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Chain tattoos are super popular these days for their bold and detailed designs. This article showcases 40 amazing chain tattoo ideas you should consider getting inked this year.

Chain Tattoo Design
Chain tattoo design on the forearm. It resembles a variation of the cross.

Chain tattoos can be simple like a bracelet around your wrist or elaborate covering your whole chest. They let you get creative with your body art. We’ll explore what different chain styles and designs can symbolize – whether you want yours to represent unity, strength, resilience or just look awesome!

We’ll also give you tips on the best spots to get a chain tattoo. Arms, back, ankles – we’ve got trendy and timeless chain designs perfect for anywhere on your body.

If bold, eye-catching body art is your vibe, then chain tattoos could be perfect for your next ink. Check out these 40 hot chain tattoo ideas to find inspiration for your next tattoo.

What are Some Symbolic Meanings of Chain Tattoos?

Chain tattoos have been in vogue for a very long time. No chain tattoo design without a story behind it. That’s how keen you have to be to get one.

How do you feel? Strong? Get a chain tattoo, Free? Get one, Bounded? Get a chain tattoo, Oppressed? Get one, Black Lives Matter? Get a chain tattoo, White Lives Matter? Maybe not, (Haha, I’m kidding).

It just goes to show how wide-stretched this chain niche covers and can conceptualise whatever way you are feeling. Oh! there’s another. It’s a new year, and you want to break free of old habits? Get a f-ing chain tattoo.

Chain designs have stood the test of time because of this universal ability to represent a lot of ideologies. I got another!

“A girl you like just broke your heart, and you want to remind yourself never to go back again?” – Get a tattoo design hanging her broken name on a chain. That’s a solid reminder.

Here’s one!

“There is power in the name of Jesus, There is power in the name of Jesus, To Break every chain, Break every chain, break every…” Haha. There’s a tattoo design even for Christians.

What are some symbolic meanings of Chain tattoos?

Significance of Chain Tattoos

Symbolic meanings of chain tattoos
Neck Chain tattoo design with other tattoo inscribed words on the chest

A chain tattoo can symbolize many things. Let’s look at some of the various things it can mean. It’s key so you don’t have your deeply rooted Nigerian Mother saying you are in spiritual bondage. (Phew, That’s awfully specific).

Here are some of the symbolic meanings of chain tattoos.

1. Unity and Connection

Chain tattoos can represent a symbol of unity and connection. Each joint or link in the chain depicts an unbreakable bond with whatever you attach importance to.

This can be interpreted as a representation of family, friendship, or community bonds.

2. Strength and Endurance

Strength and endurance are characteristics of any good chain. It is sturdy and can withstand any great deal of pressure. You can use yours to represent resilience, determination, tenacity, dedication, and so many more.

A more vivid example would be symbolizing your tattoo design with how you overcame a difficult situation in your lifetime.

3. Bondage and Freedom

During the gloomy days of the slave trade and human cruelty, chains were the order of the day. Humans were tied together in a row in such a pitiable manner. We won’t forget the old days and can wear a chain in remembrance.

We can also wear a chain to show overcoming the days of bondage and discrimination.

4. Commitment and Loyalty

They can be used to represent commitment and loyalty to your partner. It is a physical representation of an unbreakable bond between partners, lovers, or people.

It can also represent loyalty to a cause or a set of principles.

5. Life’s Interconnectedness

Life is just like a Venn diagram, or in this case, a chain. Each part of our life is connected at some point, and you can identify these parts and represent them in a chain-like structure.

6. Prison and Redemption

Chains are commonly associated with imprisonment.

They might be chosen to represent past struggles or mistakes, with each link representing a step toward redemption and personal growth.

7. Memento of a Relationship

Some people get these tattoos as a memento of a relationship with someone special. Each link in the chain may represent a shared memory, experience, or significant moment in the relationship.

Chain tattoos symbolize strength, resilience, and enduring bonds. They signify triumph over adversity and freedom from oppression. They represent unity, collective resistance, and spiritual liberation. Customizable with names, dates, or symbols, they reflect personal journeys and perseverance through life’s challenges.

There you have it! 7 symbolic meanings of a chain tattoo. Now you can get into that tattoo shop and get something significant, symbolic and meaningful.

Don’t just leap without looking; who would guess you are being oppressed when you are just representing a tight friendship with someone?

But then again, who cares, uh?

Let’s take a look at 40 ideas to try this year.

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20 Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

20 Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Men
Chain tattoo design around the ankle. A Cross, anchor and love are hanging on the chain.

Let’s take a look at 20 of the best design ideas that are worth trying this year. Happy New Year, by the way.

1. “Your name” Till Infinity

Chain tattoo design
Name on an infinity chain

How much do you love yourself? To infinity and beyond, right? Good, represent that on a chain design.

2. Chain-Cross Necklace

Chain tattoo design for men
Chain cross necklace design

This is a big cross hanging on a chain. Pretty simple and symbolic of dedication to one’s religion.

3. Interlocking Chain On The Forearm

Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Men
Interlocking chain design on the forearm

This can be a very credible show of masculinity.

4. Wrist Tattoo

Wrist chain tattoo
Wrist tattoo

If you like wristbands or anything on your wrist, then this is a good choice for you.

5. Broken Chain Design

Broken chain tattoo design
Broken chain designs on the arm

Free at last! Free from what? That’s up to you, dear.

6. Dog Tag Chain Necklace Tattoo

A dog tag chain necklace tattoo hanging on the neck can represent military service, personal identification, or a symbolic tribute to fallen soldiers.

Dog tag chain necklace tattoo
Dog tag chain necklace tattoo hanging on the neck

7. Chain Rosary Necklace Tattoo

Chain Rosary Necklace Tattoo
Chain Rosary Necklace Tattoo on the chest and around the neck

If you like your rosary so much, why not get a tattoo of it? Now, you can take it along wherever you go.

8. Choker Chain Necklace Tattoo

Chain neck tattoo design
Choker Chain neck tattoo design

This choker necklace style isn’t the most popular among men. But popularity shouldn’t dictate your fashion sense.

It stands out and gives a very wild look.

9. Chain and Compass

Chain and Compass
Chain and Compass Tattoo Design

This should describe a more discerning person. You easily navigate life’s turbulent waves and you are not easily distracted.

10. Piano Keys Chain

Piano Keys Chain
Piano Keys Chain Design on the Ankle

A piano key tattoo captures the importance of life’s varied notes and melodies, symbolizing the harmonious interplay of experiences.

It is ideal for musical aficionados.

11. Razor Blade Chain

Razor Blade Chain Tattoo Design
Razor Blade Chain

A razor blade can serve for protection and danger. It is a very thin line that separates both sides.

It embodies the dual nature of human beings.

12. DNA Double Helix Chain

DNA Double Helix Chain
DNA Double Helix Chain on the Leg

It’s not your normal chain design, but it’s still useful. A DNA double helix chain emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living things and the essence of existence.

13. Ankle Tattoo Design

Ankle Chain Tattoo Design
Ankle Tattoo Design carrying love, cross and anchor

A simple ankle tattoo around the ankle can be a stylish, subtle way to symbolize connections that endure.

14. Anchor With Chain Design

Anchor With Chain Tattoo Design
Anchor With Chain Design On the Body

An anchor chain tattoo design features interlocking links forming a chain connected to an anchor, representing strength, stability, and an unwavering foundation in life.

15. Traditional Chain

A traditional tattoo chain is a bold, linked design representing unbreakable strength and perseverance through life’s difficulties.

 traditional chain tattoo
A traditional chain design.

16. Bike Chain Design

Bike Chain Tattoo Design
Bike Chain Tattoo Design on the back

A bike chain forming a looping love shape. This chain tattoo design on the back can symbolize the wearer’s passion for cycling, endurance, and determination to keep moving forward in life.

17. Disconnected Chain

Broken chain tattoo design
Broken chain design

A disconnected chain tattoo symbolizes breaking free from constraints or challenges. The design shows broken links, drawn with bold lines and shading, representing liberation from what the chain once symbolized.

18. Ball and Chain

ball and chain tattoo
ball and chain tattoo

A ball and chain tattoo is typically inked with a heavy, shaded ball connected to thick linked chains, creating a weighted and constrained appearance on the skin.

19. Break The Chain

break the chain tattoo
Break the chain tattoo design

A “break the chain” tattoo is often inked with thick black lines forming a chain design, but with one or more links purposefully broken or snapped apart in the middle to represent the breaking of constraints or patterns.

20. Kurapika Chain Tattoo

kurapika chain tattoo
Kurapika chain tattoo on the arm

A Kurapika chain tattoo on the arm depicts the iconic chain weapon used by the Hunter x Hunter character, symbolizing a commitment to seeking justice or embodying Kurapika’s unbreakable determination.

There you have it! 20 Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Men. You’ll agree with me that some of these designs are unisex but would favour men, though.

Let’s look at the 20 Best Design Ideas For Women.

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20 Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

One of the best places to see how beautiful these chain designs are on women is in Indian movies.

Theirs are more temporary tattoos but give them a very silky and sultry feeling (This is a personal opinion, by the way).

Here are the 20 Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Women.

1. Leg Tattoo Design

Leg chain tattoo design for women
Leg chain tattoo design for women

Leg chain is a verified fashion choice that crosses the T’s and dots the I’s on your dress. A leg chain tattoo design would give you that feeling.

2. Hand Chain Tattoo Design

Hand Chain Tattoo Design
Hand Chain Tattoo Design

3. Chain Handshake Tattoo

Chain Handshake Tattoo
Chain Handshake Tattoo Design on the lap

4. Feeling Bound

Imprisoned woman chain tattoo
Imprisoned woman chain tattoo

5. Wrist Chain Tattoo

wrist chain tattoo design for women
wrist chain tattoo design for women

6. Chain Hanging Tattoo

Hanging Chain Tattoo Designs
Hanging Chain Tattoo Designs

7. Healed Chain Design

Hanging Chain Tattoo Designs
The Hanging Chain located on the upper arm

8. Chain Neck Tattoo

Chain Neck Tattoo Designs
Chain Neck Tattoo Designs

9. Key Tattoo

Key chain tattoo design
Key chain tattoo design

10. Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic knot chain tattoo design
Celtic knot chain tattoo design on the arm and wrist

11. Chain Underboob Tattoo Design

Chain Underboob Tattoo Design
Chain Underboob Tattoo Design

12. Unbreakable Chain

Chain Tattoos for Women
Unbreakable Chain for Women

13. Judgement Tattoo

Judgement Chain Tattoo
Judgement Tattoo

14. Kurapika Chains Tattoo

Kurapika Chains Tattoo Designs
Kurapika Chains Tattoo Designs

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15. Cross x Kurapika Tattoo

Cross x Kurapika Chain Tattoo
Cross x Kurapika Tattoo

16. Floral Chain Bracelet Tattoo Design

Floral Chain Bracelet Tattoo Design
Floral Chain Bracelet Tattoo Design

17. Butterfly Chain

Butterfly Chain Tattoo Design
Butterfly Chain Design

18. Feathered Tattoo Design

Feathered Chain Tattoo Design
Feathered Tattoo Design

19. Moon and Stars Tattoo Design

Moon and Stars Chain Tattoo Design
Moon and Stars Chain Design

20. Heart-Lock Chain Design

Heart-Lock Chain Tattoo Design
Heart-Lock Chain Design

There you have it! 20 Best Chain Tattoo Design Ideas For Women. I know the men would steal from these options.

Allow them. or,

You can get matching pairs (aww).

You’ve Read That? Now Read This

What is the Most Popular Tattoo Design?

Some of the most popular and common tattoo designs that appeal to a wide range of people include:

  1. Quotes or words
  2. Floral designs like roses
  3. Animals like birds or lions
  4. Basic symbols like anchors or infinity signs
  5. Small, minimalist designs

These types of tattoos tend to be straightforward yet meaningful, making them a familiar sight on people from all walks of life.

How do I Choose a Unique Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal expression, but finding a design that truly stands out can be a challenge. With so many popular tattoo styles and growing interest in body art, you may be wondering how to choose a unique tattoo that feels authentically you.

Here are some tips for choosing a unique tattoo design in a simple way:

  1. Personalize it – Combine meaningful symbols, dates, names or inside jokes that are unique to you.
  2. Mix styles – Add tattoo styles like traditional, watercolour, and blackwork to create something distinctive.
  3. Get creative with placement – An unconventional spot like behind the ear or side of the hand can make a common design stand out.
  4. Customize existing designs – Take a popular tattoo style and modify it with your own twists and personal elements.
  5. Work with the artist – Collaborate closely with the tattoo artist to design a one-of-a-kind piece just for you.
  6. Represent your culture – Draw inspiration from your heritage, traditions or spiritual beliefs.

The most unique tattoos are ones that hold special meaning and are a reflection of your personality, experiences and creativity. Taking the time to make it your own is key.

What Tattoo Style is Most Attractive?

Based on many polls and surveys, one of the most commonly cited attractive tattoo styles is fine minimalist tattoos.

The minimalist nature allows the artwork to enhance and complement the wearer’s features rather than overwhelm them. This style is versatile enough to incorporate meaningful symbols, words or patterns while still looking refined and attractive to many people’s eyes.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Alright, so there you have it – 40 awesome chain tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink. Chain tattoos are such a cool and versatile choice. You can go big and bold with a thick, chunky chain wrapping around your arm or leg. Or keep it dainty with a simple chain bracelet design around your wrist or ankle.

The best part is how many different ways you can style a chain tat. Add some pendants or mix it with other elements like roses, skulls, or geometric patterns for a totally unique look.

Whether you want something symbolic and meaningful or just think chains look badass, these designs definitely deliver. If you’re looking to get a fresh tattoo this year, a chain is definitely an option worth considering. It’s a classic design that’ll never go out of style.

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