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We have all heard the saying, “After God, fear women”. In fact, there are several variations of the saying, with some even specifying a particular number of hours per day one should dedicate to fear women.

In fact, according to Gelett Burgess, a 19th-century poet…

fear women

It is no secret or groundbreaking revelation that women can be very dangerous, and men who forget this are quickly reminded, often with dire consequences. History is littered with the pieces of men—powerful men who made other men quake in their boots—whose downfall came at the hands of a woman.

Yet here you are, claiming you are a hard guy and you don’t want to fear women?

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And, just so you know, it goes beyond even being dangerous. Women are arguably the superior race, Homo Sapiens+, capable of several functions that men can only dream about. Yes, there are things that men can do that women can’t, but when held against each other, the list of things women can do that men cannot is wayyy longer than that of men to women.

Hence, this should shush those who will say this article is an attack against women. It is not. Much like you would admire a mighty lioness strolling the savannah, this article extols the prowess of the mighty woman and why you should fear women.


Why You Should Fear Women

1. Women are dangerous

Dangerous, as in with a capital D. In fact, in all caps. DANGEROUS. Yes, men are physically stronger and all of that, but women have the upper hand mentally. And you know what they say about the pen and the sword.

Say, for example, a man and a woman are locked in a corporate struggle for an organizational position. Nine times out of men, the woman will win, especially if she has certain assets and the willingness to use them. That might sound sexist, but it’s the simple truth because while an ordinary woman can easily seduce a powerful man, it takes a stallion of a man to seduce a woman with power.

I mean, what are you bringing to the table that she cannot order online? In various shades and sizes, sef.

So, yes, men may be able to body women in physical situations, but when it comes down to intellectual ones, women are creatures of focus, commitment, and sheer f**cking will. It is one of the reasons why you should fear women.

2. Hell hath no fury…

… like a woman scorned. It’s a popular saying and basically means that you cannot cross a woman and expect to go scot-free. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Women are deeply emotional creatures, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. This means they tend to take emotions more seriously than men would and can hold onto things that men might brush off. But the bottom line is, if woman mean you, your own don finish be that.

you are beat, you are done gif

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3. Women can make men lose focus

“How do you take down a mighty man?” Simple; you send a woman to him.

This might not be an official saying, but that doesn’t make it any less true. As mentioned above, several prominent figures in history met their downfall at the hands of women, some of which are listed below:


The strongest man in the Bible. Scourge of the Philistines. Killed a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass (that’s an old word for a donkey; don’t ask me why). Ripped off a city’s gates and just… carried it away while the soldiers were debating who would stop him like…

Tinubu GIF
Ain’t gon’ be me, blud. You stop him

And, of course, he killed a lion with his bare hands. Can’t forget that. Such an impressive resume. Yet, in the end, how did the Philistines catch him?

That’s right! They sent Delilah.

Samson sure as hell was never going to have revealed the source of his strength to a fellow man. But small poundo and egusi (or whatever it is they ate during that time) and rubbing his chest hair, and our man eventually lost focus.

Even though Samson should have noticed that something was up after she tested the two lies he gave her initially, that doesn’t change the fact that this just goes to show that there are certain battles that are reserved for women alone.


David saw Bath-Sheba bathing and decided that he had to have her, his six other wives be damned. She has a husband? Small matter; send him into battle and put him where the fighting is thickest so he can die.

A man after God’s own heart who became a killer because of ass. And you don’t want to fear women?

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When it comes to women matters in the Bible, Solomon is probably the G.O.A.T, as, in his infinite God-given wisdom, he amassed 700 wives and over 300 concubines.

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However, all of this wisdom was no match for that of these women, especially the Queen of Sheba, who lured him into idolatry.

The Fall Of Angels

The Book of Genesis reports that, because of women, some angels of God lost their senses. I mean, take a minute to think about that. Angels, who had been living in heaven for eons in bliss, looked down, and saw something like this…

Jlo and Shakira GIF

… and decided that “Nah! Heaven is no longer the goal. We got ourselves a new goal, fellas; tapping that ass.” And so, they descended from heaven and became outcasts. The women didn’t even have to do anything; they just existed.

You don dey fear women abi you no fear?


Just in case you were thinking that we are basing our case on the Bible, here is one that happened right here in Nigeria.

General Sani Abacha was a terror during his regime, as he ruthlessly did away with whoever stood in his way. And then, one day, he suddenly ends up dead, purportedly in the company of sex workers and poisoned by an apple.

It probably wasn’t the first assassination attempt on him. But it was the one that succeeded.

These are just but a few examples, from Potiphar’s wife to Jezebel for whom God had to invent a special type of death to Cleopatra who used her femininity to run circles around Rome’s finest, of women who remind us daily of female lethality. Fear women, I say!

Fear women meme
Fear Women!!!

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4. Women do not need men to produce

Now, this might be debatable, but an article in the New York Times makes a compelling case for the potential obsolescence of men, biologically speaking. Titled “Men, Who Needs Them?” by Greg Hampikian, an excerpt reads:

“If a woman wants to have a baby without a man, she just needs to secure sperm (fresh or frozen) from a donor (living or dead). The only technology the self-impregnating woman needs is a straw or turkey baster, and the basic technique hasn’t changed much since Talmudic scholars debated the religious implications of insemination without sex in the fifth century. If all the men on earth died tonight, the species could continue on frozen sperm. If the women disappear, it’s extinction.”

Paints a scary picture, doesn’t it? I mean, what is now the usefulness of men, if they can be easily replaced for something as important as that? If all women in the world were to rise up today and wipe out all the men in one fell swoop, they’d be fine in the long run. The other way around, though, and the men would follow shortly after.

My friend, will you get down from your high horse and start actively fearing women before I deck you?

fear women

Fear women! It’s a w(t)rap

“Fear women” is a compound advice the world’s most intelligent and experienced men give to the youth today. This is because, as beautiful and soft as a woman can be, she can also be a weapon of mass destruction. Few men stand a chance against women when it comes to mind games, and a woman with venom in her heart will almost always outgun and outlast a man of similar disposition.

So why don’t you, as a young, strong gentleman, start fearing women today and save your life?

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