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Are you looking for how much 1 Canadian dollar to Naira is? If that is the case, then you definitely took the right decision by checking out this article. You don’t need to go anywhere else for what you need. We will be dishing out everything you need to know about the Canadian dollar to Naira and the conversion rate. 

Canadian Dollar to Naira

Do not adjust your device. We believe it will be worth every minute of your time. Sit back, relax, and just read through the rest of the article. But First,  how can we define what a Canadian Dollar is?

What is the Canadian Dollar?

Let us begin by letting you know what the Canadian dollar is:

CAD is the abbreviation or symbol of the Canadian currency used to represent the Canadian Dollar. CAD is Canada’s official currency and is deemed to be a standard currency. This means that a lot of central banks all over the world keep Canadian dollars as a stand-by currency.

The subsequent symbols symbolize the Canadian dollar CAD; $, C$, CAD, Can$. Now that you have an idea of what a Canadian dollar is let us swiftly go into details about what the Nigerian currency is all about.

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What is Nigerian Naira?

The naira is the official currency of Nigeria. A naira is divided into 100 kobo. The Central Bank of Nigeria is the only body authorized to issue legal tender, which is money across the country. They control the amount of money distributed in the economy to ensure it is financially and price stable.

The Symbol that signifies the Naira in Nigeria is the letter “N” with double straight lines across it! The symbol is; ₦. With that being said, we’ve given you an idea of what the Canadian dollar and Nigerian currency look like. Let us go right into their conversion rate.

Note: The conversion rates hinge on where you want to convert them. There are a number of ways to change them. We have the bank rate, abokifx rate, black market rate, etc.

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Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market   

How much does 1 Canadian dollar worth in Naira? 

CAD, as of today, has a black market rate of ₦471. This simply means that one Canadian dollar is around about ₦471 (Black Market rate).

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Canadian Dollar to Naira at Bank Rate

Canadian Dollar to Nigerian Naira Exchange Rate Today, FCMB CAD to NGN = ₦392

Note: You should have it at the back of your mind that the Canadian dollar to Naira selling rate actually different among Banks.

Now let us take a look at the exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar to Naira with different Nigerian banks.

First Bank of Nigeria Exchange Rate

01/05/2021Online₦ 316
01/04/2021Online₦ 316
01/03/2021Online₦ 316

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Zenith Bank PLC Exchange Rate

01/05/2021Online₦ 353
29/04/2021Canada₦ 353
01/04/2021Online₦ 297

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UBA, United Bank of Africa Exchange Rate

01/05/2021Online₦ 316
01/04/2021Online₦ 316
01/03/2021Online₦ 316

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Stanbic IBTC Bank Exchange Rate

01/05/2021Online₦ 337
01/04/2021Online₦ 337
01/03/2021Online₦ 337

Union Bank of Nigeria PLC Exchange Rate

01/05/2021Online₦ 316
01/04/2021Online₦ 316
01/03/2021Online₦ 316

Ecobank Exchange Rates

30/06/2020Canada₦ 299

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FCMB Canadian Dollar Bank Rates

18/04/2022Online₦ 392
01/05/2021Online₦ 298
01/04/2021Online₦ 298


Standard Chartered Bank Rates

17/11/2021Online₦ 371
13/10/2021Online₦ 373
10/09/2021Online₦ 365

GTBank, Guarantee Trust Bank Exchange Rate

20/08/2021Canada₦ 366
02/07/2021Canada₦ 329
03/05/2021Canada₦ 366

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Sterling Bank PLC Exchange Rate

20/08/2021Online₦ 344

Access Bank PLC Exchange Rate

18/08/2021Online₦ 357
16/07/2021Online₦ 361
01/07/2021Canada₦ 367

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Polaris Bank Limited Exchange Rate

13/06/2021Online₦ 382

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Canadian Dollar to US Dollar Today

As of today, one (1) Canadian dollar equals 0.78 United States Dollars. While the US dollar to the Canadian dollar is 1 USD equals 1.282 CAD.

How Much is Canadian Dollar to Naira

Here are some of the few conversion rates of the Canadian Dollar to the Naira. (Black Market selling/ exchange rate). We will look at some numbers, from 1- almost a million Canadian dollars.

Canadian DollarNaira
1 Canadian dollar₦ 471
10 Canadian dollar₦ 4,710
100 Canadian dollar₦ 47,100
1000 Canadian dollar₦ 471,000
2000 Canadian dollar₦ 942,000
3000 Canadian dollar₦ 1,413,000
4000 Canadian dollar₦ 1,884,000
5000 Canadian dollar₦ 2,355,000
10000 Canadian dollar₦ 4,710,000
20000 Canadian dollar₦ 9,420,000
50000 Canadian dollar₦ 23,550,000
100000 Canadian dollar₦ 47,100,000
1M Canadian dollar₦ 471,000,000

How the Canadian Dollar Currency was Created

The original residents of Canada were the First Nations and Inuit, who bartered in goods on an exchange basis. Different stuff filled in for the currency role, such as copper, peag and labour shells.

Peag belts, made of a number of little shells, were used by native people in eastern Canada to determine wealth and as gifts. They also used Peag belts as currency during the early colonial period and were seen as legal tender in the early Dutch and British colonies.

Native peoples also swapped pelts with European traders to trade commodities such as weapons, cloth, food, silver items, and tobacco. Throughout the long period of the pelt trade, the topper pelt was widely accepted as a means of exchange by native peoples and European traders equally.

It was accepted to the point that topper pelts, called “Made Beavers”, were used as an entity of account by the Hudson Bay Company to create stable pricing of all its trade goods.

Actual Meaning of the Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is the value of one country’s money to another country’s money. For example, Canadian Dollar to Naira, pounds to Dollar, and so on. The exchange rate is set when the countries make use of gold or another settled basis. And every single one of the currencies is worth a certain size of the metal or other standard.

Exchange rates drift when demand and supply or rumours push up the exchange rate (unit conversion). When a country is heavily invested in importing huge amounts of goods, demand will spike up the exchange rate for that country.

This will make the goods that have been imported more expensive for buyers in that country. When goods turn out more expensive, demand will go down, and money in this country will be cheaper than money in other countries.

Subsequently, the country’s goods will turn out to be cheaper for buyers overseas, demand will increase, and exports from that country will increase.

Now that you have a good idea of the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar to the naira, we hope it will help you make informed decisions for whatever you need it for. The naira is presently not doing well in the exchange rate market, as it keeps falling almost every day.

FAQs of the Canadian Dollar to Naira

How much is CAD to Naira black market today?

Canadian Dollar to Nigerian Naira Exchange Rate Today, Live 1 CAD to NGN = 337.0415

How much is $100 Canada in Naira?

$100.00 – the one hundred ?? Canadian dollars is worth ₦33,704.15 (NGN) today or ?? thirty-three thousand seven hundred four naira 15 kobos

How much is 100 Canadian dollars in Naira black market?

Canadian Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate today is between ₦600 and ₦602 with an average of ₦601.00

How much is 1 Naira to 1 Canadian Dollar?

The Exchange Rate For Converting Nigerian Naira to Canadian Dollars – 1 NGN = 0.178 CAD

Does Canada pay with dollars?

All of Canada uses the Canadian dollar, however, certain retailers throughout the country will accept the US dollar as a form of payment for goods.

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