Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung Galaxy A14 might have gone unnoticed. Here I am bringing another awesomeness from Samsung’s Arsenal to your screen. Here is everything you missed about the Samsung Galaxy A14.

Samsung Galaxy A14

We can’t have an A14 without 13, 12 and the list goes on. Samsung A14 is not so different from its predecessor. Samsung A13 has warmed the heart of Samsung lovers but there’s a new king in town.’

The similarities between both phones are in their camera type and battery capacity. Not so much changed in those aspects.

With not much difference, there are still certain specifications about the A14 that would make you take your purses out and change your phones.

Everything Special About Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung Galaxy A14
Samsung Galaxy A14

1. Display(Screen Resolution)

A14 has a slightly larger screen than the A13. It moved from 720p to 1080p resolution. It is a 6.6-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

A13 is LCD(Liquid Crystal Displays) while Samsung A14 is AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

LCDs use a backlight to illuminate pixels, while AMOLED displays have self-emissive pixels that individually emit light.

AMOLED displays mostly offer better image quality with vibrant colours and true blacks, but they can be more expensive to produce.

The Display also has a good contrast. The 90Hz Refresh rate makes swiping easier plus sharper movement than you would get normally.

The speed would reduce to 60Hz when your phone is inactive. It is just to manage power. The Brightness is at a maximum of 520 nits. It would not go higher even in bright places.

2. Build

Samsung A14 is made of plastic. The texture of the phone at the back is Vinyl. Rubbing your hands at the back of the phone would be therapeutic.

The phone also has a very good grip with a slightly rounded frame. Its shape is also fitting for any hand size. It is not too small to hold and not too big that you can’t handle.

3. Camera

This phone has four cameras.

  1. The front Camera
  2. Main Camera
  3. Depth Camera
  4. Macro Camera

They all serve different functions. The front camera is at the front of your phone, popularly known as the selfie camera. You use it to take self-portraits and video calls.

Front cameras usually have lower resolution and fewer features compared to rear (main) cameras, but they are optimized for capturing subjects at arm’s length or close-up.

A14’s front camera is 13 megapixels compared to the 5 megapixels of A13’s. The details, sharpness, and subject detection are very good.

The main camera is usually used for photography and video recording. They have a better range and resolution than the front camera with options such as portraits, landscapes and low-light situations.

Samsung A14 is 50 megapixel. It takes good photos with excellent contrast and an okay saturation with just a bit of noise.

The Blurred background is good but gives sub-par close-up pictures with muted colours.

4. Macro Camera plus Depth Sensor

Samsung A14
Samsung A14

The Macro camera optimizes close-up shots with little to zero distortion and efficient detail. They have a short focusing distance and allow you to sharp pictures of objects like; inscets, flowers and textures.

In Samsung A14, it has a 2-megapixel macro camera. This gives close-up pictures good contrast, saturated colours and a dynamic range.

The depth sensor or time-of-flight (ToF) camera, is designed to capture depth information in addition to the regular image.

Depth sensors are used useful for applications like portrait mode, where the camera can separate the subject from the background. This helps to create a depth effect (blurred background or bokeh).

5. Power Button + Finger Print

Samsung has combined the function of the power button and the fingerprint access in one button. Now you can easily open your phone by just placing your hands on the power button.

This function eases the security process of your phone and also gives the back of your phone a better look. Your finger doesn’t have to go to the back or place your thumb on your screen.

6. Sound Quality

The phone has an okay sound quality. It is also loud enough for you to enjoy your music without a headset or earpiece.

See this piece: Best Noise-Cancellation Headphones (See Top 10)

7. Other Accessories

There are many more important functions in the Samsung Galaxy A14. Some of these include the charging speed. The bad part of the phone is that it doesn’t come with an adapter.

You can use an external charger. With a 25-watt Samsung Charger, You should be able to charge from 0-30 per cent in 30 minutes.

Don’t fret about that fact. The phone has a good battery. It has the same 5000 milliamp battery capacity as Samsung A13. It can last up to 130 hours.

These are all the special specs of the Samsung A14. It’s worthy of being a contender among wanted phones with such an affordable price. This brings us to the next part.

Samsung Galaxy A14 Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A14
Samsung Galaxy A14

The Samsung Galaxy A14 will be widely available in carriers and retailers, in either 64GB or 128GB storage options at a recommended retail price of N116,900 and N126,900 respectively.

These prices can differ according to different factors such as place of sale, person who sold, and new or UK-used. All these factors can either lessen or increase the price.

The place you stay can also affect the price. The logistics influence the final price of the phone.

Who Should Use Samsung Galaxy A14?

Samsung Galaxy A14
Samsung Galaxy A14

There are several tellers for the type of people that should use the Samsung Galaxy A14 phone. It includes;

  1. Anyone with a decent budget
  2. If you like affordability and function
  3. You want a phone with a good camera
  4. You like a phone with enough storage with an option of external storage
  5. Excellent battery life is non-negotiable.
  6. You are a fan of wider screens

All these and more a the type of people that should use the Samsung Galaxy A14. I hope you enjoyed this piece on the Samsung Galaxy A14.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What features does A14 have?

6.5″ FHD+ Super AMOLED.
50MP Camera.
5G x Octa-core Processor.
Super Fast Charging.

2. Is a Samsung A14 waterproof?

The short answer is no, the Galaxy A14 5G is not waterproof. However, the reality is a bit more complicated. Like the Galaxy A13 that came before, the Galaxy A14 5G has no IP rating, which means it has not been certified as waterproof, or even water-resistant, in any way.

3. Does the Samsung A14 have wireless charging?

Because the A14 (being a budget phone) does not have wireless charging.

4. How long does the Samsung Galaxy A14 battery last?

The A14 5G was good for 31:35h of talk time (29:00h on the old model), and there was an improvement in standby of about the same magnitude.

We got an hour extra in video playback – 16:42h, and the most significant bump is in web browsing where the A14 was good for 19:29h.

5. Does the Samsung A14 take good pictures?

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, main camera. I love the colours and lighting in this scene, and the A14 5G captures it pretty well! Finally, the 50-megapixel primary camera.

It snaps photos pretty quickly, and there’s even a Night mode you can use to take decently bright and sharp images in low light (unlike the Moto G Play).

6. Does Samsung A14 have fingerprint?

For the fingerprint scanner to operate, hands must be clean and moisture-free.

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