditions.

You can unleash your creativity with ease from detailed landscapes to vibrant portraits.

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4. Processor

Powered by a robust processor, the Redmi Note 12 Pro ensures smooth performance and responsiveness across tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re multitasking, gaming, or streaming media content, you can expect fluid and lag-free operation.

The device’s efficient processor optimizes energy consumption, prolonging battery life.

5. Battery

The phone features a long-lasting battery. It keeps you connected throughout the day without interruption.

You can rely on its impressive battery life to power through your daily activities.

6. Display

The Redmi Note 12 Pro has a stunning display that brings content to life with vibrant colours and sharp details.

You’ll enjoy an immersive visual experience on whatever you are doing, be it viewing photos, watching movies, or playing games.

The device’s expansive screen provides enough space for productivity and entertainment.


Are you not convinced? Need I say more? Redmi Note 12 Pro is a perfect triad of looks, functions and feel.


Should you buy Redmi Note 12 Pro?

price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria
price of redmi note 12 pro in Nigeria

There are many competing brands out there in terms of “everything”. They include; Apple, Tecno, Samsung etc.

So why shouldn’t you go for those? Why Redmi?

Here are some questions and answers that would answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. is Redmi better than iPhone?

iPhone still has the lead in performance but they are really close. Xiaomi offers more storage at a lower price. iPhone has a slightly longer battery life. Xiaomi charges much quicker (and you get a charger with it)

2. Which is the best between Redmi and Tecno?

Overall, both of these mid-range smartphones offer a lot of features and are sure to keep users happy. The Tecno Spark 10 Pro offers an improved display and higher AnTuTu score, while the Xiaomi Redmi 12 has a better camera setup and extra connectivity options.

3. Is Redmi better than Samsung?

Samsung flagship models are better than Xiaomi. Samsung’s software is not as good as Xiaomi’s. Samsung has premium phones that are refined and have good displays and cameras. Xiaomi has budget and mid-range phones that are good and offer good value.

4. Which phone brand is most used in China?


5. How old is the Redmi 12C?

The Redmi 12C is an Android-based smartphone as part of the Redmi series, a sub-brand of Xiaomi Inc. This phone was announced on December 31, 2022.

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Redmi Note 12 Pro stands out as a must-have choice for users if they seek a smartphone abundant with features and affordable price.

With its blend of performance, camera capabilities, and design, I don’t see why you shouldn’t make an informed decision now.

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