• A Nigerian lady got fired from job after she asked for salary a increment.
  • The lady narrated her story on Twitter after a Bird app user encouraged netizens to ask for a raise at their different workplaces.
  • According to the lady, she was fired exactly a week after she made her request.

A Nigerian lady got fired from job after she asked for a salary increment. She shared her experience on Twitter, a microblogging platform in response to a daring tweet.

Olore Okugbe, known as the lady in question, revealed the unfortunate incident after a Twitter user encouraged others to request salary increments to cope with the current economic challenges.

According to Olore, she was let go from her job just one week after requesting such an increase from her HR department.

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Nigerian lady got fired from job

She mentioned feeling drowsy during a Monday meeting, and to her surprise, the HR accused her of displaying a negative attitude regarding a previous denial.

Consequently, she was asked to leave the company on Friday.

“See! It was exactly a week after I asked. I asked on a Friday and the following Monday, I was drowsy at a meeting. By Thursday, HR said “I was giving attitude because of something I was denied. Was asked to leave on Friday effective immediately,” she said.

Despite the difficulty, Olore shared that she eventually secured a better job.

In her own words, she added “I legit slept on job sites, and brushed up my skills. Currently taking classes alongside my current job sef. “Also ear hustle. Talk to anyone and everyone you know about looking for a job. There’s no shame in it.”

Nigerian lady got fired from job

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