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Infinix Note 40

Infinix Note 40 has astounded us with the work put into it. Infinix took the saying “A fool at 40 is a fool forever” personally. They couldn’t get it wrong at 40.

Infinix Note 40
Infinix Note 40

Today, join me as we review the Infinix Note 40 phone. From Camera to battery life and other specs. You will be provided with rough information to be able to make informed decisions.

If you’ve been an Infinix fan like myself, you’ll bear testament that the phones are usually sharp and active when you first get them. After a while, the function dampens.

With Infinix Note 40, you can finally take that fear off your heart. No no, I’m not an employee of Infinix before you begin to wonder why I’m being such a fanboy.

Apart from the review of its structure and functions, we would also do a thorough unboxing of the phone to navigate all the possible accessories you’ll find when you get the phone.

It’s safe to say you are here for an Infinix ride. We would also be decently comparing Infinix to worthy counterparts like Redmi to see where Infinix faults. if they fault.

Essentially, you will be getting an unbiased complete review of this phone. Just like the slogan for the Note 40, this post would be Nonstop Fast & Fun for the Young at Heart.

Y’all ready?

Unboxing A Brand New Infinix Note 40 Pro

I would like you to imagine the new Infinix Note 40 with me. As I take them apart, you get to see the different accessories the phone houses.

These accessories include;

1. External Screen Protector

External Screen Protector
External Screen Protector

There is an unused external screen protector in the box. This would help you keep your screen safer and keep it from unexpected cracks or breakages.

It is advised to use it almost immediately. You can never be too careful.

2. Stickers

Personally, I see no efficient use of these stickers. They can be used for ornamental purposes.

3. Manuals

Every new phone comes with a manual to teach you everything you need to navigate the product easily.

With that, the Infinix Note 40 has a manual that eases the affairs of customers with the phone.

Don’t throw the manual away just because you are reading this piece. A manual is irreplaceable, a manual is help.

4. Type C-C charging cables

Type C-C charging cables
Type C-C charging cables

The Type C cord is appreciated because it can help transmit data and power on the same cord.

5. Type C Earphones

Type C Earphones
Type C Earphones


6. 100 Watt Charger

The 100-watt charger can charge the phone quickly from 0 to 100 in less than an hour. That’s super fast uhn?

Well, the thunder sign on the charger is not for looks.

7. Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger

The Wireless charger is the newest invention with phones. They are like your wireless headphones. Speaking of headphones, don’t miss this article on it.

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8. Battery pack

The Infinix Note 40 Battery pack is just like the iPhone’s MagSafe. It is a compact intuitive design that makes on-the-go charging easy.

The magnets keep the battery attached to your phone easily. This goes to show the extent Infinix places relevance on battery life and a long-lasting phone.

The Battery pack has a 3020-milli amp battery. If you add this to the existing 4,600 mAh of the Note 40. That’s a whopping 7,620 mAh.

That’s insane, right? It’s all impressive because this phone isn’t for a premium price. It is rather budget-friendly.

That brings us to the end of the unpacking. Correlate this list to what you get and ensure you get it all.

Full Specification of Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus

I’m going to touch on the key aspects that ensure you have a good experience with the phone. From the design, build, camera, battery and many more.

In Number one, we have;

1. Build and Design

Infinix Note 40
Infinix Note 40

Inifnix must be applauded for their attention to detail in the build and design of the Infini Note 40. The phone has a very sleek and thin look. It slips into your hands fitted without stress.

The leather back makes the phone look classy and super expensive. It has a slightly curved shape with a distinct case colour. The colour of the casing is a bit translucent. It gives you different colours when exposed to light.

The punch hole on the face of the screen gives it an up-to-date look.

2. Camera

Infinix Note 40
Infinix Note 40

Note 40 has a bold and audacious camera type. I use those adjectives because these cameras never fail to make a statement. Like Bow! You’ll see them distinctly on the phone.

It has three cameras. Unfortunately, this doesn’t in any way increase the camera function of the Note 40. Just one of those cameras has a 1080 megapixel. That’s the primary camera.

The other ones have a rather annoying 2-megapixel. The top smaller camera is the depth sensor while below sits the macro sensor.

With all these, the Infinix camera is rather average. It comes off overbearing and “too much” when it takes pictures. Its subject handling is rather and comes off too sharp.

Even for Videography, it’s not advisable. It’s not all good news with Infinix, uhn?

An Okay contrast plus Mediocre saturation won’t be enough unless you have no exclusive need for a camera.

3. Display

Infinix Note 40
Infinix Note 40

The characteristics of the Note 40 include a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen. It also has a 10-bit screen that is capable of displaying over one billion colours.

This is where we compare Redmi and Infinix. Infinix Note 40 has a 10-bit display while Redmi is usually 12-bit. Redmi wins here.

Traditional 8-bit screens are limited to just 16.7 million colours. Note 40 also has a 120Hz Refresh rate. This gives the phone enough speed between swiping, clicking and any other actions.

The Hz switches between 60-120Hz depending on your screen use. It takes a while before the phone registers for screen use in its memory.

It is excellent for watching videos because of its excellent contrast and acute colour reproduction. Accompanying it is a 1300 nits screen brightness.

4. Battery

A fully charged Note 40 can take you up to 7-8 hours. Like I said, the battery is 4,600mAh. With the 10-watt charger, you don’t have to be worried about fast charging.

With external devices like the wireless charger, and battery pack, you would enjoy the phone seamlessly.

5. AI Wallpaper Generator

AI wallpaper
AI wallpaper

This is one of the special features of the Note 40. You can now customize your wallpaper according to your imagination. The beauty of your screen is dependent on the depth of your mind.

With the way AI is improving, you’ll get better images. At his point, some images might appear forced, but it is a feature to be admired.

Go to settings, Click on personalization, Click on AI Wallpaper generator and type what you want. You are limited to 6 wallpaper changes per day.

If you change your paper more than six times a day, then Infinix is not the problem(haha).

6. Other Specifications

There are other noteworthy characteristics of the vote 40. They include;

  1. FM radio
  2. Pestering notification from uninstallable applications.
  3. Fingerprint sensor on screen for faster access
  4. Gorilla glass 5-screen protection
  5. Keyboard with Vibration sensor(not best).
  6. Average gaming experience
  7. Good sound output for content consumption
  8. Halo light for notification

That brings us to the end of this review. I hope it’s comprehensive enough for you. Infinix Note 40 is perfect for anyone who’d relish new-age technology at an affordable price.

Do you like it?

How Much Does The Infinix Note 4O Cost In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the phone costs between 255,000 to 329,700 naira. That is relatively affordable for the functions the phone offers.

Cutting your coat according to your size is the advice for the day. You might not be able to afford it now, add it to your cart.

Speaking of things you can add to carts. Don’t forget to…

Visit: www. 9jalist.com

Who Should Use The Infinix Note 40?

You? Me?

The answer can’t be that conclusive. after much deliberation. The consensus states the following people should use the Infinix Note 40;

  1. Users who are not performance centred
  2. Users with a relatively stable income.
  3. Users with a love for long battery life.
  4. Users who fancy looks over function
  5. Users who like to make a statement with their phones.

That brings us to today’s review and unboxing. I hope you have been duly informed. Watch the video below for better understanding.

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Infinix Note 40 Pro isn’t the best combination of looks and function. But they have tried possible best to incorporate the two together and they arrived at an appreciated end.

The price is budget-friendly and would serve you for the main time while staying in touch with recent tech updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the disadvantages of Infinix?

Limited Brand Recognition.
Gimmicky Features.
Build Quality Concerns.
Limited Use of Qualcomm Chipsets.
No “Real Flagship” Series.
No Clarity About Software Updates.

2. Why do Infinix phones overheat?

Unused applications

These apps can cause your Infinix phone to overheat because they keep running in the background even without opening them thereby forcing more workload on the CPU.

3. Which product of Infinix is best in 2024?

INFINIX HOT 20i [₦80,000/$49]
INFINIX SMART 8 [₦115,000/$70]
INFINIX ZERO ULTRA [₦111,475/$68]
INFINIX HOT 40i [₦194,000/$118]
INFINIX NOTE 12 PRO [₦197,000/$120]
INFINIX NOTE 30 PRO [₦212,000/$129]
INFINIX ZERO 30 5G [₦447,000/$274]
INFINIX GT 10 PRO [₦230,000/$141]

4. Which Infinix has the best battery?

 With beefy battery capacities, phones like Infinix Smart 8 Plus, Infinix Hot 20 Play and Infinix Hot 10 Play 3GB RAM can last long. Latest Infinix Mobile Phones with 6000mAh Battery (Apr 2024): Recent launches include Infinix Smart 8 Plus, Infinix Hot 30 5G 8GB RAM and Infinix Hot 30 5G.

5. What is the reputation of Infinix company?

The overall rating of INFINIX is 3.3, with Job Security being rated at the top and given a rating of 3.4. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 3.1. To know first-hand how is it like to work at INFINIX read detailed reviews by job profile, department and location in the reviews section.

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