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Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

Are you looking for places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free? Then look no further than these top 10 places, they will equip you with the platform and audience to boost your business massively.

Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free
Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

Business advertisement has become pertinent in our world today. We used to rely on traditional means of advertisement like Flyer sharing, community outreach and others to build a customer base.

As the world keeps evolving and gets more digital, you have access to more people than you can imagine at your fingertips. Instead of spending hugely planning different ways to advertise traditionally, you can do more with less with these 10 places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free.

Advertising your business online has become a thing of “must”. It is necessary to reach a larger audience and grow your customer base. Especially in Nigeria, where internet usage is increasing, and more people are turning to the web for their shopping, information, and social needs.

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Nigeria, the giant of Africa with an overflowing population of over 200 million people has an impressive amount of Internet userbase. So how do you thrive in such an environment?

Nigerian businesses must leverage online platforms to stay competitive. In this article, we’ll look at where to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free, helping you maximize your reach without breaking the bank.

Top 10 places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

The following are the top 10 places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free;

1. 9jalist

Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free
Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

The vision at 9jalist is to help lift one million Nigerians out of poverty by providing the easiest and most affordable platform to sell online across Nigeria.

They let you start a zero-capital business by posting products, services, and used items for free. With 9jalist, all you need to do is find a good product or service, add images and descriptions, and your free ad will be live within seconds!

“Those are not my words”. Check the website to see all the promises they uphold.

9jalist is a popular classifieds website in Nigeria where you can post free ads for your business. It’s a great way to reach local customers looking for specific products or services.


  • 9jalist offers free ad posting
  • You are closer to the Local Audience
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Competition from numerous listings

2. Facebook

Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms in Nigeria. As of May 2023, there were nearly 41.6 million Facebook users in Nigeria, accounting for 18.5 per cent of the population in the country.

With such an enormous number, isn’t it a no-brainer to advertise your business here?

Facebook is an excellent place to advertise your business online for free because it offers a variety of tools to help you reach your target audience. You can create a business page, join relevant groups, and post regularly to engage with potential customers.


  1. Facebook has a Large user base
  2. Targeted advertising options
  3. Offers engaging multimedia content


  • Organic reach can be limited without paid boosts
  • You would face competition from other businesses

3. Twitter

Twitter has around 3.75% million users in Nigeria as of early 2024. This is a significant rise from the 5 million users in 2023. You can trust the number to keep growing. This makes it a valuable platform for businesses looking to engage in real-time conversations and trends.

When you use relevant hashtags and join trending discussions, you can increase visibility, attract potential customers and grow your customer base.


  1. Real-time engagement with customers
  2. Trend and hashtag utilization to boost visibility
  3. Quick customer interaction


  1. Character limits can restrict messaging
  2. The fast-paced feed can make it hard to stand out

4. LinkedIn

As of May 2023, there were nearly 8.2 million LinkedIn users in Nigeria, accounting for around 3.6 percent of the country’s population. 

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professional networking, boasting over 5 million users in Nigeria. It is useful for B2B businesses looking to connect with other professionals and companies.

You can create a company page, share industry-related content, and join groups to expand your reach.


  1. Your audience are professional
  2. Business to Business (B2B) networking opportunities
  3. You can join Industry-specific groups


  • Less effective for Business to Customer (B2C) businesses
  • It requires a more formal approach

5. Instagram

Instagram is incredibly popular in Nigeria, with approximately 12.2 million users as of Ma 2023. Its visual nature makes it ideal for businesses in fashion, food, travel, and other visually-driven industries.

You can post photos, videos, and stories to showcase your products and engage with your audience. As long as your business is oriented, Instgram is the best place for you.


  1. It appeals to businesses that create visual contents
  2. Instagram has high engagement rates
  3. Other features like Stories and Reels help with engagement


  1. Instagram Requires consistent, high-quality content
  2. Algorithm changes can affect visibility
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6. WhatsApp

Over 51 million WhatsApp users in Nigeria. Does that sound like a crazy number? Well, we aren’t giants for nothing. Nigeria has always been a fertile ground for product testing and growth.

WhatsApp is an excellent platform for direct communication with customers. You can create a business profile, share updates, and even use WhatsApp Business API for more advanced features.


  1. Whatsapp has a wide user base
  2. Direct communication
  3. High message open rates


  1. Limited to text and multimedia messages
  2. Requires you to build a contact list

7. Jumia

Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free
Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

Jumia is one of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce platforms, attracting millions of shoppers monthly. By creating a seller account, you can list your products for free and reach a large audience.

The highest honour that could be bestowed upon Jumia is calling them Africa’s Amazon. They have access to such a faithful customer base and you too can share in this resource. All you have to do is… use Jumia for advertisement.


  1. High traffic
  2. They have a high trust level with customers
  3. Jumia offers some exceptional E-commerce tools


  1. Seller fees on transactions
  2. High competition

8. Konga

Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free
Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

Similar to Jumia, Konga is another major e-commerce site in Nigeria with a substantial user base. Listing your products here can help you reach a large number of potential customers.


  1. Large user base
  2. E-commerce support
  3. Trusted platform


  1. Transaction fees
  2. Competition from other sellers

9. Jiji

Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free
Places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free

Jiji is a popular online marketplace in Nigeria where you can post free ads for various products and services. It’s particularly useful for reaching local buyers.


  1. Free ad posting
  2. Local focus
  3. Wide range of categories


  1. Potential for low-quality leads
  2. High competition

10. Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile is crucial for local SEO. It helps your business appear in local search results and on Google Maps, making it easier for customers to find you.


  1. Improves local SEO
  2. Increases visibility
  3. Free to use


  1. Requires regular updates
  2. Limited to local searches

That’s it, Ladies and Gentlemen. The top 10 places to advertise your business online in Nigeria for free. With his list, you have to find the magic that works for you. Ensure you watch that Youtube Video to know which social media platform works best for you.

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The Importance of Advertising Online in Nigeria

Advertising online offers numerous benefits that traditional advertising methods simply can’t match. Online advertising allows you to target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and online behaviour.

This means you can reach potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your products or services, leading to higher conversion rates. Also, online advertising provides measurable results. You can track how many people have seen your ad, clicked on it, and even made a purchase as a result.

This data is invaluable for refining your marketing strategies and ensuring you’re getting the best return on investment.

Nigeria has over 109.2 million internet users, representing 51% of the population. Social media usage is on the rise, with over 36 million active users. These figures pinpoint the potential of online advertising in Nigeria.

If you are not advertising online, you are not advertising at all.

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When you understand the importance of advertising your business online in Nigeria for free, you can effectively reach a wider audience without incurring high costs. Each platform has its own unique advantages and drawbacks.

So, it’s essential to choose the ones that best align with your business goals and target audience. Remember, consistent engagement and high-quality content are key to maximizing the benefits of online advertising.

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