This article takes a look at 5 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Are Alte Fashion Style Lovers. Celebrities who have become known with the Alté fashion movement. We’ll go into how they use their unique styles to make bold claims both on and off the red carpet.

In the ever-changing world of fashion, Nigeria has become a centre for innovators who are breaking away from the usual traditional standards to try other styles. The Alté fashion movement, known for its varied and unusual methods, has been notably recognized, going head to head with the usual and encouraging self-expression.

Nigerian Male Celebrities That Love Alte Fashion Style
Nigerian Male Celebrities That Love Alte Fashion Style

Amid this lively setting, a group of Nigerian male celebrities has emerged as beginners, joining art easily with music and fashion to create a unique Alté aesthetic.

Aside from their love for fashion, they use their platform to set trends, redefine masculinity, and tackle the expectations of society. Through their unique style choices, these celebrities are breaking down stereotypes and showing their support for a more inclusive approach to fashion.

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5 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Love Alte Fashion Style

1. Odunsi (The Engine):

Odunsi "The Engine
Odunsi “The Engine
  • Style Profile: Odunsi, known as “The Engine,” is a pioneer of the Alté movement in Nigeria. He has a fashion style that is an easy mix of vintage, streetwear, and Afro-futurism. Usually seen in big and unusual silhouettes, Odunsi’s wardrobe is a testament to his trial approach to fashion.
  • He easily joins bold patterns, vibrant colours, and unique accessories, creating a unique Alté aesthetic that echoes with his music and overall artistic persona.

2. Santi (formerly Ozzy B):

Cruel Santino
Cruel Santino
  • Style Profile: Santi, previously known as Ozzy B, is one of the big figures in the Alté fashion conversation. A blend of modern streetwear with Afrocentric parts embodies his style. Santi mostly wears avant-garde outfits that have complex patterns, bold prints, and eclectic accessories.
  • His choice of fashion reflects the genre-bending sound of his music, Adding to the general Alté movement by tackling orthodox practices and accepting individuality.

3. Olamide: (Baddo):

  • Style Profile: Olamide, popularly known as “Baddo,” is not only a leading rapper and songwriter but also a pacesetter in the Alté fashion scene. He easily blends urban streetwear with traditional Nigerian elements.
  • You can spot Olamide in bold Ankara prints combined with modern street fashion clips. His one-of-a-kind take on joining cultural effects with modern style has given him the needed recognition as a style icon within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

4. Tay Iwar:

 Tay Iwar
Tay Iwar
  • Style Profile: Tay Iwar, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer, is recognized for his soulful music and distinctive Alté fashion sense. A fusion of bohemian and vintage aesthetics characterizes his style.
  • Often seen in flowing fabrics, eclectic patterns, and layered accessories, Tay Iwar’s fashion choices mirror his artistic spirit. By effortlessly blending genres and styles, he contributes to the diversity and individuality that define the Alté movement.

5. Divine Ikubor (Rema):

  • Style Profile: Rema, the fast-rising Afrobeat sensation, has also caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts with his eclectic Alté style. Rema effortlessly combines streetwear with futuristic elements, often seen in bold colours, oversized garments, and avant-garde accessories.
  • His fashion choices are an extension of his creative energy, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic nature of his music. Rema’s youthful and experimental style has positioned him as a fashion influencer within the Alté community, inspiring a new generation of trendsetters.

Inspirations for the Alte Fashion Style

The Alté fashion style draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, blending various cultural, artistic, and subcultural elements to create a unique and eclectic aesthetic. Here are some key inspirations for the Alté fashion style:

  1. Afro-Futurism: Alté fashion often incorporates elements of Afro-futurism, a cultural and artistic movement that explores the intersection of African culture, technology, and futurism. This influence can be seen in futuristic silhouettes, metallic accents, and unconventional fabric choices.
  2. Streetwear Culture: The Alté fashion movement embraces the laid-back and rebellious spirit of streetwear culture. Influences from skate culture, graffiti, and hip-hop fashion contribute to the relaxed and urban vibe often associated with Alté style. Oversized garments, graphic prints, and casual sneakers are common elements.
  3. African Traditional and Tribal Influences: Alté fashion celebrates African heritage by incorporating traditional and tribal elements into modern styles. This can manifest through the use of vibrant Ankara prints, kente cloth, beaded accessories, and other indigenous fabrics, creating a fusion of the old and the new.
  4. Androgyny and Gender Fluidity: Alté fashion challenges traditional gender norms, embracing androgyny and gender fluidity. This is reflected in clothing choices that blur the lines between masculine and feminine styles. Unisex clothing, oversized fits, and a disregard for traditional gendered fashion norms are common features.
  5. Retro and Vintage Styles: The Alté style often draws inspiration from retro and vintage fashion eras, giving a nod to the past while incorporating modern elements. This can include retro eyewear, classic sneakers, and vintage accessories that add a timeless and nostalgic touch to contemporary looks.

Origin of the Alt Fashion style

The Alté fashion style has its roots in Nigeria, particularly in the creative and artistic landscape of Lagos, the country’s cultural and entertainment hub. The term “Alté” is a shortened form of “alternative,” reflecting a movement that seeks to provide an alternative to mainstream fashion norms and cultural expectations.

Several factors contributed to the emergence of the Alté fashion style:

  1. Cultural Fusion: Nigeria is a melting pot of diverse cultures, each with its unique traditions and styles. The Alté movement embraces this cultural diversity, fusing traditional Nigerian elements with global influences. The result is a style that is rich in texture, colour, and symbolism.
  2. Music and Art Scene: The Alté movement is closely intertwined with the Nigerian alternative music and art scene. Musicians and artists played a significant role in shaping the movement, using their platforms to express not only their musical talents but also their unique fashion sensibilities.
  3. Rebellion Against Norms: Alté fashion is, at its core, a rebellion against mainstream fashion norms and societal expectations. It challenges conventional ideas of beauty, gender norms, and traditional fashion aesthetics. This rebellion is reflected in the bold and unconventional clothing choices of those associated with the Alté movement.
  4. Global Influence: The Alté movement draws inspiration from global fashion trends, incorporating elements from streetwear, vintage fashion, and avant-garde styles. This global perspective allows for a constantly evolving and adaptable fashion movement that stays at the forefront of trends.

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Alté fashion is like a symbol of how creative and always changing the Nigerian style scene is. It started because people wanted to express themselves, mix different cultures, and go against the usual fashion rules. Now, Alté has become a lively movement that goes beyond the usual fashion ideas.

Alté mixes lots of cultural influences. It connects closely with alternative music and art and focuses on letting each person show their unique style. All of this has made Alté a big deal in the worldwide fashion talk. It’s not just a different kind of fashion; it’s also a cultural movement that challenges stereotypes and says it’s okay to be yourself in how you present yourself to the world.

FAQs for Nigerian Male Celebrities That Love Alte Fashion Style

Where can I find inspiration from these celebrities’ Alte fashion looks?

The alté fashion took inspiration from the grunge movement, mixed it … The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion

Are there specific fashion events or award shows where these celebrities showcase their Alte style?

several celebrities use the award show’s red carpet to showcase their sense of style.

Can I incorporate elements of the Alte fashion style from these celebrities into my own wardrobe?

Yes, you can take inspiration from all these celebrities and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

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