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Prices of Desktop Computers

Are you among those struggling to find a balance between quality and affordability for desktop computers? Check out this post containing 5 affordable price of desktop computers in Nigeria. 

Desktop Computer in Nigeria
Desktop Computer in Nigeria

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a desktop aside from qualities and features is how affordable it is because let’s face it your budget goes a long way in deciding the kind of desktop computer you buy. 

The price of desktop computers in Nigeria can vary largely depending on the specifications and features you need. 

Just like with smartphones, there are affordable options that suit basic tasks like web browsing and document editing, all the way up to high-performance ones ideal for gaming and video editing. 

The desktop markets in Nigeria offer various options at competitive prices to suit almost any budget.

Through extensive research and testing, I have put together a list of 5 affordable price of desktop computers in Nigeria that will meet different buyers’ needs.

Before going deep into the topic, there are some important things to look out for in an affordable desktop computer beyond price.

What to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Desktop in Nigeria

1. Prioritize essential components

For optimal performance and to get value for money, have a specific range of components for the desired desktop computer like the processor, RAM, and storage capacity

2. Decide between entry-level or mid-range models 

Evaluate your computing needs and possibly future requirements. If your needs are primarily limited to basic tasks like web browsing, document processing, and media consumption, an entry-level desktop may be the most affordable choice.

However, if you need more computing power for multitasking, light media editing, or gaming, a mid-range desktop could be a wise buying decision

3. Check out prices across various retailers

To get the best deal compare prices of desktop computers in Nigeria across different retailers to increase your chances of finding the most affordable options. 

4. Have a realistic budget

Set a budget in line with your desired specs and research on the current market price. If you’re on a tight budget you can consider pre-owed options. 

5 Affordable Price of Desktop Computers in Nigeria

Check out our curated list of 5 most affordable price of desktop computers in Nigeria based on the current market survey.

1. New Desktop Computer HP 280 G3 4GB Intel Core i3 HDD 500GB

Price of desktop computers
Price of desktop computers – HP 280 G3 4GB 

First up on the list is the HP 280 G3 4GB Intel Core i3 HDD 500GB, my choice for the best desktop computer for the money.

For starters, the HP brand is well known for its reliability. You must have probably heard of HP laptops, also their desktops are built with the same commitment to quality. 

Intel Core i3 processor is capable of handling daily tasks and with a 500GB hard drive, you’ll have plenty of space to store your documents, photos, music, and movies.

What sets the HP 280 G3 apart is the balance between price and functionality. Based on research the current price of HP 280 G3 with 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD in Nigeria is about ₦150,000. This model offers good functionality at a reasonable price.

2. New Desktop Computer Dell 4GB Intel Pentium HDD 500GB

Next is the Dell 4GB Intel Pentium HDD 500GB, If your focus is finding an absolute cheap option then Dell Pentium is worth considering. Sellers in Nigeria recommend this because it leverages a Pentium processor and traditional HDD for a fantastic price.

Based on current market trends, the Dell 4GB Intel Pentium HDD 500GB price falls around ₦125,000 in Nigeria. 

3. Toshiba Intel core i3 HDD 500GB

Toshiba Core i3 HDD 500GB
Toshiba Core i3 HDD 500GB

While the Pentium options offer affordability, the Toshiba Core i3 HDD 500GB takes things a step further in terms of performance. Here is why.

Compared to Pentium processors, a Core i3 delivers a noticeable boost in processing power. Toshiba is a brand well known for its affordable laptops, and that reputation often carries over to their desktops.

Toshiba Core i3 with 500GB HDD price is about ₦220,000 currently in Nigeria. Compare this to the HP 280 G3 (₦150,000) and the Dell Pentium (₦125,000) to see if it fits your budget. The Toshiba Intel Core i3 HDD 500GB caters to users who prioritize performance and are willing to invest a bit more.

4. Asus ET2013IUTI 8GB Intel Core 15 HDD 500GB

So far, we’ve explored some excellent starter affordable desktop computers. But what if you’re looking for something different? The Asus ET2013IUTI is definitely worth considering, for users who desire a sleek, all-in-one solution with more processing power. 

Interestingly this model carves its own path with a focus on convenience and style, with an excellent performance for users with demanding tasks. Based on a recent purchase you can expect the Asus ET2013IUTI with 8GB and storage 500GB HDD price in Nigeria to fall around ₦280,000.

5. Lenovo Think Centre E73 – Dual Core (500 GB, 4 GB)

Last on the list is the Lenovo Think Centre E73 – Dual Core (500 GB, 4 GB)

The Lenovo Think Centre E73 Dual Core with 500GB HDD and 4GB RAM is an affordable option for those seeking a basic and reliable desktop solution. Lenovo is a trusted brand and has been around for a while. The brand is known for its durability and functionality, which can be a plus for users who prioritize brand recognition. 

If you are curious about the price of Lenovo Think Centre E73 Dual Core (500 GB, 4 GB), it is currently priced around ₦370,000 based on the current market survey in Nigeria

So there you have it, a solid starting point for finding an affordable desktop computer in Nigeria! Prices can fluctuate, so be sure to compare prices, check manufacturer’s website and consider your needs before purchasing.

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