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Beach wears for ladies

Are you looking for beach wears for ladies? Then look no further than this article, because we’ll be taking you through some of the gorgeous and modest beach wears you can rock to that vacation today. Work and relaxation has to be managed properly, and what proper way to relax as a lady than the beautiful sight of the beach.

Beach wears for ladies
Beach wears for ladies

From the beautiful white sands on the beach, the sound of the water overflowing, down to the wind blowing right in your face, The beach is a perfect place to wind down and relax your body. But you’re going to need the perfect outfit that’ll be suitable to tour the areas of the beach. Let’s take you through some lovely beach wears for ladies and why they’re choices.

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What should ladies wear to the beach?

If you’re a stranger to the beach or going to the beach for the first time and you have no idea what to turn up with, then you need to keep it simple. Go for the simple and comfortable swimwear. You can then pair with with a light cover up.

For this, you can go for a loose fitting linen shirt, to cover up your bikini, put on a Denim short or skirt if your not comfortable exposing your body to the public. Get cool sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, flip flop or sandals. To finish up your look, get a tote bag to put your stuffs in to ease your movement.

Which material is best for beach wear?

  • Linen: is a traditional material in Nigeria that has been around for ages, and its widely known for its comfortable lightweight feel. Nigerians like this material for beach wears due to the fact that it gives room for air to go around, keeping you cool and comfortable even when the weather gets heated. Linen also dries very fast, making it a go to choice for beach wear for ladies.
  • Nylon or Polyester Blends: Artificial materials Iike nylon or polyester combination are mostly used in swimwear and beach wear. These materials are popular in Nigeria for their quick-drying qualities especially, endurance, and resistance to fading and stretching. They are also less heavy, that means you’ll have freedom to explore the beach and gives you good protection against the sun.
  • Mesh: Mesh material is mostly used as beach cover-ups, swimwear, and accessories. It is lightweight, breathable, and gives room for air and water to go through easily. This keeps you cool and comfortable. Mesh also dries very fast, making it a go to choice for beach outings in places like lagos.
  • Cotton: is another very well known material for beach wears. Especially in Pagos beaches like Landmark beach, The good beach and so on. The material is soft, breathable, and takes in moisture well. This makes it a good fit for beach activities. Cotton materials like chambray or lightweight cotton combination are very good choices for beach wears.

What Colours are great to wear on the beach?

Their are a fee colours that are very suitable for beach wears for ladies, and they can be seem below:

  • White: As we all know, white is a uniform colour, and you can never go wrong going to the beach with a white colored beach wear. The bright sun of the beach will bring out its natural outlook and beauty.
  • Pink and Coral: You can’t do no wrong if you decide to go with flirty touch of bright pink and coral on a shiny day by the ocean. One good thing about this is that it really comes out against light skin, and you don’t need much of it to show yourself at the beach.
  • Navy blue: one colour that also never goes out of style is the navy blue, but that not all. According to Asmi Sanghvi, a board-certified dermatologist at Mount Sinai Health System, darker colours like black and navy take in more UV radiation than lighter colours, which can help protect your skin from getting affected by the sun.
  • Red: The red colour has and will always be a bold colour. It statement colour that oozes power and confidence, and a red bikini or cover up at the beach will definitely divert attention to you.
  • Emerald Green: emerald green is one colour that can make all skin tone look good. If you go for a dark enough one, it will offer your skin protection against the sun which is exactly what you need.
  • Yellow and Gold: This colours mostly brings out a playful and cheerful vibe, and therefore make you standout amongst the the crowd on the beach. Coming in contact with the sun brings out the bold in the colour, this makes it perfect for a sunny day.

How to choose the right beach wears for ladies

Choosing the right beach wear for ladies has to give you confidence if you do so. The are two things to consider when you to choose beach wears for ladies, and they are body size and skin tone. Putting the size and shape of your body into consideration will give you confidence when you eventually dawn the wear.

For a person with an apple shape, you have to create a more defined waist line, so you have to go for one piece swim suit it a tankinis with gatherings around the midsection. For women with petit stature, you can go for swimsuit with vertical stripes or high buttoms, so that you can lengthen your legs.

Ladies with athletic body shapes, a swimsuit with padding, ruffles or embellishment will be a good fit. This is for you to create the illusion of curves. All these are the some of the things to consider before you go for beachwear for ladies.

How much do beach wears for ladies cost in Nigeria?

The cost of beach wear for ladies in Nigeria can actually vary, depending on the place you decide you get yours from. Due to the fact that the materials for the beach wears are not expensive, it is quite affordable to get a beach wear in Nigera today, and with as low as N10,000 you can get yours.

Where to buy Budget Friendly Beach Wears

Theere are quite a number of places to purchase your beach wear. We have online stores like 9jalist, jumia, jiji and so to get your beach wear. If you’re not comfortable with that, check out the local market close to your location if you’d prefer having to see what you want to buy before you pay money.

Getting a beach wear in Nigeria is not a tasking thing to do as there are so many locations and outlets all over the country to get your ladies beach wear.

Chic Vacation Beach Wears for Ladies

1. The Crinkle Mini:

This chic beach wear for ladies is Stretchy, comfortable, and very hot. This mini dress is a must for you to have when you’re going for a lazy day in the sand. The times you don’t feel like stressing yourself for an extravagant wear, this is your best choice.

Beach wears for ladies
The crinkled mini

2. The Pink Set:

If you want to make your beach wear very easy and effortless for you, the choice for you to go with is a baby pink matching set. The simplicity of this wear and the cute pink colour makes it a good choice for a beach wear.

Beach wears for ladies
The pink set

3. Plus-Size Fringe Dress

This beach wear adds a bit fun and flair to your beach look with a mesh dress, the dress is available in this lovely white, or black for those who are a fan of a darker palette.

Plus sized Fringe dress
Plus sized Fringe dress

4. The Short Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up

This lightweight, colorful cover-up on for hitting the pool or beach. The breeze blowing the cover around the beach will really hit hard. Another good thing about it is that it will also be perfect for wearing around the house on a beautiful summer day. You can never fo wrong with this beach wear.

The Short Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up
The Short Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up

5. Tie Dye Short Cover Up

Going for a summer tie dye print will make you fit right in at the beach. The oversized pouch pockets on the sides, are perfect for storing beach essentials like sunscreen and lip balm with SPF. You can also keep other stuffs inside this asides the mentioned one, depends on what you’re going to the beach with.

Beach wears for ladies
Tie dye Short Cover up

6. The Sheer Maxi:

The sheeer maxi wear is a dress that’ll show off your bikini in a super cute way. This wear is mostly suitable for ladies with an atheistic body, and it brings out the elegance in you and your black beautiful colour. The wear is cover up you bikini partially, of you don’t want you completely leave your body exposed.

The sheer maxi dress
The sheer maxi dress

7. Plus-Size Matching Skirt and Top

For the plus size ladies, some of the best choice to go for to bring out that beautiful plus-size looks include this matching crochet slit-front skirt and top. They are either sold together or separately, this depends on where you decide to purchase yours.

Plus size matching skirt
Plus size matching skirt

8. Floral Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit & Cover Up

If you’re a lady that likes matching outfits, you can check our this three piece set that has a bikini and coordinating cover up skirt. With this wear, you’ll get that “rich aunty vibes thar you’ve always been looking for because it gives you that matured look on the beach.

9. The Crochet Dress:

Another crochet that made it to the list is the neutral maxi crochet beach wear for ladies. This wear screams elegance and class and it is most suitable for ladies with a slim or athletic body. Crochet wear can also last for a long time if maintained properly.

Beach wears for ladies
The crochet dress

10. Smoked Plus-sized Dress

In this heat, what you need is a bright and simple dress to rock to the beach. To make this more stylish, you can combine it with sandals or cute sun hat, and voila you have a comfortable wear that is perfect for the beach. This is a viable alternative for something other than a bikini or swimsuit.

Smoked plus size dress
Smoked plus size dress

11. The Tie-Dye Skirt

To rock this dress well, you can wrap this lovely skirt around your waist and rock your bikini as a top. Go ahead and combine it with short sandals and beachy waves, you can’t go wrong with this combination.

The Tie dye Skirt
The Tie Dye Skirt

12. Boho Square-Neck Dress

The maxi dress is a summer essential, and when you’re preparing yourself for a day at the beach, you can’t go wrong with a simple option. This option is also good for any Cristian sister looking to have a good time at the beach and still maintain their body chastity.

Beach wears for ladies
Boho-square neck dress

13. The Pioneer Woman Tiered Dress with Elbow Flutter Sleeves

A pullover style is always a great idea. This tiered dress is laidback enough for the beach but will make you feel pulled together when you’re ready to head to your next activity.

The Pioneer Woman Tiered Dress with Elbow Flutter Sleeves
The Pioneer Woman Tiered Dress with Elbow Flutter Sleeves

14. The Terry Skirt

When youre looking for skimpy and simple all in one, then this Terricloth mini skirt is the one choice for you. This beach wear is too cute for you not to wear it on repeat. Adding a tote bag where you can keep you accessories is another way of adding to the beauty.

The Terry skirt
The Terry Skirt

15. Simple Cover-Up

This cute plus top from plus-size fashion mecca Torrid should be combined with shorts. Onxe you do that, you’re ready to go have fun and relax on the beach. If you want to probably have dinner outside afterwards, this beachwear will also pass the vibe check.

Beach wears for ladies
Simple Cover-Up

16. Elan Elan Print Sarong Cover-Up Maxi Skirt

With this Sarong skirt, you can go from the beach to brunch without stress in this lovely printed sarong skirt. It has a twisted side detailing so you don’t have to worry about trying to tie it just so it can fit on your body.

Elan Elan Print Sarong Cover-Up Maxi Skirt
Elan Elan Print Sarong Cover-Up Maxi Skirt

17. The Neon Sarong

Wear a simple bikini with a bright sarong to get noticed. Pick a bikini that matches your skin and body. Then, add the colorful sarong around your waist or in a cool way. The mix of plain bikini and bold sarong makes people look at you. Whether you’re sitting by the water or walking on the beach, this combo makes you stand out.

The Neon Sarong
The Neon Sarong

18. Becca Becca Ponza Jumpsuit

If you want to compliment your already stacked beach wear wardrobe collection, but don’t want to break the bank, this jumpsuit is perfecr for you. It does not only work as a cover up, you can also wear it to a dinner date.

Becca Becca ponza
Becca Becca Ponza Jumpsuit

19. The Pioneer Woman Embroidered Dress with Umbrella Hem

Talking about colours that actually belong to the beach, a bold colour like this was made for the beach. Jump into this embroidered hot pink midi dress over your swimsuit and you’re all set to be on your way.

Beach wears for ladies
The Pioneer Woman Embroidered Dress with hem

20. The Tropical Skirt

If you don’t like wearing long skirts, try this short tropical skirt that feels like you’re on vacation. It’s colorful and has fun patterns, like something you’d wear on a tropical island. It’s great for hot weather and gives you a fun, relaxed style.

Beach wears for ladies
The Tropical Skirt

21. Ekouaer Beach Dress

A loose dress is great for throwing on over your swimsuit in a hurry. You can wear this light dress with sandals or sneakers. It’s so flexible that you can even wear it out at night.

Ekouaer Beach dress
Ekouaer Beach dress

22. Floral Elastic Tie High Waist Summer Beach Shorts

These fashionable shorts has an adjustable self-tie elastic waist, wide legs, and ruffled details. You can combine them with an informal top and sandals for beach-ready style.

 Floral Elastic Tie High Waist Summer Beach Shorts
Floral Elastic Tie High Waist Summer Beach Shorts

23. High Slit Crochet Coverup Maxi Dress

Another good choice for a beach wear for plus sized ladies is a crochet maxi dress. This dress is a summer essential and a bright orange one is a closet must.

High Slit Crochet Coverup Maxi Dress
High Slit Crochet Coverup Maxi Dress

24. Billabong Puff Sleeve Minidress

You’ll find flower patterns everywhere. Join the trend with a really bold and cute dress like this.

Billabong Puff Sleeve Minidress
Billabong Puff Sleeve Minidress

25. The Fun Printed Dress

Ome can not help but just admire how cute this linen maxi that has all the best summertime snacks? This sight alone is a lovely thing to behold, and this will also be a good option for a Christian sisters.

26. Floral Printed Strapless Dress

Free up a little bit of your shoulder with this smocked strapless dress that will can be combined perfectly with your strapless bathing suit. With the wind of the beach blowing over the dress and the waves of the ocean giving out a soothing sound, your beach experience will be a relaxing one.

 Floral Printed Strapless Dress
Floral Printed Strapless Dress

27. Ruffled A-Line Dress

Everyone loves dresses with ruffles, they suit everyone. This light dress is great for beach picnics or bonfires. If you want more colors, there are 14 other options available.

Beach wears for ladies
Ruffled a-line dress

28. The Casual Set

As far as casual beach wears go, a beige set (that has elastic shorts!) is comfortable enough to wear all day and very cute enough to plaster your social media page with more than enough picture for the third eye.

The casual set
The casual set

29. Beach Botanica Cover-Up Dress

Enjoy the sun in tropical style with this cover-up dress. It has straps you can adjust and a pretty flower pattern.

Beach wears for ladies
Beach Botanica Cover-Up Dress

30. Cover-Up Romper

We know sunny days can be hot. Sometimes we wish we could be naked, but that’s not okay. Instead, we can wear something almost as good: a romper with a tank top. It’ll look cute and feel like you’re barely wearing anything.

Cover Up Romper
Cover up Romper

What beach wears are good for Christian ladies?

Due to general trend, it’s difficult for ladies to look good without having to display explicit parts of their body. Regardless of this, there are still some beach wears you can rock to that beach appointment as a lady and still look stunning while maintaining your modesty.

The suitable beach wears for a Christian ladies should be something the looks cute and fashionable, but also still secures their modesty and beliefs. You don’t have to expose your body to yhe public just to please the public eye and a few examples can be taken from the swim wears above.

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As we come to the end of the search for some of the best beach wears for ladies, we can clearly see that having a nice time on the beach is for everybody. You might want to get away from all the stress, from the noise and just go to the beach to look for calm. And the waves of the ocean and the sun hitting your skin can certainly provide that.

Beach wears for ladies can certainly come in different styles for all types of women. From the plus sized ladies to the athlestic bodies, our Christian sisters and Muslim sisters. You can choose from some of these designs to style yours as it suits you.