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Price of generators in Nigeria.

Let’s look at the price of generators in Nigeria. Generators are lifelines in Nigeria as we continue to push for uninterrupted power supply.

Price of generators in Nigeria.
Price of generators in Nigeria.

They bridge the gap between the inconsistent electricity from our national grid and the insatiable energy demand.

Since I can remember, power outages have become a constant part of our lives. We’ve gotten used to it so much, that we are worried anytime we have a tarrying length of power.

And we feel so much happiness anytime we get power back. Ever heard of “Up NEPA”?

With the increase in household and commercial assets we have today, generators are important in Nigeria.

Their availability remains plethoric in Nigeria but their affordability is getting more and more difficult. So I would be giving you price ranges of generators in Nigeria.

Price of Petrol Generators In Nigeria.

Petrol generators use petrol as fuel to run their engine. Petrol engines are used to convert the chemical energy of petrol into mechanical energy.

Here are some prices for petrol generators in Nigeria.

1. HP Elepaq Petrol Generator – N250,000

price of generators in Nigeria...
price of generators in Nigeria…

2. 1.8Kva Maxmoto Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N185,000

price of generators in Nigeria..
price of generators in Nigeria..

3. 5.5kva Firman AC Master Petrol Generator 100% – N645,000

price of generators in Nigeria
price of generators in Nigeria

4. 12kva Senci Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N950,000

Price of generators in Nigeria..
Price of generators in Nigeria..

5. 5kva Elepag Yaofeng Petrol GEN Model AC8000E2 – N485,000

price of generators in Nigeria.
price of generators in Nigeria.

6. 3kva Parsun Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N335,000

Price of generators in Nigeria,.
Price of generators in Nigeria,.

7. 10.5kva Elepaq Constant Petrol Generator – N765,000

10.5kva Elepaq Constant Petrol Generator
10.5kva Elepaq Constant Petrol Generator

8. Kemage 3.5kva Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N295,000

price of generators in Nigeria..
price of generators in Nigeria..

9. (13kva)power Remote Control Petrol Gen Model – N950,000

Price of generators in Nigeria,,
Price of generators in Nigeria,,

10. Elepaq Constant 4.5kva Petrol Generator 100% – N355,000

Price of generators in Nigeria,,.
Price of generators in Nigeria,,.

11. 4kva Honda Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N298,000

12. (3.5kva) Sumec Firman Petrol Generator Model – N385,000

13. Honda (6.5kva) Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N1,700,000

14. (5kva)Firman Rugged Line Petrol Generator Model – N395,000

15. (6.5kva) Maxmech Petrol Generator Model – N635,000

16. 8.5kva Elepaq Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N585,000

17. Corolla 2.8kva Petrol Generator 100% Copper – N255,000

18. (2.8kva)Firman Petrol Generator Model – N385,000

19. 12kva Lutian Remote Control Petrol Generator – N850,000

20. Honda Petrol Generator Model EC4500 100% – N310,000

These are the varying prices of various petrol generators in Nigeria. You must cut your coat according to your size.

Price of Power Generators in Nigeria

Fuelless power generators can typically run on renewable sources such as solar, wind, and water.

For example, a fuelless solar power harnesses the sun’s power to provide electricity.

  1. Petrol Generator Comfort Series 2.8KW/3.OKVA CM4000C A-iPower – N213,000
  2. A-iPower Petrol Generator Promo Series 2.8KW/3.0KVA PR4000C – N215,000
  3. Honda Engine GX270H2 – N295,000
  4. Ingco Diesel Welder generator GDW65001 – N650,000
  5. Haier Thermocool 3.75kVA/3.0kW Petrol Generator (HSTL4000ES) – 511,305

Whether petrol or power generators, you can get them at affordable prices.


Where to Buy Generators?

In Nigeria, selling Generators is a bustling market.

You can acquire a generator easily through various channels.

Physical stores, ranging from specialized electrical shops to general merchandise outlets, offer a wide selection of generator brands and models.

Additionally, online platforms like 9jalist, Jumia and Jiji are convenient avenues for you to purchase generators.

These e-commerce platforms provide many options that enable customers like you to compare prices, read reviews, and make informed decisions from the comfort of your home.

Although Generators are important in Nigeria, there are some alternatives you can use in the case of a power outage.

What are some Alternatives to Generators in Nigeria?

Generators are indispensable backup power sources. But we need to reduce our reliance on them.

Solar power systems, for instance, harness the abundant sunlight in Nigeria to generate electricity sustainably.

Investing in solar panels and batteries offers a reliable and environmentally friendly energy solution, especially in areas with consistent sunshine.

Also, power banks and inverters are good options for minimizing energy consumption and reducing the need for constant generator usage.

That is all there is on the Price of Generators in Nigeria. I hope you can make better decisions now. You might even decide to get solar instead.

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Conclusion on Price of Generators in Nigeria

Even with the challenges posed by price hikes for generators. We cannot undermine their importance in ensuring comfort in homes and businesses.

With generators, there is equal access to power for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Is it cheaper to have a generator for electricity?

Diesel generators are a cost-effective power solution due to their fuel efficiency and long lifespan.

They generate more kW per fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and increasing run times between refuelling.

2. What is the average price of a generator?

between $5,000 and $25,000

The cost of a home generator varies depending on the features, capacity, fuel source and other variables. In general, you can expect a home generator to cost between $5,000 and $25,000. You will also need to pay for fuel, maintenance and installation, which can push the cost higher

3. Which generator is more expensive?

Generator Type and Size

Costs also vary by fuel type, with solar-powered generators usually costing the most but potentially saving you money on long-term energy costs. Meanwhile, gasoline generators are usually the most affordable, but you won’t find many whole-house options for this fuel type.

4. What to consider when buying a generator?

Size: Make sure you have enough space to store both the generator and its fuel.
Noise: Some generators, particularly diesel-fueled generators, run loudly and can be disruptive. …
Price: Typically, the higher the power output, the more expensive a generator is.

5. What to check in a generator before buying?

Power Electrics recommends these five things you should check before buying.
Load Bank Testing. …
The Supplier. …
Age, Hours, and Usage. …
Manufacturer’s Reputation. …
Visual Checking. …
5 Key Strategies for More Eco-Friendly Construction Power.

6. How do I choose kVA for my generator?

How to Size a Generator

1. Form a list of all items that will be powered.
2. Determine the starting wattage (energy needed to turn it on) and running wattage (energy needed to operate it) for each piece of equipment.
3. Calculate your total power requirement by adding up these kW or KVA figures.

7. Which generator fuel is best?

While other types of portable generators are available, diesel is typically the best fuel for portable generators in commercial and industrial applications.

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