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“In the heart of an enthralling literary journey, ‘Haunting Adeline’ beckons readers into the mysterious world of Adeline Reilly, a young writer entangled in a tapestry of concealed truths and shadows.

Crafted by the talented H.D. Carlton, this gripping novel extends an invitation to explore the echoing corridors of Parsons Manor, the ancestral estate that Adeline inherits after her grandmother’s demise.

However, the tranquilly within these walls is disrupted when Adeline stumbles upon a disturbing revelation: the manor concealed the horrifying murder of her great-grandmother, a crime that still shrouds the place in a foreboding aura.

The Book: Haunting Adeline
The Book: Haunting Adeline

The tale takes a puzzling turn as Adeline becomes the target of Zade Meadows, the enigmatic leader of the covert ‘Z’ organisation committed to eradicating human trafficking.

As we delve into the intricate labyrinth of suspense and intrigue, ‘Haunting Adeline’ reveals a narrative that leaves us eagerly awaiting the subsequent installment in the ‘Cat and Mouse Duet’ series, ‘Hunting Adeline.’

Join us as we embark on this literary voyage, uncovering the undisclosed mysteries and unyielding pursuits that define Adeline’s universe.”

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What is Haunting Adeline?

“Contained within the pages of ‘Haunting Adeline,’ an alluring novel penned by the talented H.D. Carlton, a captivating story unfolds, weaving a narrative rich in mystery and suspense.

At its core, this literary work revolves around the life of Adeline Reilly, an emerging young author whose life takes a profound turn due to an inheritance of immense significance.

The backdrop is set at Parsons Manor, a historic ancestral abode passed down to Adeline following her grandmother’s tragic passing. However, the anticipated serenity of this inheritance is swiftly disrupted by a startling revelation.

In the dim recesses of Parsons Manor, Adeline stumbles upon a long-concealed family secret, casting a chilling shadow over her newfound residence. The revelation that her great-grandmother met a gruesome and unsolved fate within the manor’s very walls serves as a sinister backdrop to Adeline’s narrative.

H. D. Carlton holding a copy of her book
H. D. Carlton holding a copy of her book

The obscurity surrounding this unsolved crime becomes the heart of her quest for truth. As Adeline delves further into her investigation, a haunting sense of dread takes hold as she finds herself pursued by Zade Meadows, a mysterious and ominous figure.

Zade is no ordinary adversary; he is the enigmatic leader of the ‘Z’ organisation, committed to eradicating the horrors of human trafficking. This gripping novel, ‘Haunting Adeline,’ is not a standalone narrative but rather a captivating part of the ‘Cat and Mouse Duet series.

It promises readers further exploration into the enigmatic universe it unveils. The intrigue and mystery that unravel within these pages are merely the beginning, as ‘Hunting Adeline’ eagerly awaits to guide us into the intricate depths of Adeline’s journey.”

H.D. Carlton

H. D. Carlton
H. D. Carlton

H.D. Carlton, an accomplished author, has achieved International and USA Today Bestselling status, residing in the state of Ohio alongside her partner, two loyal dogs, and a cat.

Her literary career is marked by a focus on crafting dark and intense thriller novels that delve into the intricate themes of suspense, obsession, and the chilling depths of the human psyche.

One of her distinguishing traits as a writer is her affinity for creating characters who exist within the morally grey spectrum. Her stories often feature individuals who blur the lines between right and wrong, morality and immorality.

Carlton’s narratives challenge readers to confront the complexities of the human condition, pushing them to explore the boundaries of their moral compass. When embarking on a journey through H.D. Carlton’s works, it seems that she encourages her readers to leave their preconceptions at the door.

Her stories promise to be immersive and thought-provoking experiences where conventional notions of sanity and morality may be put to the test. For those who appreciate gripping tales that push the boundaries of conventional storytelling, H.D. Carlton’s novels are likely to be a captivating and immersive literary exploration.

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Haunting Adeline Series

“The ‘Cat and Mouse Duet’ series, a collection of two captivating volumes, beckons readers into a world steeped in mystery and intrigue, centred around the resilient Adeline Reilly. In ‘Haunting Adeline,’ the series’ debut, Adeline’s life takes an unexpected turn as she inherits Parsons Manor, her grandmother’s cherished dwelling, following her grandmother’s passing.

Yet, the anticipated tranquilly is shattered by the unsettling discovery that Adeline’s great-grandmother met a tragic and unsolved fate within the manor’s walls. This revelation unleashes a shadowy presence, propelling Adeline into an unyielding quest for the truth.

As she delves deeper into the enigma surrounding her family’s history, Adeline unwittingly becomes the prey of Zade Meadows, a mysterious and ominous figure at the helm of the clandestine ‘Z’ organisation. ‘Z’ is no ordinary covert group; its mission, noble yet perilous, is the eradication of human trafficking.

Haunting Adeline: The Series
Haunting Adeline: The Series

Adeline’s pursuit of answers and her perilous dance with Zade intensify the narrative, ensuring readers remain on the edge of their seats. With the chilling mysteries of ‘Haunting Adeline’ forming the foundation, ‘Hunting Adeline’ emerges as the second installment, seamlessly continuing Adeline’s relentless quest for the truth about her family’s past.

In this enthralling sequel, the plot thickens and the shadows of the past loom larger as Adeline navigates an intricate web of secrets and intrigue, leaving readers eager to accompany her on the next chapter of her compelling journey.”

Haunting Adeline Book

“Within the realm of literary intrigue, H.D. Carlton introduces us to the chilling world of ‘Haunting Adeline,’ an engaging addition to the ‘Cat and Mouse Duet’ series. This dark and intense thriller ventures into the enigmatic recesses of human nature, exploring themes of suspense, obsession, and the unsettling depths of the human psyche.

The narrative unfolds in the picturesque town of Ravenswood, providing a rich and evocative backdrop for the enigmatic life of Adeline Everly. Adeline is a young woman whose existence is marred by hidden secrets and a past that clings relentlessly.

Haunting Adeline Book
Haunting Adeline Book

As readers navigate the intricate web of her life, they become immersed in a world where enigmas and obsessions merge, keeping them on the edge of their seats. ‘Haunting Adeline’ has evoked a range of opinions on Goodreads, underscoring its multifaceted appeal.

Some have praised the book for its captivating murder mystery, a testament to its ability to captivate with its dark secrets. However, it’s essential to note that the book’s writing style has also sparked criticism from some readers.

For those eager to embark on this riveting literary journey, ‘Haunting Adeline’ is readily available as an ebook on Amazon. Whether you are drawn to its suspenseful narrative or intrigued by the enigmatic Adeline Everly, this book promises an enthralling exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche, inviting you to delve deep into its chilling mysteries.”

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How to Read Haunting Adeline

H. D. Carlton's book Haunting Adeline

“Should you find yourself enticed by the prospect of immersing yourself in H.D. Carlton’s ‘Haunting Adeline,’ it is conveniently accessible via Kindle Unlimited, requiring a monthly subscription of $11.99 for access.

Alternatively, for those who prefer the auditory experience, the book is also available on Audible, with a monthly subscription priced at $7.95. If you seek a convenient and insightful summary of the book, SuperSummary offers an excellent resource.

Their high-quality study guides feature comprehensive chapter summaries and in-depth analyses of significant themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the literary journey that ‘Haunting Adeline’ offers.”

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‘Haunting Adeline’ presents a compelling narrative of suspense, intrigue, and the enigmatic depths of human nature. Authored by H.D. Carlton, this work offers readers a journey into the intricate world of Adeline Everly, where dark secrets and unresolved mysteries intertwine with her existence.

Set in the evocative town of Ravenswood, the story delves into the shadowy corners of Adeline’s life, where enigmas and obsessions cast their spell. While opinions on the book may vary, it undeniably offers a captivating murder mystery that enthralls readers with its hidden secrets.

Although the book’s writing style has garnered criticism from some readers, its allure is incontestable. For those intrigued by ‘Haunting Adeline,’ the book is accessible through platforms such as Kindle Unlimited and Audible, extending its reach to a diverse audience.

To deepen your understanding, SuperSummary offers valuable study guides. As the enigmatic world of Adeline Everly continues to resonate with readers, ‘Haunting Adeline’ stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of dark thrillers and the enigmatic characters they portray.

The narrative’s power to stir questions about the depths of the human psyche and the shadows of our history underscores its lasting impact, providing a compelling exploration of the unsettling facets of the human soul.”

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