Stainless steel jewellery

Jewellery is a beautiful thing, and it is one of the ways by which people can express their wealth and success. A popular material used to make these jewellery, is stainless steel, due to its durability and affordability. Stainless steel jewellery is different from other softer materials, and this is because it can withstand a lot of things without leaving scratches.

Stainless steel jewellery
Stainless steel pieces of jewellery

One notable thing about it is that the stainless steel doesn’t spoil or tarnish quickly, even when you don’t maintain it properly. For people who do not like silver and gold and other softer materials, stainless steel is a very good choice to go for. There are quite several benefits that come with stainless steel, we’ll be taking a look at that.

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Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Jewellery


It Doesn’t Rust

The first advantage of using Stainless steel for your jewellery is that it won’t rust as long as you can maintain the protective cover of chromium on it. Another thing is that It also doesn’t react like bronze or brass so it will maintain the same colour over time regardless of what it went through. This is one of the biggest pluses that comes with stainless steel.

It Doesn’t Get Scratched Easily:

Moving on, it is very difficult to scratch or damage Stainless steel jewellery, unlike other metals. Also, you don’t need to be cleaning or putting finishing touches on it as frequently as silver, gold, and platinum. You can go a long time without having to worry about the state of the jewellery or if it’s going to get dirty if you don’t clean it.

It is Hypoallergenic:

This might sound confusing due to the English, but we’ll break it down for you. Being hypoallergenic only points to the fact that it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The steel does not affect the body or cause any harmful effects on the skin. It will not peel your skin nor make your skin bloat, so it is quite very safe to use. This also sets it apart from other soft materials that might bring out a reaction from your skin.

Friendly to the Environment and can be Recycled:

Another advantage is that Stainless steel jewellery is endlessly useful. It has a recovery rate of almost 100%.  Regardless of the contact it makes with other elements, it continues to be inactive to the environment and stays objective without taking in compounds that could affect its makeup.

This just further adds to the fact that if you’re looking for a sustainable option, i.e. the long-term option, stainless steel jewellery is your number one choice.

Stainless Steel is Safe

Stainless steel is safe for our bodies. It doesn’t react with our insides or release any bad stuff into our blood. That means it won’t make us sick or mess up our medicine. So, doctors use it in lots of medical tools because it’s reliable and doesn’t harm us.

This is another reason why you should consider stainless steel jewellery if you’re looking to add to your collection or just starting your collection.

It Goes with Different Outfit

Stainless steel jewellery can go with lots of different clothes, like casual or fancy ones. You can change how it looks to match where you’re going, like making it fancy for a party or keeping it simple for everyday wear. This is why stainless steel jewellery is a good choice for all kinds of events.

No Matter what outfit you decide to go out with, the stainless steel jewellery will surely represent you well. From your native wear down to the Western outfit.


After going through all the advantages of using stainless steel jewellery, you might be wondering if it is so good that it doesn’t come with any disadvantages. But that’s false, there are a few disadvantages to take note of before you decide on stainless steel as your preferred option:

Susceptible to Dents:

The stainless steel is quite lasting, but that does not mean it doesn’t have its lapses. When you allow it to come in contact with very heavy objects or sharp objects, it can still get dented or damaged.

Does not Appreciate:

Due to it being affordable, this keeps the value at a stagnant rate or goes down, unlike the more expensive ones that appreciate over time.

Inflexible Material:

Lastly, stainless steel is not a flexible material, unlike other ones. Therefore, you can not get the intricate or unique designs that you get with gold or silver. They’re mostly the typical round shape with little or no design to their setting.

How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Jewellery

The nature and build of the stainless steel means that it will hardly get scratched or tarnished. But over time without proper Care and cleaning, it will eventually look dull. So if you want to maintain the look, you should give it proper care:

Micro Fibre Clothes:

If you want to clean your stainless steel quickly and make sure it doesn’t leave a mark, you can get a microfibre cloth and some elbow grease to do that.

  • Softly clean your jewellery along the texture to get rid of dust. Do this with a soft microfibre cloth.
  • If the dirt refuses to come off, you can make use of a damp cloth to give you more cleaning power.

Soap and Water:

Another excellent way of cleaning the stainless steel is to use soap and water. But while doing this, try not to soak it inside in the water to avoid damage.

  • Get a big bowl with warm water and three drops of soft soap, and put your stainless steel inside.
  • Using gentle strokes, clean your jewellery gently with a soft cloth.
  • Make use of a soft brush to get rid of excess dust on the steel. It might be an old toothbrush or any old soft brush.
  • Lastly, rinse it off with clean water and try to dry it with a soft cloth.

Note: Try to avoid the use of polishing clothes, paper towels or toothpaste to avoid damaging other materials on the jewellery.

Stainless Steel Jewellery Examples

Lovely Stainless steel bracelets
Stainless steel
Stainless steel Tag
Stainless steel
A Stainless steel neck chain

How to Maintain your Stainless Steel Jewellery

With all the advantages of the stainless steel, that is an excuse for you to be very careless in taking care of it thereby making it Susceptible to damage. Here are some ways you can maintain the material:

  • Make sure you store your jewellery in different compartments so that they won’t get In contact with each other.  Doing this will protect them from getting scratched.
  •  At least once a month, try to get your stainless steel cleaned when it’s dirty. By doing this, you’re making sure it’ll last a very long time.
  • By all means, try to keep it away from chemicals like detergent and bleach. If you continue to use these chemicals on them, you’re opening them to discolouration.

Styling Stainless steel Jewellery

The stainless steel jewellery usually comes in quite several designs that you’ll like. From earrings, bracelets, ring, necklaces and if you’re a fan of piercing, there are an array of choices for you to take:

Due to its affordability, it is easier for people to play around with it in making so many designs that you can try out. These include classic or modern new designs and styles:

  • If you’re looking for what will scream confidence, try out some bold earrings. It might be the dangling bold earrings or large hoops, but this material is sure to give you exactly what you want.
  • Rock it with other uncharged colours. This is because stainless steel will go with almost anything you pair it with, and this makes it a good choice to try out.
  • If you’re going for stainless steel jewellery, try to pair it with other metals. This will surely give you a more interesting look other than going natural with it.
  • Lastly, if you want to show them your style, add some accessories to it that will bring out the bling in you. A perfect accessory for that is gold.

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With all that has been said, it is clear that stainless steel is one of the best materials to go for your jewellery due to its affordability and durability. Although it will not add value over time unlike other soft materials, stainless steel is still a very good choice for you to design your jewellery.

Trying out the tips of how to maintain it, can give you a piece of long-lasting jewellery and you won’t have to worry about damages or scratches to the body anytime soon. But this is only possible if it is maintained properly. With the array of options available for you to design it in, you most definitely will not go wrong with the stainless steel material.