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Artificial intelligence has transformed many industries, and music creation is no exception. AI music generators allow anyone to produce unique compositions, soundtracks, and customized melodies.

These tools utilize complex algorithms, vas databases, and deep learning to generate new music. In 2023, there are some extremely powerful and creative AI music generators available. Here are 7 of the best to try out this year.


Before diving into the top tools, let’s look at some of the benefits AI music generators offer:

  • Accessible music creation – No musical experience or knowledge required. The AI handles the heavy lifting.
  • Diverse soundscapes – Blend genres, tempos, instruments beyond human limitations.
  • Royalty-free music – Use generated songs freely for videos, podcasts, projects.
  • Customization – Craft music to match desired moods, scenes, styles.
  • Inspiration – Sparks new ideas and creativity for producers, composers.
  • Efficiency – Create in minutes what takes humans hours.

Top 7 AI Music Generators

Now let’s look at the top 7 AI music generators at the forefront of this exciting

1. Amper Music


Amper Music is one of the easiest-to-use AI music generators, making it perfect for
beginners. Their straightforward web interface allows you to set parameters like
genre, mood, instruments, and song length. Then with one click, Amper generates a
high-quality soundtrack.

You can also fine-tune compositions by adjusting the AI suggestions. There are options
to control the melody, harmony, rhythm, and structure. When you’re happy with
your track, you can export it royalty-free as an MP3.

Amper Music also has apps for iOS, Android, and desktop to compose songs on the
go. Their huge music database produces remarkably human-like compositions. It’s
ideal for YouTube creators, marketers, or anyone needing quick, original music.

Even you can use open AI login and generate a completely new song lyric from the Chat



AIVA bills itself as the first AI composer to create music that can’t be differentiated
from human creations. It was trained on over 30,000 musical scores in a wide range
of genres.

The result is one of the most versatile and powerful AI music generators available.
AIVA is capable of mimicking any style while adding original flair. You can customize
tracks specifying mood, instruments, length, and more.

While the interface is not as simple as other tools, AIVA gives experienced musicians
and composers complete creative control. You can generate melodies, harmonies,
rhythms independently and combine them into a final piece.

If you’re looking for an advanced AI generator to help envision and realize complex
compositions, AIVA is a top choice in 2023. The quality and human touch in its music
lives up to the hype.

3. Soundraw

Soundraw AI generator

Where Soundraw shines is its ability to produce high-quality, customized
soundtracks. The AI is specially designed to generate background scores for videos,
games, podcasts, and other projects.

You start by selecting your desired genre such as ambient, rock, jazz, etc. Soundraw
then gives you different AI-created melody phrases to arrange and layer. There’s an
extensive library of instruments, loops, and effects to incorporate.

Once you’ve assembled a unique soundtrack, you can export the audio file for
immediate use. Soundraw even auto-generates a production report and royalty-free
license for the track.

For creators needing soundscapes that capture specific moods, Soundraw is one of
the top AI music generators this year. The tool’s ease-of-use combined with fine tune
controls result in soundtracks that rival a human production.

4. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is an AI composer that generates original music clips with some distinct
advantages. First, their generative algorithm is trained on hundreds of hours of real
music across many genres.

This allows even short clips to have a cohesive musical structure with compelling
melodies and harmonies. You can customize tracks by selecting scene settings like
comedy, adventure, or drama plus musical moods like melancholic or festive.

Ecrett also gives you editable piano roll and sheet music views to refine your
composition. Adjust notes, chords, and instruments plus add MIDI effects. When
complete, export your clip as a WAV file.

Whether you need quick musical snippets to spice up a video edit or want to remix
and expand an AI creation into a full piece, Ecrett Music is a versatile option for

The large music database combined with editing tools make great music
accessible to everyone.

5. Riffusion

riffusion ai

What makes Riffusion unique is its text-to-music generation. Instead of tweaking
parameters, you simply describe your desired musical style or vibe in text prompts.
Examples are “upbeat pop ballad with synth and drums” or “soothing piano lullaby in
a minor key.”

Riffusion’s AI will then generate a spectrogram image representing the musical
waveform of your text prompt. This gets converted into an audio file you can

Because it uses text prompts, the musical possibilities with Riffusion are endless. Let
your imagination run wild and keep generating until you get a melody you love.

Riffusion also offers each month a new collection of royalty-free AI music to inspire
your projects. For something completely different, this text-based music generator is
worth checking out this year.

6. Mubert

mubert ai

Mubert brands itself as an AI record label, focused on dynamically generating tracks
in a variety of styles. They train their algorithms on over 100,000 songs and counting.
When you open Mubert, it feels like an internet radio station playing an endless
stream of music tailored to your preferences. Just select your desired genre or mood
and songs will queue up.

You can also customize tracks by adjusting parameters like tempo, instruments,
and structure. When you find a keeper, download it DRM- and royalty-free. Mubert’s
settings make it easy to generate background music or full-length songs.

If you’re feeling uninspired and just want AI-crafted tunes catered to you, Mubert is
a top option for 2023. Let it run like a personalized radio station pumping out great
music all day.

7. VEED Studio

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For quick audio generation, VEED Studio’s text-to-music tool is one of the simplest AI
music makers out there. Just select a genre or vibe, like Hip Hop or Scary, and enter a
text prompt detailing the mood you want conveyed.

VEED’s AI will instantly generate a 15-second music clip matching your text
description. You can re-generate as needed until satisfied. Download the clip or copy
and paste it into a video editor.

While you can’t customize song length or structure, VEED Studio is ideal when you
need fast AI-generated tunes for things like YouTube video backgrounds. The text-to-
audio engine creates surprisingly high quality music with minimal effort.

Experiment and Find Your Sound

The AI music landscape expands every year, making unlimited music exploration
possible for everyone. We’re truly in the early days of this technology like
join.Nearpod for learners.

Don’t be afraid to try out multiple tools and really test the boundaries of what AI
composition can achieve. The only limit is your imagination.
Who knows, you may even end up with a catchy AI-generated melody or soundtrack
that goes viral on TikTok and Spotify! But for now, just have fun and let these
brilliant music bots inspire your next project.


AI music generators make easy work of creating royalty-free, customized songs, clips,
and soundtracks. Tools like Amper, AIVA, and Soundraw lead the way with powerful
algorithms trained on extensive music databases.

Other standouts include text-based generators like Riffusion and accessible tools like
VEED Studio. The possibilities are endless when using AI to enhance musical

In 2023, playing around with these futuristic music makers is a must for any content
creator, composer, or music lover. Try a few out and see where the technology takes
your compositions this year! You may be surprised just how quick and effective these AI tools can be

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