Packing gel styles among African women is as old as time. The style has received more popularity and favoritism over time and has recently seen more new and innovative styles, which have made it even more desirable, in addition to the fact that it’s easy to do, it also takes very little time to achieve.

This article contains the latest styles of packing gel and how you can rock them to suit whatever event you’re attending. There’s a packing gel hairstyle for you, whether it’s a birthday party, a professional conference, or even a wedding.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that more women love these styles, even though some people steer clear of them in the past. This is because they weren’t sure if the style would fit them. While some aren’t convinced because of their facial shape, some complain that their foreheads may be too broad.

However, the range of styles that are widely achieved these days depicts that the ponytail style is for everybody.

17 Packing Gel Styles for Your Next Event

In the past, this style favored people with relaxed hair because of the sleek look it gives, but nowadays, with the right hairdresser and the right tools, you can achieve the same sleek look without any hassle.

If you’re thinking of the next packing gel style to try, here’s a list of different styles that you can try;

1. Ponytail


Yeeees! This one is as old as the packing gel itself. In fact, this can literally be called the mother of packing gel because every other packing gel style stemmed from this one. However, this style is old but gold as it still serves the looks hot.

This hairstyle can be achieved with a weave or with extensions, and if you’re creative enough, you might just be able to use whatever hair material is available to you.

2. High Ponytail

High ponytail

This is a variation of the ponytail that gives a completely different look. Instead of gathering the hair to the center of your head, the hair is gathered towards the front of your head, and the weave is attached in a way that it sits atop your head.

I probably didn’t describe that well, but think of that picture of Cardi B and Megan the stallion from the cover of that song; WAP, and for more context, see the picture above.
This style can be achieved using extensions, curls, or weaves.

3. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail

This style is basically the opposite of the high ponytail, with all the hair gathered towards the back of your head instead of the front. This hairstyle usually bangs when an afro bun is attached, so it works well for the natural hair gang. However, even those with relaxed hair can rock this style.

4. Double bun

Double bun

For this style, the hair is split into equal halves, and a bun is attached to each part of the hair. The bun has to be two full afro buns so the beauty of this style can really come out. This style mainly favors the naturalists but there’s a variation for even those with relaxed hair.

You can try this hairstyle on your daughter if you’re feeling too old to rock this, but old or young, this look is a serve.

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5. Pigtails


This is the variation of a double bun for those with relaxed hair. The procedure is the same as with the double bun, only with the exception of the bun, which curly weaves or straight extensions can replace.
However, if you still want to do a bun, go for it, don’t let my opinion stop you.

6. Ponytail with swoop

Ponytail with swoop

This packing gel style is quite different from the traditional ponytail. The hair is parted at the side, and the area with more hair is gelled and brushed forward, such that the hair forms a round shape at the forehead. See the picture for a better understanding.


7. Side Ponytail

This style has your hair gelled to the side, and then you can attach your weave or extension.

Side Ponytail

8. Ponytail with bangs/fringe

Ponytail with full bangs

For this style, your hair is slicked back into a ponytail —the part where you want the ponytail is up to you— and a fringe is attached at the front of your head, such that it covers most or part of your forehead.

9. Afro

afro packing gel styles

This style is perfect for those who want a hairstyle that’s both polished and effortlessly bold. It’s a great way to embrace your natural hair and turn heads with a unique and eye-catching look.

One of the best things about afro packing gel styles is their versatility. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a work-appropriate look, slick back your sides and keep your afro neat and compact. For a night out, add some hair accessories or braid a few sections for extra flair.

10. Packing gel with criss-cross braids

Criss-cross ponytail

In this style, your hair is parted horizontally into two equal halves, and the half on the front is parted vertically into whatever number of sections you desire to put the criss-cross pattern on. The crisscross pattern can be put across the whole front section but is usually more beautiful when only a section of the hair is used.

11. Packing gel with braid

Packing gel with braids

For this style, the hair is braided either fully or partly and to either a high or normal ponytail, and then, the weave on or extension is added. The extension can also be braided so as to make it look more natural.

12. Packing gel with Bantu knots

Packing gel with Bantu knots

Bantu Knots is an African style that is achieved by making big braids and rolling them into a knot. Packing gel can be applied to this style by sleek down the knots’ roots.

13. Packing gel with accessories

Packing gel with metal bead accessories
High ponytail with accessories

This style features either one or two cornrows or box patterns made with small rubber bands and then accessorized with metal beads or other hair accessories.

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14. Packing gel with kinky weavon

Packing gel with short kinky curls

Kinky weave, also known as kinky extensions, adds a textured and voluminous element to your hairstyle. This combination creates a unique look that’s both stylish and eye-catching. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and add some personality to your packing gel routine.

15. Mohawk packing gel

Mohawk packing gel
Faux mohawk with packing gel

For this one, the hair is braided such that the sides are pulled to the middle to form a brush on both sides. After braiding, the extension is sewn to the braid, and the sides are gelled. This hairstyle works well for ladies who want to look even more unique.

16. Barbie Ponytail

Barbie Ponytail

This style is achieved by using an extension that’s curled at the tip or by curling the extension at the tip. Anyone of the styles mentioned above can be made into this. It only depends on the extension or weaves you’re using.

17. Half-up, half down.

Half up, half down

This style is currently my favorite. Its look is classy and chic and can easily be anyone’s favorite. For this one, the hair is parted horizontally, the back part is made into corn rows, the weave is sewn into it, and the front part is made into a normal ponytail.


There are no strict rules in choosing your next updo. You can take one or more of these styles and incorporate them into each other, and you’ll achieve the same flawless look. Also, don’t forget to lay those edges in whatever style you want; edges take your packing gel style up by a lot of notches.

Make sure you let your stylist know what you want, and show them a video if you have to because you deserve to look beautiful and confident in your look after paying to get it done.


Which weavon is good for packing gel?

The packing gel hairstyles with straight weavon are considered more mature and often popular among mature ladies with relaxed hair.

Can virgin hair do packing gel?

Yes, virgin hair can do packing gel.

What gel can be used for natural hair?

There are several hair styling gel that can be used for natural hair like Eco style olive oil styling gel, NaturAll club curl defining flaxsee d gel, The Doux big poppa defining gel, etc.

which brand of hair gel is the best?

There are a lot of good hair gel brands which makes it difficult to decide which is the best.

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