• Moses Eteng, a Uniquely dressed agidi seller from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, received financial support of N350,000 from a United States lecturer, Obasesam Okoi.
  • Initially, Eteng preferred the money to be a loan, showing his sense of responsibility and accountability, but Okoi decided to gift the money instead.
  • Eteng has registered his business as Educated Agidi, and he maintains a WhatsApp group where he announces product availability and receives orders from his loyal customers.

Moses Eteng, Uniquely dressed agidi seller popular in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, received financial support of N350,000 from a United States lecturer.

This was the first time he had received support from anyone, and it came as a pleasant surprise.

Eteng’s unique dress style, consisting of a suit and tie, caught the attention of Obasesam Okoi, an assistant professor, who discovered him on social media.

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Uniquely dressed agidi seller receives N350k support

Okoi was impressed by Eteng’s creativity and appearance while he carried a tray filled with agidi, a local food item. This motivated Okoi to offer his help in scaling Eteng’s business. Initially, Eteng preferred a loan over free money, making Okoi believe in his sense of responsibility.

Eventually, Okoi decided to send the money as a gift to Eteng’s account. Eteng planned to use the funds to set up a kiosk in a strategic location that would be easily accessible to customers. Despite the financial support, he intended to continue selling agidi. Eteng, who currently sells between 300 and 350 wraps of agidi daily, also has plans to expand his business by setting up kiosks in different locations within Uyo.

Eteng had named his business “Educated Agidi” and registered it with the Corporate Affairs Commission. He even created a WhatsApp group to connect with his loyal customers and receive orders for his product. With big dreams for his business, Eteng wanted to start small to ensure its long-term success.

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Okrika seller whines waist like a pro while selling goods, attracts many buyers

Meanwhile, in a video, a stunning woman danced gracefully while selling okrika clothing in the market.

The lady suddenly began dancing as she was surrounded by piles of fairly used clothing known as okrika.

The video captured the moment the woman’s waist began to move, and it was clear she knew how to dance.

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