Guidelines for Prohibited Ad Content on

Ads of a sexual nature or depicting sexually suggestive behavior. This includes the sale of adult content like:

  • Nudity or implied nudity.
  • Contraception: condoms, lubricant, any sexually related gels/creams
  • Sex toys: furry handcuffs, whips, chains, dildos, nipple tassels, etc.
  • Escort, sex, or massages services.
  • Underwear or swimwear.
  • Pornography in all forms of media; books, magazines, video, audio
  • Ads offering or promoting fetish items. i.e., used underwear, pictures of feet
  • Items depicting sexual symbols or organs. i.e., phallic shaped bongs

Ads attempting to disguise or mislead users in an attempt to commit fraud.

Ads in infringing on trademark or copyright agreement; sharing registered company logos or trademarks without consent. i.e., Apple, Nike, Chanel, Samsung, etc.

Ads specifically targeted towards minors must not promote products that are inappropriate, illegal, or unsafe, in addition to not exploiting or misleading the minor.

Ads promoting illegal or prohibited content such as:

  • Tobacco, alcohol, and related products. i.e., e-cigarettes, vapes, vaping juice/liquid
  • Pharmaceutical or recreational Drugs, Online and Offline Pharmacies, promotion of over- the-counter medication.
  • Products explicitly exploiting crises. i.e., Covid-19 related facemasks, medical supplies, test kits, thermometers.
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives that can be used for harm.

Animal related products such as:

  • Animal parts used for cures
  • Live animals
  • Live marine life i.e., coral
  • Skulls and taxidermy
  • Flea/tick preventive medicines
  • Animal breeding services
  • Animal parts from endangered or protected species
  • Animal traps

Human body and parts, such as:

  • Body parts and/or human fluids i.e., human organs, breast milk, semen, babies.

Actions Against Ad Violations

We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad at our own discretion. This can include, but is not limited to, ads that negatively affect our relationship with users or promote nefarious content, services or activities to our position in relation to the competition, our interests or our advertising philosophyā€¯

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