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Speaking of first-time memes, this is coincidentally your first time reading this article(haha).

First Time Memes
First Time Memes

Was that corny? Sorry? It’s my first time dealing with such a tough audience. It would be nice to stop this article here because you have an idea of what first-time memes are, but my editor wouldn’t allow that…for the first time(Alright, let’s begin).

My introduction is not exactly what first-time memes actually mean. It was just a lame attempt on my attempt to try out wordplay and comedy. Rate me out of 10.

So, what are first-time memes? The origin of first-time memes can be traced back to a dialogue in the movie, “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. James Franco said the line in the movie. Let me describe the scene to you briefly.

“James Franco was caught driving rustled beeves, and that was a crime. He was sentenced to death by hanging. On Death Row, with the rope around his neck, he sees a man looking sad and distraught at his side. James wore a very calm and undisturbed disposition. This is because that wasn’t his first time being in that unwanted position. He understood how he must be feeling and asked First Time?”

James Franco would not have envisaged how much that particular scene would become the much-coveted meme template it is today. The scene describes sympathising with someone new to an issue or problem you’ve grown familiar with.

Here is a very good example, my personal favourite and created by yours truly.

First time meme template
First time meme template

If you are a football fan, you will understand that. If you aren’t, just know that it is dangerous to celebrate too early when playing Liverpool. Barcelona will always have a tale to tell.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 First Time Memes that would make your Day.


Top 10+ First Time Memes

You should be getting many meme ideas right now. If you are wondering how to create your meme, it’s very easy. Have your idea, get the base mem template online, jump on an editor app and add a white rectangle and text on top of the image.

You can see more information on creating your first-time meme when you read this article on Wednesday memes.

Let’s get into the top 10 first-time memes that you can relate to.

1. Covid Vaccine And Feminism

James franco Meme
James franco Meme

The COVID-19 period was a trying time for everyone. Me in particular! Not all men are eager to be ordered on what to do, even when it ensures their safety. The government were keen on forcing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on everyone, and the public thought and still thinks there is a hidden motive behind it.

While Men were complaining, women, on the other hand, have been fighting a millennial battle for equality in society and levelling up in the eye of the government. This didn’t seem like a new territory to them.

2. The First Lie You Were Told

First time huh meme
First time, huh meme

This is the first lie your parents told you when you were young. “If you say the truth, I won’t beat you”. I can still hear those words from my mum has a young boy. After a few occasions, you get used to the statement and just lie anyway. You can take up the repentance with God later in your room.

Your younger siblings won’t know this and are new to the system. First time huh? (haha).

3. Who Wants A Sibling Anyway?

First time huh
First time huh

The news of younger siblings is always good for the family, especially when the child is still in the womb. Once that child is delivered, all the older siblings should be ready for years of ignoring from parents.

As a first child, you quickly get used to this life and aren’t moved after the third sibling. Especially if you have a large family, your younger siblings, on the other hand, might find it difficult to get used to the update.

Chin up! It’s going to be a long 7 years.

4. I’m Not A Newcomer, Though

First Time here meme
First Time here meme

The friend zone is the zone of the damned, the zone where you accept a fate you are given with no choice of better days. Women take considerable delight in friendzone guys that take time to relay their intentions or guys they don’t like.

Some guys have lots of experience in the friend zone. They have been put there and have evicted themselves from the zones through grit, spirit and anger. Even at the risk of breaking friendships, the fried zone is not a place to be.

Well, some guys are newcomers, and it is the job of the old lads to lead them out and right.

5. Own The Media, Own The Power

First Time Here
First Time Here

The media is very powerful, especially in recent times. They change the directives of the masses any way they like. If you own the media, you own the mind of the masses; if you own the masses, you own the power.

Gun owners have been on the bad side of the Media. They have people questioning their rights to own a gun and their intentions. While gun owners claim it is mainly for self-protection, the media believes humans can be trusted with such power.

Gun owners have gotten used to this treatment, but the public felt it anew when the media exaggerated the spread and effect of COVID-19 on the public.

6. The German Giants

First Time meme Movie
First Time Meme Movie

Bayern Munich is the German giant and champions, and they leave no doubt of that, especially when playing teams in Rome. They ensure to make a spectacle of them. Most of these new teams find it hard to believe the ss-whooping they are getting. Guess who has gotten used to it?


Roma has just one win in their four meetings with Bayern. This isn’t their first time.


7. Welcome To Sin City.

Welcome To Sin City.
Welcome To Sin City.

There’s always that new kid who didn’t do their homework and cried after getting punished. In Sin City, you’ve probably gotten used to the lashes the teacher would give you for your deliberate disobedience.

Your mind is prepared, and you’re already looking forward to the next time you would err again.

“Hey, new kid! First Time?”

8. This Isn’t My First Rodeo

This Isn't My First Rodeo
This Isn’t My First Rodeo

You can trust Freshmen to be scared whenever it’s submission time in School. Sweats pour from their pores, writing speed increases, the brain works at a faster speed, and guess what? They still have 2 hours till submission.

Seniors do not need this worry. They’ve been in the game too long to worry about such a petty problem.

Take life easy, young blood.

9. Join The Club

First Time Hanging Meme
First Time Hanging Meme

Mathematics exists to confuse even the best of men. No one was immediately a guru in maths. It takes a succession of failures. Then you begin to see the light. Maybe the Asians should be removed from this generalization. They were born with a math bone in their body.

Most kids fret when they fail maths. But for an older kid, it’s simply a step in your process to greatness. Nobody starts out good. Read my article on Skill Issue to learn more.

10. The Religion Of Peace

First Time James Franco
First Time James Franco


Islam is a religion of peace. Although some notable extremists have soiled the name of the religion, it doesn’t change who they are. A newly converted Muslim would definitely feel bad when called a terrorist, but the old ones are used to it.

This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t stop. Generalisation spoils a lot.

There you have it! 10 First Time Memes that I blessed you with. Here is an extra for your time.

11. It’s Not My First Time!

First Time James Franco Meme
First Time James Franco Meme

It’s time to wipe that smug look off the face of Franco. “No, Franco! It’s not my first time!”

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In a world where humour and relatability collide, the phenomenon of first-time memes captures the growth and connections that shape us. From sibling dynamics to societal shifts, these memes reflect our universal journey of adaptation and maturation.

They remind us that while the first-time experiences evolve, the shared laughter and understanding they bring continue to bridge generations. So, let’s embrace the ever-present opportunity to learn, adapt, and find humour in our ongoing evolution.


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