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Where to Buy Phone Accessories In Bulk in Nigeria

Today, let’s talk about where to buy phone accessories in bulk in Nigeria. I’ll give you the best places to buy phone accessories in bulk.

Where to Buy Phone Accessories In Bulk in Nigeria
Where to Buy Phone Accessories In Bulk in Nigeria

Best Places to Buy Phone Accessories in Bulk in Nigeria

Shopping online has been the latest focus nowadays. You don’t have to go through the stress of the local markets when the market can be at your fingertips.

Getting phone accessories in bulk online is very easy. Let’s start the e-vendors on your social media e.g. WhatsApp that you ignore their posts.

Although there is a question about the integrity of products, so I understand your fears.

If you fear the integrity of products, Here are some online places where you can buy phone accessories in bulk with assurance.

1. 9jalist

Where to buy phone accessories in bulk
Where to buy phone accessories in bulk

9jalist is the number one e-commerce point where you can get anything you want. Their service is smooth, easy and 9ja.

What do I mean by that?

On 9jalist, you will get the perfect offline shopping experience. They bring the marketplace to you. One of the things you can get from 9jalist is phone accessories in bulk.

9jalist is not a new face in the phone accessory business. They bring you top-quality phone accessories for affordable prices.

Since garnering a reputation for consistent service and an unfailing resolution to please customers, they’ve risen in the ranks among top e-commerce platforms.

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There are many other things you can do on 9jalist e.g., Buy, sell, exchange, post ads and many more. Did someone say multichoice?

Check out 9jalist to get the best offer possible today.

2. Jumia

You can buy phone accessories on Jumia, and it’s a trustworthy place to shop because they’ve been around for a long time.

They’ve been serving customers for years, so you know you can rely on them. Plus, their products are reliable too, so you can trust that what you’re buying is good quality.

3. Konga

Konga is another great option for buying phone accessories. They’ve also been serving customers for a long time, just like Jumia, so you can trust them.

They offer a wide range of products, including reliable phone accessories, so you can shop with peace of mind.

Konga’s not just online—they’ve got real stores too!

That’s a plus because you can check out their stuff in person. So, whether you’re browsing online or strolling through their store, you know Konga’s got good phone accessories you can count on.

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4. Jiji

Jiji is another option for phone accessories, but they’re all online. While they don’t have physical stores, they’re still a popular choice for buying stuff.

Their online platform is easy to use, and you can find a variety of phone accessories from different sellers. So, even though you won’t find them on the streets,

Jiji is still a reliable option for your accessory needs.

5. 3C Hub

3C Hub is a go-to spot for phone accessories and gadgets. They’re all about tech and have stores where you can walk in and check out their stuff.

Whether it’s cases, chargers, or anything else, 3C Hub’s got it. Their stores make it easy to see what you’re getting before you buy, which adds to the trust factor.

If you’re on the hunt for phone goodies, give 3C Hub a look. They also have online stores.


Whether it’s a new phone case or a charger, SLOT’s got you covered. Plus, their reputation for quality products and service makes them a trusted choice for tech enthusiasts everywhere.

SLOT is like a one-stop shop for all things tech, including phone accessories.

With stores all around, they make it super easy to find what you need. So, if you’re looking to deck out your phone, check out SLOT.

You can get your phone accessories in bulk from these e-commerce platforms. They bring the market to you in your comfort so that you can be happier

Where To Buy Phone Accessories In Bulk in Nigeria

accessories landing page

Buying phone accessories in bulk would be for two reasons. It’s either for personal or commercial reasons. Well, I very much doubt the former but you might just want to buy phone accessories in bulk for later use.

The more probable option is for commercial use. Are you planning to get phone accessories in bulk to start selling locally? I’ve got you.

You don’t have to stress. With the options I’ll give you today you’ll be able to get phone accessories in bulk at fair market value.

You’ll have to factor in Logistics to the total cost.

In Nigeria, there are several computer villages in each state. A computer village is a coalition of “everything tech”. Tech traders, tech repairers, tech learners and many more do business there.

It is a choice to find the nearest computer village close to you to get your bulk accessories. But you might be getting it at an increased price.

The question is then, Where is the Tech Market Hub in Nigeria where you can get phone accessories in bulk at fair value price?


So, I’ll narrow your search down to where to buy bulk phone accessories in Lagos.

Where To Buy Phone Accessories in Bulk in Nigeria – Lagos

Where to Buy Phone Accessories In Bulk in Lagos
Where to Buy Phone Accessories In Bulk in Lagos

The following are the 4 best offline places to buy phone accessories in bulk in Nigeria.

1. Computer Village, Ikeja

I had this conversation with a friend last week and she confirmed you can get every phone accessory for a far more cheaper rate in Computer Village Ikeja.

Computer Village, Ikeja is the best and first place to look for if you have a prospect of selling phone accessories in bulk wholesale.

The nature of the place would immediately confirm my praises. It’s always bubbling from the start of the day to its close.

The beauty of Computer Village, Ikeja is you get to discover different price points and you can make more informed decisions about where you want to buy.

2. Idumota Market, Lagos Island

Idumota is not a new name on the lips of Lagosians. It is another bubbling marketplace where you can get your phone accessories in bulk.

If you are looking for wholesale prices for phone accessories, Idumota is a key place to look. Ensure to do Comparative pricing.

3. Alaba International Market, Ojo

Alaba International Market is a huge place where you can find lots of stuff to buy at wholesale prices. They have everything from phone accessories to other goodies.

It might feel like a lot to take in, but if you’re patient and look around carefully, you can find some great deals.

4. Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Expressway

You’ll find plenty of shops selling stuff at wholesale and retail prices at the Trade Fair Complex.

They have a lot of phone accessories, you will find a nice variety of them there, along with other things to buy.

That’s that on the best offline places to buy phone accessories in bulk. Apart from offline stores, you can also get phone accessories in bulk online.

They go for almost the same price as the offline stores. So, why not?

That’s all on the best places to buy phone accessories in bulk in Nigeria. I hope you have what you need.

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When planning to get phone accessories in bulk you just take into consideration the possibility of quick sales in your place of transaction.

The beauty of the business is cash flow. As long as these accessories keep coming in and going out, you are good to go.

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