Nude Nail Designs For You

Say hello to nude nails.

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Subtle gradient

What is the Nude Nail Trend and Why Is It So Popular?

The ‘naked nail’ trend is a shift towards embracing natural beauty.   

The trend is more than choosing a nude shade and having a natural-looking manicure. It emphasizes finding the right colour for your skin tone and undertone,

In addition, keeping your nails and hands moisturised is another essential part of the look. Cuticle oil and hand cream are must-have products to maintain your manicure and tie in that glowy, hydrated look. 

If you’re a long nail, stiletto shape, or acrylic lover, this is the point at which you need to look away. The ‘naked nail’ is all about natural nail lengths. And when deciding what shape to go for, choose a rounder and softer option to enhance your nail’s natural shape.

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What Experts Say

“Everyone’s ‘nude’ shade is so unique to them,” says Olivia Van Iderstine, Trend Expert and VP of Content & Creative for Olive & June. “We refer to shades like beige, cream, tan, deep brown, etc. as neutrals,” she adds, noting that the shade doesn’t need to match your skin tone perfectly to create the nude effect.

Another bonus? Neutral nails also make the perfect base for nail art because “they really let the design pop and be the star.”

Who Has Participated in the Nude Nail Trend?

From the Critics Choice Awards to the Golden Globes, this is the season of the ‘nude nail’.

Celebrity nail artists such as Tom Bachik, Zola Ganzorigt and Michelle Humphrey have been busy recreating the ‘nude nail’ look on clients such as Margot Robbie, Phoebe Dynevor and Cate Blanchett respectively, as they attended some of the most high-profile events earlier this year.    

A-listers including Nicola Peltz, Jennifer Lopez, Anya Taylor-Joy and Selena Gomez have also all debuted the natural manicure at various awards and launches recently.  

But the trend isn’t just popular among celebrities. Bold colours and over-the-top nail art are becoming a thing of the past as more people opt for nude shades across nail salons.  

However, the ‘nude nail’ look isn’t only achievable by professional nail artists. It’s pretty easy to recreate from home. And now we will show you some nail designs you can try.

40 Creative Nail Design Ideas to Try Out

1. Nude with shimmer

image 197
Nude with shimmer

2. Nude ombre

Not feeling too daring today with those bright red and blue people have always known you for? No problem.

Nude ombre is what your nails need.

image 198
Nude ombre

3. Nude with gold accents

Have an outing with friends, but don’t want the usual nude or black colour? Why not try this nude nail with gold accents, such as stripes, polka dots, or other patterns?

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image 188
Nude with gold accents

4. Nude with glitter

image 199
Nude with glitter


5. Nude with marble effect

This marble effect is created by swirling different shades of nude together. It’s a perfect match for that attire meant for your school’s reunion party!

image 200
Nude with marble effect

6. Nude with animal print

You love wildlife, right? This design, which features nude nails with an animal print, such as lion, tiger, leopard, zebra, or cheetah, proves it.

image 201
Nude with animal print

7. Nude with chrome nail art

This design features nude nails with intricate nail art, such as swirls, lines, or dots, created with chrome polish. It gives your nails a sleek and elegant look.

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image 189
Nude with chrome nail art

8. Nude with floral design

If delicate floral design, such as a small flower or a vine, is your thing, look no further than this nude nail formation.  

image 202
Nude with floral design

9. Nude with negative space glitter

This design features nude nails with glitter that’s applied to the negative space or the unpainted part of the nail.

image 203
Nude with negative space glitter

10. Nude with geometric design

This delicate branching pattern features nude nails with geometric shapes like stripes, triangles, or squares. You may as well try pentagons, hexagons, nonagons, etc. and display your knowledge of geometry on your nails!

image 204
Nude with geometric design

11. Nude with French tips

This layout features nude nails with a classic French tip design, where the tip of the nail is painted white. White symbolises peace, but don’t mention nude with French tips in Francophone West African countries for now!

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image 205
Nude with French tips

12. Nude with a half-moon design

Here, nude nails depict a half-moon design, where the base of the nail is painted nude and the tip is left bare.

image 206
Nude with half-moon design

13. Nude with watercolour design

This design marks nude nails with a watercolour-like design. It’s created by using different shades of nude polish in a watercolour technique.

image 190
Nude with watercolour design

14. Nude with galaxy design

How about having millions of stars together with gas and dust, and this time not held by gravitational attraction but by your fingers? This “solar system” features nude nails with a galaxy design, using a variety of colours to create a cosmic effect.

image 207
Nude with galaxy design

15. Nude with metallic accents

This form attributes nude nails with a metallic accent, such as a metallic stripe or a metallic nail art element.

image 208
Nude with metallic accents

16. Nude with a glossy finish

All things bright and beautiful! This design features nude nails with a glossy finish, which gives them a high-shine look.

image 209
Nude with a glossy finish

17. Nude with a matte finish

This layout sees nude nails with a matte finish and matte glitter, giving the nails a subtle sparkle.

image 210
Nude with a matte finish

18. Nude nails with a purple accent

A rich purple on one or more nails can add a mysteriously glamorous touch to the nude design.

image 191
Nude nails with a purple accent

19. Nude with holographic design

If you want to make your nails arresting, be sure to use holographic polish or powder to give it a holographic effect!

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image 211
Nude with holographic design

20. Nude with 3D design

If you are hoping to fulfil your manicure prayers, then 3D design is your answer. From 3D art, such as flowers, leaves, or other intricate designs, three-dimensional nails have never been better.

image 212
Nude with 3D design

21. Nude with foil design

This design features nude nails with a foil design, where the nails are covered in a thin layer of foil that reflects light.

image 213
Nude with foil design

22. Nude with microbeads

This is not a history class, but these tiny, colourful beads add dimension and texture to the nails and have a story behind them. Microbeads, also called Ugelstad particles, after John Ugelstad invented them in 1977.

image 192
Nude with microbeads

23. Nude with colourblocking

This design features nude nails with colour blocking, where different colours are painted on different sections of the nail.

image 214
Nude with colour-blocking

24. Nude nails with a graphic accent

Using a graphic line or shape can add a noticeable detail to your minimalist nail design.

image 215
Nude nails with a graphic accent

25. Nude nails with a neon accent

Add a pop of bright neon colour with a feature nail that will make your nude nails stand out.

image 216
Nude nails with a neon accent

26. Nude nails with a blackandwhite accent

This accent nail of black or white adds a bold contrast to disable nude shades. But don’t wave it at the traffic. Your nails are not zebra crossing!

image 193
Nude nails with a black-and-white accent

27. Nude nails with a pearl accent

Add delicately placed pearls to your nude nails for a unique and beautiful look.

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image 217
Nude nails with pearl accent

28. Nude nails with a lace accent

Using a sheer lace design on one or more nails can add a touch of romantic elegance to the overall look.

image 218
Nude nails with a lace accent

29. Nude nails with a star accent

Adding a star feature nail is a fun way to add a unique touch of personality to your manicure.

image 219
Nude nail with star accent

30. Nude nails with a polka-dot accent

Fun and playful polka dots add a light-hearted touch to your nude design.

image 220
Nude nails with polka-dot accent

31. Nude nails with a cherry blossom accent

The delicate pink and white cherry blossom petals will add feminine sophistication to any nude design.

image 194
Nude nails with a cherry blossom accent

32. Nude nails with a graphic accent and metallic border

Combining graphic shapes with a metallic outline creates a bold look that stands out on nude nails.

image 221
Nude nails with a graphic accent and metallic border

33. Nude nails with a mosaic accent

Recreate the intricate beauty of a mosaic on one or more nails for a beautiful and unique design.

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image 222
Nude nails with a mosaic accent

34. Nude nails with a tribal accent

Bold tribal patterns in black or white create an alluring contrast against nude nails.

image 195
Nude nails with a tribal accent

35. Nude nails with a diagonal stripe

A diagonal stripe within the nude palette, or even a single diagonal accent nail, creates a visually captivating design.

image 223
Nude nail with a diagonal stripe

36. Nude nails with a feather accent

Impress your friends with delicately placed feathers on one or more nails that add a touch of simple elegance to the overall design.

image 224
Nude nails with a feather accent

37. Nude nails with a paisley accent

The intricate and elegant curves of paisley create an attractive feature nail design that will never go out of style.

image 225
Nude nails with a paisley accent

38. Nude nails with a splatter accent

A splash of colour splatter on a nail or two creates a fun and edgy alternative to other designs.

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image 196
Nude nails with a splatter accent

39. Nude nails with an abstract accent

With a few simple brushstrokes, a creative design featuring abstract shapes in bold colours transforms a basic nude design.

image 226
Nude nails with an abstract accent

40. Nude nails with a stud accent

For a rocker look, add studs on one or more nails for a touch of edgy flair that blends perfectly with the minimalist design.

image 227
Nude nails with a stud accent

Let’s Wrap This Up

These nail designs have become increasingly popular over time and more people join the trend with each passing hour.

If you would like to be part of this trend, or just do it for aesthetic purposes, then feel free to take a look through our catalogue and select the best fit for you.

If there are any questions, post them below.

What’s trending in nails right now?

Many people are now embracing a sleek, minimalistic look for their nails, and we’re seeing a lot of sheers and pigmented skin tone and nude shades trending for 2024.

What nail shape is trending?

Coffin-shaped nails, also known as ballerina nails, feature a square shape with tapered and pointed tip.

What is the prettiest nail shape?

Almond and Oval.

What is the strongest nail shape?

Square nails. This timeless nail shape is also one of the strongest. because it respects the full width of the nail, those who wear a square shape often notice that their nails withstand bumps and stress much better than their curved or rounded counterparts.

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