Habib yoghurt price list

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive overview of the Habib yoghurt price list, highlighting the healthy benefits of the brand and ensuring you get a taste of the savoury yoghurt without breaking the bank.

Did you know that yoghurt is one of the most loved dairy products in the world? It is produced with natural milk from cows and sheep. It has a creamy texture that makes it versatile enough to accommodate a wide variety of meals. Some yoghurt is made from milk alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk for people who are lactose intolerant.

Habib yoghurt, specifically, is made from cow milk. The seven-year-old brand is one of the yoghurt-specialized brands in Nigeria that knows its onions. They have garnered people’s attention far and wide with various sizes and packages. Compared to soda, this yoghurt is made out of pure fermented cow milk.

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6 Features to Consider Before Taking Habib Yoghurt

Habib yoghurt
Habib yoghurt
  1. Location: Check the store or outlet from which you want to get your yoghurt. You need to confirm its reliability. Consider your proximity to the store, its accessibility, and operating hours.
  2. Originality: Look out for the NAFDAC number on the package or your container of yoghurt. This is because there are pirated products of the drinks, and consumption of such products may have several health consequences.
  3. Lactose intolerance: Lactose intolerance is a common condition where the body has difficulty digesting lactose, a sugar found in dairy products like yoghurt. You have to know if you are lactose-tolerant before consuming Habib yoghurt to avoid any side effects.
  4. Expiry date: Yoghurt is a perishable product. Choose a store that has a good turnover of dairy products to ensure that it is as fresh as possible. Check for the expiration date, “best before,” on the bottle of your Habib yoghurt to know how safe it is for consumption.
  5. Budget: Your budget is a key determinant in your purchase decision. Make sure your budget aligns with the Habib yoghurt price list for the size of the yoghurt you want to purchase at the store. Keep an eye out for discount sales, and know that purchasing bigger containers is cost-effective if you consume yoghurt regularly.
  6. Duration of consumption: When purchasing yoghurt, thinking about how long you plan to consume it is beneficial. This can affect your decision on the quantity you want to buy. You can buy it in bulk if you have the storage to keep it fresh until you need it. Smaller portions are recommended if you rarely take yoghurt.

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Can Babies Take Habib Yoghurt?

Baby is a term used to describe infants. Infants are typically born from birth until one month of age. They cannot consume water, let alone yoghurt. For this category of people, breast milk should be the sole significant source of milk. Yoghurt can, however, be added to the diet of kids who have begun solid food eating and are at least six months old. It is essential to start introducing it to them gradually.

Before giving your baby a cupful of yoghurt, check Habib yoghurt price list options for a smaller container that is fresh and will be exhausted in no time. Also, check for portions, allergies, texture of the drink, and digestion. You can add a little bit of breast milk or infant formula for consistency.

Can a Pregnant Woman Have Habib Yoghurt?

A pregnant woman can take Habib Yoghurt as a part of her balanced diet because it contains calcium, probiotics, and protein, which can be useful for the pregnant mother and the baby. Unfortunately, some things can hinder a pregnant woman from generally taking yoghurt generally. They include:

  • Lactose Intolerance: There is a possibility that a pregnant woman develops lactose intolerance during pregnancy, which can make it difficult to digest dairy products like yoghurts. To avoid this, it is better to take lactose-tolerant yoghurt during pregnancy.
  • Sugar: Some yoghurt brands have added sugars. A pregnant woman should go for plain yoghurt or one with low sugar to help reduce her sugar intake.
  • Pasteurization: Pasteurization is a process that kills harmful bacteria. To mitigate the risk of food poisoning, it is important to choose a yoghurt that has been pasteurized.
  • Balanced Diet: Yoghurt can be a part of a balanced diet for a pregnant woman, but it should not be the main source of nutrition for the woman.

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Habib Yoghurt Price List and Sizes

The Habib yoghurt price list entails containers of different sizes and packages. The price of these packages differs, and there is uniformity of price only in a Habib Yoghurt brand depot. The Habib yoghurt price list varies depending on the location, store, and vendor. If you are buying from a general store, be prepared to pay more than usual.

Habib Yoghurt Pet bottle: 900

Habib Yoghurt 330ml: 1300

Habib Yoghurt 500ml: 1600

Habib Yoghurt 550ml: 1800

Habib Yoghurt Vanilla flavour 550ml: 1800

Habib Yoghurt Strawberry flavour: 1800

Habib Yoghurt Banana flavour 550ml: 1800

Habib Yoghurt Unsweetened 550ml: 1800

Habib Yoghurt 1 litre: 2800

Habib Yoghurt 2 litres: 4800

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Health Benefits of Habib Yoghurt

Health benefits of habib yoghurt

Habib yoghurt is one of the brands in Nigeria that have made its mark, garnering attention far and wide with a variety of packages. Beyond its flavour, the yoghurt has a plethora of health benefits that make it a valuable addition to your diet. The health benefits include:

  • Calcium: The yoghurt is rich in calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth, blood clotting, and muscle function.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: It is a great source of various vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin and B12, potassium, and magnesium, which aid the metabolic process of the body system.
  • Protein: Yoghurt is a good source of protein, which is important for building and repairing tissues and supporting overall growth and development.
  • Immune System: The probiotics in Habib yoghurt contribute to a more muscular immune system by promoting a healthy, balanced diet, potentially reducing the risk of infections.
  • Digestive Health: The probiotics in yoghurt might help mitigate digestive issues like constipation, diarrhoea, and irritable bowel syndrome for some individuals, resulting in an improvement of skin conditions.

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Natural yoghurt alternatives from the nationwide Habib yoghurt brand are available both sweetened and unsweetened.

The brand has flourished for almost a decade thanks to its high quality and nutritional value, with a variety of packaging and price alternatives. Their containers’ portability attracts attention because it enables easy consumption while moving. You can add the popular yoghurt to your diet to benefit from all of its abundant richness.


Where is Habib yoghurt from?

Habib yoghurt is made from natural fermented cowmilk (fura) a common drink believed to have originated among the Northern people of Nigeria.

Which Greek yoghurt is best in Nigeria?

There is no specific attribution of the “best” yoghurt brand, but Mich & Kay yoghurt is one of the most popular.

Is Habib yoghurt Greek yoghurt?

No, Habib yoghurt is not the same as Greek yoghurt. Greek is strained and thicker than Habib yoghurt. Habib can, however, be used to make Greek yoghurt at home.

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