If you are planning to travel to Kuwait or you want to do any transaction in Kuwait currency, then you need to know the exchange rate of Kuwait currency to Naira.

Kuwait Currency To Naira
Kuwait Currency To Naira

Kuwait is a very strong currency. It is stronger than many currencies in the world, including the Dollar. Kuwait is a currency used only in Kuwait.

If you are someone who likes to know the worth of Nigerian Currency – the Naira, then read this article. It contains current information about the Naira to Kuwait exchange rate.

This article is also for travellers, businessmen, money exchangers, or anyone who, for the love of knowledge, would like to know the Naira to Kuwait difference.


About Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Dinar

The Kuwait Dinar is used only in Kuwait, which is an oil-producing country in the middle east that gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1961.

And although the country has faced a lot of war tensions with its neighbours, they still have a growing GDP which is typically dependent on oil production and exportation.

This Currency is the strongest currency in the world, and the Kuwait stock exchange market is the strongest in the Arabian world. 


Kuwait Currency To Naira

Kuwait Currency To Naira
Kuwait Currency To Naira

The Kuwait currency is stronger than the Nigerian Currency.

According to the foreign exchange market, 1 Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to 1493.61 NGN

Some other markets’ exchange rates are different. For example, Money gram exchanges 1 Kuwaiti Dinar for 1259.58 NGN.

Considering the different exchange markets and the fact that the prices can fluctuate, you can take the range in mind. However, the current exchange rate is 

1 Kuwaiti = 1,495.210 NGN

Kuwait Currency to Usd

Here is one of the strongest currencies in the world. It is higher than the Naira, and in 2021 it was the strongest currency.

Kuwaiti is not a central currency. Hence you will need to change the Kuwait currency to dollars, especially if your travelling from one country to another often. 

The current dollar-to-Kuwati exchange is

1 Kuwait to 3.35 

Although the Kuwait Currency is Stronger than the dollar, it is hardly used for trades or bought by traders because the currency is not volatile.

By this, I mean the exchange rate of the Kuwait Dinar is relatively stable, so there can hardly be any gain because there are no fluctuations. 

Kuwait Currency to Naira Black Market

The Nigerian black market is not always cheaper, although some people still prefer that. For the Nigerian Black market price range 

1 Kuwait Dinar Currency = 1,300 NGN to 1500 NGN

If you like to use the black market for exchange, you should know that disadvantages like insecurities, devaluing of the currency, and other ills that accompany it 

A black market is where foreign currencies (dollars or any other currencies) are changed to Naira. These markets do not have due recognition from the government.

Hence, they do not operate with the official rate. They always have an increased price. These black marketers can include Aboki’s or any other broker.


50 Kuwait Currency to Naira

1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN

50 Kuwait = 74760.5 NGN

This is approximately 75,000 NGN. You may like to use an approximated amount when giving estimates due to currency fluctuations.

2000 Kuwait Currency to Naira


1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN

2000 Kuwait = 2,990,420 NGN

Approximately, this is 3,000,000. Sometimes when you receive money in a foreign currency, it is taxed, or service fees are attached to it. You should ask your financial service providers to know their service fees or taxes.

10000 Kuwait Currency to Naira

1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN

10000 Kuwait = 14,952,100 NGN

Approximately, this is 15,000,000 NGN. The Kuwait Currency is very strong. When compared to the Naira there is a lot of difference

1000 Kuwait Currency to Naira

1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN

1000 Kuwait = 1,495,210 NGN

This is approximately 1,500,000 NGN

100 Kuwait Currency to Naira

1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN

100 Kuwait = 149,521 NGN

This is approximately 150,000 NGN

10 Kuwait Currency to Naira

1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN

10 Kuwait = 14,952.1  NGN

This is approximately 15,000 NGN



How much is 1000 Kuwait in the Naira black market?

1 Kuwait Dinar = 1,495.210 NGN1000 Kuwait Dinar = 5,980,840

This price is not fixed because fluctuations can occur without warning. The Nigerian Currency or the Kuwait Dinar can become stronger or weaker at any time. Also, local brokers can reduce or increase their prices, depending on the availability of the currency.

It is good to remember an estimate if you want to make a budget.

Is Kuwait’s currency higher than a Dollar?

The Kuwait currency is higher than the Dollar. This is because of the high economy of Kuwait, an oil-producing country and a heavy exporter of oil. However, the US dollar is more central and widely used than the Kuwait currency.

How much is 200$ in Naira?

According to the central bank of Nigeria, the dollar to Naira exchange is at 
1 dollar to 460.46 NGN
Therefore 200$ equals 92,092.00 NGN

The dollar to Naira rate for the Nigerian currency is high. The Kuwait currency is even higher.

How much is 1 Dinar to 1 Naira?

1 Dinar equals 1,502.18 NGN

Now that you have understood everything about the Naira to Kuwait dinar relationship, you can go ahead to make your budget or investment. Leave a comment if you have a question. If you’d like to keep abreast with this kind of article, sign up with your email in the space below.

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