Buying a used iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone brand in Nigeria, it is quite clear that they’ve garnered a lot of users across the country. But the expensive nature of the device has led people down the path of purchasing used iPhones. That’s why we’ll be giving you a hint of some of the things you should look out for when buying a used iPhone in Nigeria.

While used iPhones are a very good way to save yourself a lot of money, there are s number of things you have to take note of before you venture into that purchase to avoid what Nigerians call ” stories that touch”. So In this article, we’ll be taking you through a few things you need to know when buying a used iPhone.

Buying a used iPhone
Buying a used iPhone

11 Things to Check when Buying a Used iPhone

If you’re still being skeptical about buying a used iPhone in in Nigeria due to one reason or the other, do not fret as we’ll be sharing with you some of the things to take note of before buying a used iPhone. Here are 11 thing to note before buying a used iPhone in the country today.

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1. Look out for the right place/ person to buy:

If you’re buying a used iPhone, looking for the right place or person to buy from is very important. The right thing is to look for a recognized gadget store or person that are Into used mobile devices at an affordable price.

This means that you might have to do a proper research online or from a trusted person, maybe your friend. This is important so that you can get guarantee on the iPhone you’re buying when it comes up with one issue or the other. Looking out for the right person or place is a sure way get an insight into what you’re buying and where you’re buying it from.

2. Look for Pixels or Discoloration on the Screen

Coming across Pixels or discoloration on an iPhone means that the screen is faulty. Either the pixels are dead or stuck. If you’re not sure of what a dead Pixel is, we’ll explain that in a moment. A dead pixel is normally a black spot on the screen and the screen will not come up with any colour.

This only points to a hardware issue, and it can only be fixed by changing the display panel, and this can be quite costly. On the other hand, a stuck pixel won’t change colours, but it will come up in any of these colours -red, green, and blue. This all depends on how bright your iPhone gets and other operations.

3. Check if the Activation Lock Still Enabled

When you turn the iPhone on, you should be looking out for a lock screen that tell you to set a passcode. If a directive comes on that you should input password to for you to activate the iPhone, the iPhone might be a stolen one. Regardless if stolen or not, it can not function in this country. So, the best thing is to just walk away from the deal.

But if you’re in love with the phone and you want to buy, you can implore or insist on the seller to Input the password by their selves. You can remove activation Lock from an iPhone by disabling “Find My iPhone” under Settings > [Owner’s Name] > Find My.

4. Check for Any Visible Damage to the iPhone

Majority of used iPhones will mostikely come with marks and scratches. It doesnt matter if they’ve been concealed in a case for the duration of the use. Always take it out the case if you’re handed the iPhone in a cover. Always take it out of the cover to get inspect it better.

Take your time by going through the device for any signs of physical damage. These damsges include scratches and little cracks or scratches all over the iPhone or around the edge of the phone.
Incision in the frame calls for a little bit more skepticism.

Buying a used iPhone
A Visibly damaged ipjone

This is because it could mean that there’s been internal damage to parts like the battery. To be sure, check if the iPhone lays flat on a surface while facing down. This will an hint if anything has led to the bending of the frame.

5. Check the Battery Health

One important thing you should also take note of is the life of the iPhone’s battery. Most times, the used iPhones will come with a new battery or the health of the battery could be around 80% and above. Regardless, it is still very important to take a look at it.

To do this, Go to Settings > Battery > Battery health. Make sure the capacity of the battery is at least 80% and above if th3 device youre getting ranks as grade A. If you have enough tone on your hand, have it tested by yourself so that you can comfirm if the iPhone battery works to its full capacity.

6. Check the Performance Level

Test run the iPhone for a while to have an idea of how well it functions. One thing you should put Into consideration is the age of the iPhone. You should also note that older iPhones will be operate at a slower pace than recent ones. What you looking for are looking are clear signs of lagging that might indicate that the internal part of the phone has encountered a problem.

Some of the ways you can test the iPhone is to browse a responsive website, go through the app store just strolling around, going through the map and zooming in and out of it just to see of it’ll show signs of serious lagging and so on.

7. Test the Camera and Speakers

Another way to check if a used iphone is in good condition is to give the camera a test and any other operations that you might find needful. You can start by taking photos, watching videos, or running it through other day to day tasks to see how well they operate. This is a very good way to know if there are any pending issue with the functions of the phone or operations.

Beautiful iPhone camera
An iPhone camera

When youre done testing the camera and other features, another thing you should consider the speakers with earpieces, AirPods, or any Bluetooth speakers. The issues of bad speakers are one of the most common signs of an iPhone that has been damaged by water in the past.

8. Ask about repair

Another important step to ask if the iPhone has ever been repaired. It doesn’t matter if it a new screen or a cracked one or a new battery. If so, ask for the receipt of the repair if available, to confirm the details and ensure the phone to a proper engineer to fix. Third-party providers that do not have authorization from apple may use unsanctioned parts or ways that could affect how you use the phone.

9. Check the charging port

Get a charger and plug it in to confirm if it works properly. You can also try it with a power bank to make this easier for you without electricity. Go through the charging port to make sure you don’t come across any damage to the place.

Iphone port
Iphone port

Take out the charger and check that the battery doesn’t going down rapidly. Also, get pair of headphones (Bluetooth or USB-C connected ones, since iPhones do not have a headphone port) to confirm that when you plug them out, they don’t stop working.

10. Verify the IMEI number

A phone’s IMEI number is like its digital fingerprint. It shows if the phone is real and keeps track of its history, who owns it, and its features. Ask the seller for the IMEI number, which you can find in Settings, General, About, or by dialing *#06# (it might also be on the back of the box). Once you have the 15-digit number, you can check details about the phone on

11. Run hardware tests

Try the phone yourself or ask the seller to show how it works on a live call or video. Make sure the touch screen and buttons work right. Ask them to update the phone to the newest operating system, iOS 17, for iPhones XR and newer ones. Then, use common moves like tapping and swiping. Check websites, the App Store, Maps, Control Center, and try different apps to see how fast and good it is.

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When it comes to buying used iPhones, you have to be very careful so as not to end up being scammed or not buying a phone that you’ll regret. You have to take note of some of these things before you make the purchase or better still, go along with someone with the knowledge.

If the iPhone passes all these checks, then you can go ahead to make the payment. But when the phone fails these checks, you can as well just take a hike and look for another seller or just ask the seller for another one. It is in your interest to buy from a trusted seller or outlet.