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How to find Trending tiktok sounds

Content creation on tiktok has really taken a huge leap from the covid era, and has become a mainstay in the content creation world. And what better way to make good contents on tiktok than to put the Trending sounds to back it up. If you wan to know how to find Trending tiktok sounds, then this is the right pace to be.

How to find Trending tiktok sounds
How to find Trending tiktok sounds

From Trending music, voice extracts from a viral clip, emotional sounds, and so on. There are so many sounds to choose from to infuse into your content. But the problem is finding the Trending tiktok sound that’ll make your content blow up. Just follow us as well be giving you few ways you can discover Trending tiktok sounds for your content.

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How to Find Trending Tiktok Sounds

There are millions of sounds you can put in your contents on tiktok, it might be the voice extract of the “esta-bleached” sound that went viral, or any other Trending sound. Below are some of the ways you can get Trending tiktok sounds for your content:

I. Take a Look at the For you Page

The main attraction of TikTok is the ‘For You’ page. A lot of people visit the site in search of trending videos. It is simple to find your way around and shows current trends. As most people frequent TikTok’s ‘For You’ page, it provides a great opportunity to discover trending content and creators as you browse through your TikTok feed. Here are the steps to do that:

How to find Trending tiktok sounds
How to find Trending tiktok sounds

Note: What you see on your For You page will most likely not be the same as what others see. TikTok shows things based on what you like and what groups you’re in. To make content your fans will like, see what they see on their For You page. You can do this by checking out what’s popular in the market.

II. Go Through the Sound library

When you press the plus button to upload a video, you will notice a button at the top that reads Add sound. Tapping it will take you to the Sound library. You will find numerous sounds there. You will come across suggestions tailored to your tastes, songs you have previously enjoyed, and playlists sorted into genres like TikTok Viral, New Releases, and TikBiz. This assists in discovering the perfect sound for your video.
Here are a few steps to do that:

  • Open TikTok.
  • Tap the + sign to make a new video.
  • Choose “Add sound” at the top.
  • Look at playlists like “TikTok Viral” for popular songs. Remember, playlists might be different for others. Check playlists with popular sounds for trends.

III. Use the Search Function on Tiktok

Another way to find tending sounds on tiktok is to make use of the search function provided. To find popular sounds on TikTok, first, open the app and tap the search icon at the top-right corner. Then, type in words like “sounds” or “viral sounds” and hit search.

Now, go to the Sounds section in the top menu bar. There, you’ll see a bunch of popular sounds. Take a look through them to see if any fit what you’re making!. Here are a few easy steps you can go about that:

  • Open TikTok.
  • Tap the search function at the top.
  • Search for “viral sounds” or a similar keyword.
  • When the results appear, switch to the Sounds tab.
  • You’ll see a list of popular songs and sounds and how many times they’ve been used.
  • Instead, check out the Hashtags tab for trending hashtags related to sounds.

IV. Go Through out Spotify’s Playlists

Another very good place to check out trending tiktok sounds has to be none other than the leading music streaming platform, Spotify. Just input “TikTok” in the search bar and select “Playlists.” There, you’ll set your eyes on playlist after playlist of the top trending sounds on TikTok curated by users.

How to find Trending tiktok sounds
How to find Trending tiktok sounds: Spotify playlist for tiktok

If you’re only following one user on TikTok, make it TikTok’s official Spotify account. It’s a great place for music, with 10 playlists filled with the latest TikTok hits. Plus, the playlists are sorted by region, making it easy to find trending songs in your area.

V. Use TikTok’s Creative Center

Making use of TikTok’s creative centre is also another way you can find Trending tiktok sounds for your content. It allows content creators to view the most popular songs on the app and even narrow them down by location. The latter particularly very useful, provided that your target audience is located in an area different from yours.

How to find Trending tiktok sounds
How to find Trending tiktok sounds: The creative center

Clicking on any song on the list will also show you a graph charting its general performance over the past week.

NOTE: In order to access all of the data, you must log in to the Creative Center. Signing up for a TikTok Business Account, which is free, will allow you to access the platform.

VI. Use this a Free Tool

If you’re looking for popular trending TikTok sounds and want a free tool to help you grow on TikTok, try On Trend: Rising Sounds on TikTok. It’s designed to make finding trending sounds easy. The sounds are sorted into many categories like Arts, Comedy, Dance, Fitness, and more.

You can browse through what’s Popular or Rising, and even filter by region to find sounds from specific areas. If you want to learn more about how to use this tool, check out this video.

VII. Go Through YouTube

The well-known video sharing platform YouTube, is one of the notable ways to search for tending tiktok sounds. In order to discover popular TikTok sounds, simply enter phrases such as “trending TikTok sounds” or “trending TikTok songs” into the search bar.

You’ll have a wide range of choices available to you. You can also type in “TikTok trends” and see YouTube’s suggestions. You will receive a compilation of search suggestions for further investigation.

How to find Trending tiktok sounds
YouTube for TikTok

If you want to keep up with trending TikTok sounds, make sure to follow the account “YUMMY”, on youtube. It is where a new video featuring the latest hits is posted daily.

VIII. Keep Watch on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Did you know that a number of trending TikTok sounds in 2023 were featured on the Billboard Hot 100 chart? That’s a good pointer of where trending tiktok sounds often comes from. So it’s always a good idea to simply keep an eye on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Take your time to go through this chart from time to time and see how many of the top 100 also show up on TikTok.

How to find Trending tiktok sounds
Billboard top 100 for trending TikTok sounds

IX. Follow accounts Dedicated to Viral Sounds

When you search for popular TikTok sounds, you will see profiles of creators who include them in their content. Certainly, not all are equally reliable – here is one that we have found to be beneficial:


How to find Trending tiktok sounds
Bret wolkey

Brett focuses solely on music (no audio examples), yet his videos are a valuable source of motivation. In addition to a collection of popular TikTok songs, you can also discover enjoyable compilations such as ‘Songs that pack a punch on gloomy days’ that may come in handy for your editing.

X. Go Through Tokchart and Tokboard

Platforms such as Tokchart and Tokboard are exclusively focused on monitoring trending TikTok sounds you can make use of. Tokchart appears to have more frequent updates, while Tokboard provides additional information on audio such as trending countries and popular hashtags used in related videos.

XI. Sign up for the Buffer Social Media Newsletter

When it comes to Trending tiktok sounds, no one knows better about trending sounds than Buffer than Mitra — in fact, she picks one a week to appear in our social media newsletter. If you’d like to have her recommendations sent straight to your inbox, sign up for the newsletter.

XII. Make use of Capcut Templates

Last but not the least, the CapCut video editing app is one of the best ways to find trending tiktok sounds and trends (our Social Media Manager Mitra Mehvar highly recommends it). Here are a few steps to do that:

  • Search for posts tagged #capcut or ‘capcut template’.
  • Find a recent post you like and tap the ‘CapCut – Try this template’ button.
  • If you haven’t already, download the CapCut app when prompted.
  • In CapCut, add your clips to the templates and make any tweaks if necessary.
  • Download the clip to share on TikTok. You can also use Buffer to repurpose it for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Tips for Finding Trending Sounds on Tiktok

Consider your Target Audience

Search for songs and sounds on TikTok that truly suit your audience, rather than just those that are trending. Not every well-liked sound is appropriate for your fans. Observe what interests and engages your fans. These sounds could be ideal for your audience even if they aren’t very popular.

Learn how popular sounds are being Used

Once you’ve picked a trending TikTok sound for your videos, check out how others are using it, especially in videos with lots of views. This helps you understand how to join the TikTok trend. Also, read the comments on these videos to get tips on what to improve or avoid.

If you want to stand out, don’t just copy others. Be creative and add your own unique style. Being creative could make your TikTok videos popular.

Look for Unique Trending Sounds

TikTok isn’t just about music—it’s also about making videos with special sounds. So, aside from popular songs, it’s important to know how to find trending sounds.

The easiest way is to look around in the TikTok app itself. Just go to the For You page or use the search bar. That’s how you can find lots of sounds that are trending right now on TikTok.

Bookmark your favorite TikTok songs and Sounds

When you find cool sounds in popular videos, save them as favorites. This saves you from searching for them later when you want to use them in your TikTok posts. TikTok trends usually stick around for five to seven days. So, if you post often, you’ll have many chances to use the latest trending sounds.

It’s tough to know how long a TikTok sound will stay popular. Some might be trendy for months or even come back later. That’s why saving them as favorites is useful—you can find them easily later. It’s like having your own collection of popular TikTok sounds ready to use whenever you need them.

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As a content creator, it is not just about dishing out content to your audience. Another important thing is to find put the right sound to go with the content you created. It doesn’t just have to be any sound, it has to be the trending tiktok sounds that matches your content.

Above are some of the ways you can find trending tiktok sounds that’ll boost the chances of your content to the public. If you can get a hold of a few of them, it’ll help you on your content creation journey. It is not just about finding sounds, finding the right sound is much more important for your content.