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black braided hairstyle

Today, we will discuss 15 black braided hairstyles that will look stunning on you.

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Black Braided Hairstyles

Braids are an easy and pleasant way to forget about hairstyling for weeks or months.

They give your hair a break from constant styling and protect your hair from harsh environmental conditions.

Apart from these reasons, they are beautiful and give you an instant facelift. No wonder they don’t seem to be going out of style soon.

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What are Black Braided Hairstyles?

Black braided hairstyles are undoubtedly gorgeous. They also help every black girl enhance their beauty. There are different types of black braided hairstyles you can try.

They are limitless. Every new season comes with different black braided hairstyles for you to try.

From cornrows to knotless braids, to boho braids, and goddess braids, you can go as far as your creativity can take you.

Current Black Braided Hair Trends

Here are some of the hottest trends:

1. Creative Cornrows

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Creative Cornrows

Cornrows are a type of braided hairstyle. This year, people are styling cornrows into detailed geometric designs and shapes. Cornrows are also being used to create updos, ponytails, and mohawk styles.

2. Bold and Beautiful Braids

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Bold and Beautiful Braids

Big, thick braids like jumbo braids, goddess braids, and knotless braids are very popular right now. These braided styles allow you to express your personality and style. You can also get creative by adding colour, beads, or other decorations to the braids.

3. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids
Fulani Braids

This regal style features a few braids in the front with multiple braids flowing backwards. It’s a beautiful and protective style that can be dressed up or down.

4. Braided Ponytails

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Braided Ponytails

Braided ponytails are the ultimate combination of style and practicality. They are perfect for on the go, but can also be dressed up for a night out. Do you feel easy? Wear a sleek, high ponytail. Want something quick? Try a braided mohawk ponytail or a chic half-up half-down style.

5. Braided Updos

image 33
Braided Updos

Braided updos are super gorgeous. They can be as simple or elaborate as you like and are a guaranteed eye-catcher.

Let’s take a look at some trendy braided hairstyles that are popular among Black women.


Knotless Braids

knotless braids
knotless braids

One thing we love about knotless braids is the range. Once you get this hairstyle, you can style it in any way you desire. Knotless braids are also a great protective hairstyle for your hair. They aid healthy natural hair growth.

knotless braids
knotless braids

The best part of getting this black braided hairstyle is that they are relatively painless because, as the name suggests, knotless braids do not start with the extension knots. They are created by a genius technique that requires no knots.

This gives you a more seamless and blended finish, which can be flattering. Because they do not start with knots, knotless braids cause no tension to the scalp.

Ponytail Braids

Ponytail Braids
Ponytail Braids

What is not to love about this black braided hairstyle?  The sleek, effortless look it gives is what endears it to many. It is traditionally referred to as Shuku, and it is achieved by braiding the hair away from the face to meet at the centre of the head.

high bun braided ponytail
high bun braided ponytail

There are different variations of the braided ponytail. It could be made to form a high bun at the top of the head like this one.

low bun braided ponytail
low bun braided ponytail

This hair could also be made to form a low bun at the back of the head.

This hairstyle’s traditional and most common variation is the one that sits elegantly at the centre of the head.

We can assure you that the braided ponytail, in whatever style you decide to get, will make you look effortlessly gorgeous. Another fact about this type of black braided hairstyle is that it is not going out of style anytime in the foreseeable future, so you can jump on the train.



Another black braided hairstyle that is bound to make you look beautiful is cornrows. Although this black braided hairstyle is relatively new, there is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful trending black braided hairstyles we have now.

Cornrows are very simple but unique and easy to do. They are a type of scalp braids because they are braided so close to the scalp using the underhand technique, which gives them a raised appearance. Your cornrows can last at least a month, and they are also very easy to maintain.

image 378

You can create them to be thin or thick, long or short. Basically, anything you want to do is possible.

Another thing about cornrows is that they were invented as a protective hairstyle that helps you regrow your natural hair and edges.


Crochet braids

crochet braids
crochet braids

If you do not like to spend long hours sitting at the salon to make your hair, then crochet braids are for you. Crochet braids are a type of black braided hairstyle that is done by using a crochet hook to thread the hair extensions through a cornrow base or a three-strand twist base. The hair is then styled as you wish.

You can also decide to add cute accessories like thread, cuffs, and cowries, among others, to give it a brilliant pop of colour.

crochet braids
crochet braids

With the right maintenance, crochet braids can last you for months. It is also easy to reuse your extension some other time if you desire.

Goddess Braids

goddess braids
goddess braids

This is another relatively new black braided hairstyle. Goddess braids are a version of the classic cornrows, but they are thicker.

This makes them an excellent option for women who want an attractive and effortlessly stylish look that lasts a few weeks. The way they are raised higher on the scalp using the underhand technique will ensure your hair gets noticed.

Goddess braids are a feminine and beautiful way for ethnic women to wear their hair. The designs of hairstyles vary. It can be a crown braid up-do, a Mohawk braid, a low braided bun, or a half-up hairstyle.

One of the most beautiful things about ethnic goddess black braided hairstyles is the creativity that goes into the various styles. When it comes to a goddess-themed look, parting your hair into a shapely design will bring a whole new dimension to the style. 


Bohemian Braids

bohemian braids
bohemian braids

Gone are the days when box braids look the same everywhere. Bohemian braids are a variation of box braids but with a twist of curly hair extensions braided into the box braids to give a soft, fuller, and more voluminous look.

Bohemian braids are not used for box braids alone. They can also be used for other braids like braided ponytails or two-step braids.

two step bohemian braids
two step bohemian braids

Bohemian braids can also be done whereby a different colour of curly extensions is braided into the black braids.

Fulani Braids

fulani braids
Fulani braids

This type of black braided hairstyle originated among the Fulani people of West Africa, making this hairstyle not only gorgeous but also of great importance.

fulani braids
Fulani braids

One thing that sets Fulani braids apart from other black braided hairstyles is the plaits on the sides of the head, often adorned with beads.

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids
Lemonade braids

Lemonade braids have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity since Beyonce wore them on her album cover. This type of black braided hairstyle is neat and effortlessly chic. They are done in a way where the hair is braided to one side of the head. It could be to the left or the right side, whichever one pleases you.

Lemonade braids
Lemonade braids

This black braided hairstyle creates an interesting aesthetic. They are also incredibly flattering and can frame the face and highlight your features.

Tribal Braids

tribal braids
tribal braids

This is a general term used to refer to black braided hairstyles that originated specifically from Africa. They are gorgeous and chic hairstyles. Tribal braids give you a wide range of options in different patterns, thicknesses, and lengths to choose from. They are also often adorned with accessories like cowries, beads, threads, etc

tribal braids
tribal braids

Examples of tribal braids include Fulani braids, Senegalese twists, and Ghana braids. It could also be a combination of two or more black braided hairstyles.

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Senegalese twist

senegalese twist
Senegalese twist

This is a type of tribal black braided hairstyle that originated in Senegal. Senegalese twists are one of the most popular and best protective hairstyles for Afro-textured hair. They are also stunning, unique, low maintenance, and easy to style.

senegalese twist
Senegalese twist

Senegalese twist is done using the two-strand twist method. They could be either long or short, straight or coiled.  

What to Consider Before Picking a Braid Style

This guide will explain the key factors to consider before getting braids.

1. Hair Type and Texture

If you have finer, thinner hair, you may want to choose smaller, lighter braid styles like box braids, Marley twists, or cornrows. Bigger, heavier braids like jumbo box braids can weigh down finer hair. If your hair is very coily or tightly curled, opt for braid styles that are flatter against your head like cornrows or Ghana braids – they’re less likely to unravel.

2. Face Shape

To help elongate a rounder face, try braided styles that are worn up and away from the face like a braided updo or high ponytail. If you have an oblong or angular face shape, braids that hang loosely around the face like Fulani braids or Goddess braids can nicely frame your features.

3. Lifestyle and Commitment

For an active, busy lifestyle where you don’t want to re-do your braids often, go with a longer-lasting style like box braids, Senegalese twists, or knotless braids which can keep fresh for 1-2 months. Styles like cornrows or thin feed-in braids tend to frizz and loosen faster after just a couple weeks.

The key is choosing braid styles that complement your hair, flatter your face shape, and fit within the time/maintenance commitment you’re willing to give them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What braids are in style 2024?

There are lots of black braided hairstyles in style in 2024. Some of these hairstyles are:
1. Knotless braids
2. Bohemian braids
3. Box braids
4. Cornrow braids
5. Crochet braids, etc.

Which braids make you look younger?

The braided ponytail hairstyle is one of the many black braided hairstyles that can make you look younger. The braided ponytail helps you highlight your features and adds a subtle but noticeable glow to your face.

What is the most popular braid style?

Knotless braids and feed-in braids are indeed among the most popular braid styles, especially for protective styling of natural hair. These styles allow the hair to be braided closely to the scalp without putting excess tension or pulling at the hairline.

Which is the easiest braid?

A Dutch braid is a type of braided hairstyle that is woven in a special way. It creates a raised, decorative pattern on your head. Though it looks complicated, a Dutch braid is really just like a regular braid, but done differently. People like Dutch braids because they are easy to do and secure firmly in place while also looking stylish.

What braids are trending now?

Box Braids

What colour of braids fits a dark skin?

Burgundy attachments make one of the best-coloured braids for dark skin tone. It not only pops perfectly on dark-skinned women but also complements the richness of your melanin skin.

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