Soft Locs Styles

Soft locs are slowly but surely taking over the hair and beauty industry.

best soft locs hairstyles
Soft loc hairstyles

They are here to stay so it’s best to get on board.

But what are soft locs exactly? Don’t worry, we bring answers.

When you hear “soft locs” you might think of “faux locs” and it’s easy to mix up the two, but hopefully this article will clear any confusion.

We will examine what soft locs are, what makes them different from faux locs, and the different soft locs ideas you can try this year.

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What are Soft Locs?

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There is no denying that soft locs are similar to faux locs, however, you should know they have a special installation method.

Soft locs are, well, softer which makes them easier to bend and move than traditional faux locs. This makes styling possibilities endless for this locs style (more on styling soft locs below). Soft locs use a crochet loc hair that is already formed before installation.

This hair is then combined with an Afro or kinky hair to ensure the loc has movement and flexibility. Ultimately, you have hair with a softer finish, less tension and lighter weight than traditional faux locs. 

Difference between Soft Locs and Faux Locs

Faux locs is an encompassing term used to refer to all the different types of locs, including butterfly locs and soft locs.

What mainly differentiates soft locs from faux locs is the fact that soft locs are considerably lighter with very little tension on your natural hair. This makes them a great protective hairstyle for your hair.


How to Make Soft Locs

Step 1. Wash and Condition Your Strands

Of course, if you’re going to install a protective style like soft locs, you want to do so on clean hair.

Use the Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo With Castor Oil, which is ideal for dry hair and helps to reduce breakage and follow up with the Goddess Strength Fortifying Conditioner With Castor Oil.

Step 2. Choose Your Base Style

There are two options for styling your natural hair before installing your pre-formed soft loc extensions. You can create individual plaits and wrap the crocheted hair from the roots to the ends or you can install the crocheted hair to cornrows.

Whichever braided style you choose, apply a quarter-sized amount of Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave-In Cream before braiding. This will ensure your natural hair is soft and hydrated before installing the protective style.

Step 3. Install the Soft Locs

Once your hair is braided, it’s time to install your crochet loc hair. Since the loc hair is already pre-formed, you only need to install the hair at the roots if you decide to go the cornrow route.

Of course, if you’re wrapping the extensions around box braids, you’ll need to install the soft locs at the root of each plait.

Step 4. Add the Hair Extension

If your base style isn’t corn rows, this step applies to you. Once the pre-formed soft locs are installed at the root, it’s time to wrap them together with the individual plaits, using the kinky hair extension.

You can choose from the following hair extensions: spring twists, passion twists, kinky wrapping hair, afro kinky hair or water wave twist hair. Simply wrap the extension around the plait and loc combined and voila! You’ve got soft locs.

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How Long Do Soft Locs Last?

Soft locs last anywhere from four to six weeks and are perfect if you want to give your hair a break from heat treatment, manipulation, and other processes.

We’ll discuss maintenance tips for your soft locs in the next section. Keep reading.

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Maintenance Tips for Soft Locs

Maintenance tips for soft locs
Maintenance tip for soft locs

1. Protect Your Hair While You Snooze

This is a no-brainer. If you want a hairstyle to last, you have to protect it while you sleep.

Depending on the length of your locs, you can wear a silk or satin bonnet or if they’re waist-length, consider wrapping them from top to bottom with a satin scarf or two. This will keep frizziness at bay and keep your locs looking fresher for longer.

2. Keep Them Away From Water When Possible

No, you don’t want to let your soft locs get wet while you shower or even get wet while taking a dip in the pool.

Because these faux locs are soft, exposure to water may make them slip out or get loose at the roots. But you don’t have to worry if a little rain hits them. Just keep them protected from water as much as you can.

3. Keep Your Scalp and Hair Moisturized

While the previous two steps help your pre-formed loc hair stay in its best shape, this step is essential for keeping your natural hair looking fresh underneath. Routinely oil your scalp and new growth with the While the previous two steps help your pre-formed loc hair stay in its best shape, this step is essential for keeping your natural hair looking fresh underneath.

Routinely oil your scalp and new growth with the Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Hair and Scalp Oil. Simply add some to your fingertips and gently rub it on your exposed scalp. This will not only keep your hair properly moisturized, but it will help fight itchiness, too.

Simply add some to your fingertips and gently rub it on your exposed scalp. This will not only keep your hair properly moisturized, but it will help fight itchiness, too.

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Soft Locs Styles You Should Try This Year

Now that you understand what soft locs are and how to maintain them, it is time to dive into the different soft loc styles you need to try in 2023.

1. Long Soft Locs

long soft locs
long soft loc

Long locs are beautiful and they give you a wide range of possibilities to style your hair in. You can decide to wear your hair down and flowing down your back while you can also try a lot of different unique hairstyles like the half-up, half-down style, and you can even hold them in a ponytail.

2. Short Soft Locs

short soft locs
short locs

Short locs are also equally as beautiful as long ones. Most women who want something simple and elegant usually opt for short locs. Just because they are shorter does not mean you cannot style them. They also have a range of possible ways in which you can style them.

3. Half-up half-down Style

Half up half down
Half up half down

This is another incredible style you should try. The beauty of soft locs is in the way they can be easily manipulated into different gorgeous styles even from the first day of getting them done. This half up half down style can be achieved on both long locs and short ones.

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4. High Bun With Bangs

High bun with bangs
High bun with bangs

The flexibility of soft locs allows for creating whimsical hairstyles like this high bun with the statement face-framing bangs.

5. Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail soft locs

One thing you should know is that you can never go wrong with a ponytail. It just has a way of making your face look snatched and also highlighting your best features. Your ponytail could be long or short and you will still look effortlessly good.

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6. Soft Locs with Bantu Ends

soft locs with bantu end
Soft loc with Bantu end

This is a beautiful, intricately twisted locs with a Bantu knot detail at the end. This hairstyle adds new detail to the other soft-loc hairstyles and it is a great idea if you want to try something different.

7. Side Part Hairstyle

Side part hairstyle
Side part soft loc hairstyle

When in doubt, wear a side part. Soft locs with side parts like this one give the perfect vacation vibe. It is no secret that the side part always gives an effortless slay which is sometimes not gotten from other hairstyles.


8. Layered Soft Locs

Layered Soft Locs
Layered soft loc hairstyle

Layered hairstyle is a type of style in which some of the locs are cut shorter and made to rest on the longer ones to form a layer. This hairstyle is very creative, unique and equally attractive and will always make you look good without even trying. Although this hairstyle is more defined with long locs, it still looks good with short ones.

9. Center Parted Locs

Center parted soft locs
Center parted soft loc hairstyle

Just like side parts, you can never miss a centre part. This hairstyle gives frames your face perfectly.


10.Locs with Curly Ends

Soft locs with curls
Curly end locs

Another way to switch up your locs is by curling the ends. Soft locs hairstyles don’t have to be straight all the time. To achieve curly ends, this can be done by leaving out some extra inches unbraided while installing your locs, and then these extra inches will be curled using any suitable curling technique.

There are also some extensions that come already curled, you can just purchase this type instead of going through the additional stress of curling.

11. Two front Buns

Two front buns
Two front buns

Modern soft loc hairstyles include a variety of simple and fun half-up-dos. The neat coils are easy to clip and pin. Here, the top is twisted into a pair of playful buns.

12. Asymmetric Soft Locs

Asymmetric locs
Asymmetric soft locs

There are many ways to style your locs but if you want to get up in the morning and go, choose a chic bob. Gradually increasing the length from back to front makes a slanted edge

13. A pop of colour

soft loc
a pop of colour

With soft locs, you don’t need to commit to one colour and can spice up your look with just a couple of bright strands. If you want to add a bit of colour to your black hairstyle without looking like you are overdoing it, this is one style you should opt for.

14. Mohawk Soft Loc

mohawk soft loc
Mohawk soft loc

You don’t have to be traditional with your styles. Another way to switch up your look is by trying the mohawk soft loc hairstyle. It gives you this fierce look, adding spice to your look. You should definitely try this one out.

15. Soft Loc with Color Highlight

soft loc with color highlight
soft loc with colour highlight

If you love colours, this is one brilliant way to infuse any colour of your choice into your hairstyle. Some extensions come with highlighted ends, but you can decide to dye the end of your black loc yourself.


16. Bohemian Soft Locs

Bohemian locs
Bohemian Locs

The Bohemian goddess locs hairstyle is a variation of traditional locs, with added curly or wavy extensions crocheted into the locs for a more textured and voluminous look. It’s a versatile style that can be worn in various lengths and colours, making it perfect for those who want to switch up their look without sacrificing their natural hair.

17. Jumbo Soft Locs

Jumbo locs
Jumbo loc hairstyle

Locs do not necessarily have to be tiny, the jumbo soft loc hairstyle is a nice and unique idea which is perfect for those who want to install soft locs but do not want to spend so much time at the salon

18. Simple Soft Loc Hairstyle

Simple locs
Simple loc hairstyle

You can create as much unique styles as you want with your locs but if you are a simple lady, the simple soft loc style would also look good. It does not have any special design or style. And as they say, the simpler the better.

19. Blond Soft Locs

Blond soft locs
Blond soft loc

Colours do bring brightness to you, but there is something with the blond colour. Not to mention the original vibes that the loc gives to it.

20. Extra Long Soft Loc Hairstyle

Extra long soft locs
Extra long soft loc hairstyle

If you want a statement hairstyle that will get you all the attention in any room you step into, you should make your locs as long as possible. Although extra-long locs might be hard to maintain, they look good regardless.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Soft locs are a less damaging alternative to traditional faux locs. Since they are lighter weight, they cause less tension to the roots and shouldn’t cause damage if installed correctly.

If you’ve never installed faux locs before, it’s best to keep the installation to a professional to avoid any unnecessary damage to your natural hair and unwanted tension on your edges.

If there are any questions, post them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can soft loc be permanent?

No, soft locs cannot be permanent. They can only last four to six week

Can soft loc last 2 months?

With proper maintenance, soft locs can last for 2 months.

Are soft locs painful?

Soft locs are generally not painful because they are not hard enough to cause tension in the hair

Are soft locs hard to take out?

Locs is removed similarly to other braided hair extensions, so they’re easy to take down without damaging your natural hair

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