Prayer for him

Prayer for him(your husband) is incredibly useful, especially in today’s world. It’s increasingly difficult being a man as the day goes by and even harder being a husband.

Prayer for him
Prayer for him

How often do you pray for your husband? Once in the morning? Well, that’s not enough. As a good wife the bible suggests, you need to be intentional about the welfare of your husband in prayer.

Prayer for him is highly needed because whatever affects him affects the entire family. It’s a snowball effect. In Ephesians 5:23, the bible describes the man as the head of the woman. Whatever affects the head dictates the state of the whole body.

I had first-hand knowledge of the crumbling of a husband as a kid. I could only watch as we went from 100 to almost zero. Guess what? It was my mother’s prayer that made it “almost zero”.

It was that same prayer for him (my father) that moved him from the low point back and even further from his former position.

“Important, Imperative, critical, urgent”- These are words that should describe your attitude towards prayer for him.

He might be the head, but you are the neck. How many of you wake up with a pain in your neck and it nearly ruins your day? It shows that a faulty neck will also dictate the body’s feel.

Sisters, Ladies and Mothers, this is a Call To Action. I’ll be providing you with 10 Thoughtful prayers for him. You don’t have to involve him in them. But you can be sure of a better husband and future if you put in the work.

So, whether as a Nigerian woman who shakes and wiggles ass she prays or a calmer woman, make sure you pray. Let’s get into it.

10 Thoughtful Prayer For Him

Prayer for him
A man holding his wife on the shoulder happily

Here are 10 thoughtful prayer points for him. These prayers are judiciously sought and thought to ensure you have the best.

1. Pray God Teaches Him To Be A Good Father

Reference text: Ephesians 6:4

Don’t overlook this. There are four stages in the life of a man, A boy, A man, A husband and A father. These roles need different approaches. It is not enough to be rich or present to be a good father.

It takes discipline, consistency, patience, love and many more. This is why you should that God gives him the strength to be a good father to his children and even to you.

Yes, even a wife needs a father in her husband.

2. Pray For God To Guide The Words Of His Mouth

Reference Text: Ephesians 4:29

A song goes like this, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O lord” It is a bible verse too, Psalms 19:14.

Why is this important? If God guides the words that proceed out of the mouth of your husband, he will please God and man.

You will also enjoy your husband because this type of prayer for him would mould him to be a better man, husband and father. A man incapable of saying vulgar things to you.

It would also make him say the right things in the right place at the right time. Most times, all you have to do is just that. People end up on the good side of people by saying the right things and vice-versa.

3. Prayer For Wisdom To Manage Finances

Reference Text: Hebrews 13:5

How many men have you seen fall from grace to grass because of they couldn’t manage their finances well? They could suffer from gambling addiction or irresponsible spending.

A man with this style would injure himself and his family in the long run. You are in danger if your man is poor at finance management.

Another angle is greed. If you have a greedy man, that could lead to his doom and could leave a hole in the family life.

4. Pray To God To Put His Fear In His Heart

Reference Text: Proverbs 19:23

Many verses in the bible talk about the fear of the lord. The Bible also says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. The emphasis the bible places on the fear of the lord should inform you of its importance.

“The fear of the Lord leads to life, So that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil” If your husband has the fear of God, you are assured a safe life.

5. Pray For The Spirit of Excellence Upon Him

Reference Text: Daniel 6:3

I have studied the book of Daniel a couple of times and each time, I am in awe of the spirit of excellence upon him.

When your man bears such spirit as the one Daniel had, you can be sure he would stand before Kings and not just mere men. You can substitute kings for presidents, governors and much more.

Even in the family, A man who bears an excellent spirit would know what to say in the home to every situation.

This is an important prayer.

Prayer for him
A man pecking his wife on her cheek

6. Prayer For A Diligent Spirit On Him

Reference Text: Proverbs 29:22

This is a very similar prayer to the previous one. The difference is diligence requires an intentional man. Someone who gives his all to his work. The Bible assures that his seat is before men of power and esteem.

Isn’t that what every woman wants for her husband?

A high ranking influences his woman. She immediately ranks up in her position. Prayer for him is prayer for you. Remember that!

7. Prayer Of Healing From Past Wounds

Reference Text: Jeremiah 17:14

The minds of Humans are usually shaped by their upbringings and past experiences. These experiences can leave “forever scars” on the soul. These wounds are invisible and only surface at the worst times.

It is important to pray for God’s healing of the invisible wounds. Such wounds result in terrible fathers, wife-beaters, drunkards and so much more.

Pray for his healing.

8. Pray That God Satisfies His Hunger And Thirst

Reference Text: Psalm 107 vs 9

There is a vacuole in our hearts that needs filling. In this world of ours, many distractions may seem like what we need to satisfy our hunger. These solutions never last.

They end up bringing out bad things in us. How can you ensure your husband does not engage the wrong people with the wrong message outside?

By praying and leaving him in the hands of God.

9. Pray For The Right People Around Him

Reference Text: Proverbs 27:17

Iron sharpens Iron, that’s what the bible says. It’s very easy to pick bad habits from people one moves with. Your husband might end up picking traits that are harmful to you, the kids and even him.

Your prayer for him is that God brings the right people around him. Those that will ensure he serves Gos. A man that serves God diligently will bring you no sorrow.


10. Pray For God’s Wsdom Upon Him

Reference Text: James 1:5

Anyone who lacks wisdom should ask God and he will give freely. A man needs wisdom to be a man, he needs wisdom to be a husband to you and wisdom to be a father.

Make this your everyday prayer. “Lord, make my husband wiser”. Wisdom is the effective use or application of knowledge.

It also entails doing the right thing at the right time in the right place with the right intention. Wisdom will make your husband better.

This prayer for him is a journey towards God’s perfection.

11. Pray That God Will Make Him A Reckoning Force

Reference Text: Isaiah 60:3

A reckoning force is an entity that commands attention. He doesn’t do too much but gets the recognition that only God can give a man.

I don’t have to remind you how much of this blessing will rub off on you when you pray this for him.

12. Pray That God Plants Him By His River

Refernce Text: Psalm 1:3

“And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth fruits in its season. His leaves shall not wither and whatsoever they do shall prosper” – Amen

What does the bible mean by this simile?

It is comparing a man (your husband) to a tree that keeps producing fruit, season in and season out. Isn’t that liberating?

Therefore, there would be no downtime for your husband. Storms may rise but you are assured that your source hasn’t dried, which is Christ.

13. Pray That God Opens The Eyes Of His Heart

Reference Text: Ephesians 1:18

Part of the reasons why you pray for your husband is not just for selfish reasons. You pray for him so that he can be useful to God.

If a man takes God seriously and understands the hope of God for him, he has direction in life.

This way, you are sure the driver is driving the boat well.

Prayer for him
Prayer for him

14. Pray For God To Make Him An Exception To Evil

Reference Text: Job 22:29

This is a very keen prayer. You are informing God to make your husband an exception to bad norms or evil. It doesn’t matter what the majority complains of. Your husband is different

When men say bad, he will say good. This prayer exceeds the “evil” place. It also covers character and belief. Pray with understanding.

15. Pray For The Fruits Of The Spirit

Reference Text: Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

One thing about his prayer is it takes time to actualize. Don’t pray for the fruits of the spirit and expect instantaneous results.

Fruits take time to mature.

That is all I have for you today. Hopefully, you can take up this responsibility as soon as possible, ASAP.

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My mother says “Anytime you point a finger at someone, you point four back at yourself” I always found that saying funny because the thumb faced upwards.

Jokes aside, she taught me the power of prayer, not for one’s self but for others, e.g. Prayer for Him. You can bet all these prayers will also work for you as you pray for your husband.

A Prayer for Him is a Prayer for You”.

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