Airtel night plan

The Airtel Night Plan has been around for a while. It is Airtel’s grand gesture of compensating those that their day begins at night. Here is everything you need to know about AirTel Night plan.

Airtel Night Plan
Airtel Night Plan

In truth, 24 hours is no longer enough to do everything we want to do in a day. You might have to borrow from your sleeping hours to make up for lost time.

Sadly, we are in a lost race against time.

Having grown so dependent on the internet, it has gotten increasingly important to always stay online.

Thanks to AirTel, you don’t have to kill yourself to get the expensive Wi-Fi yet. With as little as 100 naira, you can browse the internet.

There are other data plans you can tap into depending on the magnitude of your work and your access to funds.

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How To Activate The Airtel Night Plan

Airtel Night Plan
Airtel Night Plan

To activate these Night plans, you need codes. The codes are like magical spells to the land of the nocturnal browsers, the late-night hosts, the dark minds the…

You get what I mean.

Just like their tagline, “A reason to imagine”. With AirTel, the possibilities are endless.

The only limitation is what you make it to be. Here are the following AirTel plans with the codes to activate them.

1. 50 naira for 500mb

For this plan, Dia *412#.

With as little as 200 naira you can use two gigabytes of data. That’s more than generous, isn’t it?

The enjoyment of the AirTel Night Plan is its affordable price.

2. 100 naira for 1gigabyte

The same code (*412#) would help you subscribe to this night plan.

Easily you can enjoy the jolly darkness of the night.

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Why Is It Preferable to Browse at Night?

Airtel Night Plan
Airtel Night Plan

Many people have grown accustomed to browsing at night. They may have done all their work during the day but will still wake up at 12 to use the net.

Why? Less Traffic.

During the day, there’s more traffic on the net or on specific sites you would like to access.

In the night, when the sleepy eyes go to bed, it’s time for the children of the night to rise and optimize the freed space.

Less traffic ensures a faster network.

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Advantages of AirTel Night Plans

The advantages have been listed at different points above. If you missed it, gather here, I’m about to outline them.

1. Faster Internet

As explained earlier, fewer people on a site would allow for a faster network. The low congestion would allow your work to go as quickly as possible.

This is one of the main reasons people browse at night. Why waste time when people are around? They’ll come later to work better.

2. Cheap and Affordable

Gone are the days when 50 naira and 100 naira would give you 10mb that can last for a week.

Whew, the good old days.

Nowadays, the money for data plans has grown astronomically.

It is therefore thoughtful of AirTel to provide us with a plan to still use good data for less money.

3. Flexible Usage

Unlike the social bundle where you can only browse the social media platforms, the night plan allows you to do anything and everything.

From downloading to browsing the net and watching videos, the options are limitless.

A Reason to Imagine

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How Does The Airtel Night Plan Work?

By activating an Airtel Night Plan with specific codes, subscribers receive either 500MB or 1GB of data for use exclusively during night hours.

This allows users to perform data-heavy tasks like downloading large files, streaming HD videos, or updating software without using their regular data allowance.

Airtel Night Plans offer affordable data packages during off-peak hours, specifically from midnight to 5 am.

This timeframe is chosen to align with the period of minimal network congestion, ensuring Airtel subscribers enjoy faster internet speeds and smoother browsing and downloading experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How many times can I buy an Airtel night plan?

Night bundles can only be purchased once a night.

2. Does Airtel provide unlimited data at night?

Some Airtel plans may offer unlimited data during certain hours, commonly referred to as “night unlimited” plans.

These plans often start during the late evening, typically around 11:30 pm or midnight, and provide unlimited data usage until a specific time in the morning, such as 6:00 am.

3. How do I check my night plan balance?

To check your Airtel night plan balance using the USSD code method, dial *140# and press send. You will have a display of options, one of which is “Check Balance.”

4. What is Smart data plan on Airtel?

Airtel Smart Data Plans are new data plans that give customers an excellent internet experience, and more data volume at the best prices in the Market.

5. Does Airtel night plan work?

Airtel Night Plan Price & Validity

The Airtel Night Plan costs N25 for 250MB, valid between 12 am and 5 am. You can only activate the Night Plan once, meaning you can only get 250MB for the Night, valid from 12 am until 5 am.

6. What is the code for Airtel data balance?

The USSD code for Airtel data balance is *323#. Step 3: After dialling the USSD code, press the call button. :

You will see a pop-up message or a menu with various options on your screen. Select the option that corresponds to checking your data balance.


Airtel Cares is not just a sentence. It shows in their Night plan affordability. Now you can ease the stress you put on yourself during the day and understand that the night brings brighter times.

Night and Brighter time, haha.

Enjoy your time.

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