Hand tattoos for men are becoming increasingly popular.

hand tattoos for men
hand tattoos for men

A recent study found that more than 60% of men have at least one tattoo on their hands. So, if you are looking to get hand tattoos for men, don’t worry. You are not alone.

What’s a Tattoo?

A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, and/or other pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design. Tattoos may be decorative or symbolic.

When choosing a hand tattoo design, it is very important to put so much thought into it because tattoos are permanent and will be on display for everyone.  Here, we will show you some badass, fierce, cool, unique, and the most stylish hand tattoo designs for men.

But first, let us talk about some important things you need to know before getting inked.

Things to Know Before Getting Hand Tattoos for Men

There are some important things you need to know and consider before opting to get a tattoo:

1. Tattoos are permanent

You may know this already, but yes, tattoos are permanent. Any tattoo design you get will stay with you for the rest of your life. So, if you do not want your skin to be stained for life, you may need to consider your decision.

Also, you need to think thoroughly about whatever design you are going to get. If you ever get bored of it, you can do nothing about it.

2. Tattoos are painful

Getting a tattoo will definitely hurt- there’s no denying that. The level of pain depends on the size and placement, as well as your pain tolerance levels. If you have a low tolerance for pain, the process will be very difficult for you.

Although when the tattoo process is about the start, a tropical numbing cream is often used on the spot to reduce the pain, you will still feel the pain when the numbing effect wears off after the process.

3. You can be allergic to tattoo ink

While tattoos are beautiful and cool, they are not for everybody. You may be allergic to the tattoo ink or pigment, and it can result in complications. It is very important to do a patch test before inserting the pigment into your skin.

4. Your tattoo artist can make or mar your design

Another important thing to note is that your tattoo artist will largely determine how your tattoo will come out. Before deciding to get your tattoo done by an artist, you may want to consider carrying out some background research on the artist. Read reviews online and see their previous works.

Also, you should ensure that your artist is safety conscious so you do not get infected in the process.

5. Aftercare is important

After getting your tattoos done beautifully, you need to take good care of them so that they can heal nicely. Your tattoo artist will help you with some aftercare instructions.

Cool Hand Tattoos for Men

Here are some cool hand tattoos for men that will make you want a tattoo if you do not already want one.

1. Simple Hand Tattoos

simple hand tattoo for men
hand tattoo for men

A simple hand tattoo design is an elegant and sleek option for men who want to create a meaningful piece that doesn’t pull focus. These designs are often minimal and combine basic linework and minimal shading to produce a timeless and fresh tattoo design.

Simple hand tattoos for men are flattering, and the best part of getting this type of design is that you do not have to spend a long time on the chair getting it done. It is easy and fast and also less painful.

2. Skull hand tattoos

skull hand tattoos for men
skull tattoos for men

A skull is often associated with death or danger but could also represent strength and fierceness. Skull head designs are a very common tattoo design among men because it makes them look badass.

This type of hand tattoo for men will definitely draw the attention of people around you, and when nicely done, you might even keep getting compliments for the rest of your life.

A skull hand tattoo for men is one you should consider if you are looking to make a bold statement.

3. Wolf Hand Tattoos

wolf tattoos for men
Wolf tattoo for men

This is another fierce tattoo design for men. Wolf hand tattoos for men are perfect for those who want a tattoo design that embodies power, strength, and ferocity.

In some cultures, wolves are also seen as symbols of family, loyalty, and companionship. It is the ideal choice for your next tattoo and looks stunning when applied to the hand in bold prints with detailed shading and shadow mapping, creating a badass design.

4. Inspirational Hand Tattoos

Inspirational hand tattoo
Inspirational tattoo

Have you ever read or heard an inspirational quote or lyrics that just stuck with you? It would be a great idea to have it engraved into your hand forever.

Hand tattoos, which include messages and texts, are very fashionable today. You can have a very stylish tattoo by carving your favourite texts on your hand.

Many men these days have inspirational words, or messages inked in their hands. These quotes can serve as a motivation to keep you going whenever you feel down or unmotivated.

5. Zodiac Sign Hand Tattoos

zodiac sign tattoo
zodiac sign tattoo

If you love astrology and zodiac signs, you can get a tattoo of your zodiac sign on your hand. You can either go for the large zodiac sign hand tattoo or for a small, clear one.

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6. Henna-Inspired Hand Tattoo

henna inspired hand tattoo
Henna inspired hand tattoo

This hand tattoo for men is very similar to traditional mehndi art designs. A lot of people might find this design a bit feminine, but it can be tweaked to look more masculine by infusing darker pigments and bold prints with detailed shadows to create a beautiful henna-like hand tattoo for men.

7. Hamsa Hand Tattoos

hamsa tattoo for men
hamsa tattoo

The hamsa tattoo is another of the many cool hand tattoos for men. The Hamsa is known to represent the Hand of God, making it a perfect choice for anyone seeking a significant hand tattoo. It offers protection against Ayin Hara, which is effectively the evil eye and brings luck, health, and good fortune.

You would be proud to wear this tattoo design, whether you want to wear it upside down or vice versa.

8. Spiritual Hand Tattoos

spiritual tattoos for men
Spiritual hand tattoos for men

Many men love to wear tattoos that are of spiritual significance and represent their faith and belief. A spiritual tattoo could be in the form of a cross or an image of Jesus, the Holy Bible, The Holy Quran, or any other thing that symbolizes their faith.

9. Superhero Hand Tattoos

superhero hand tattoo
superhero hand tattoo

Today, plenty of teenagers and adults alike have superheroes that enchant and enthrall them while growing up. This has led to many men getting tattoos of their favourite superheroes in different sizes on their hands.

This tattoo will be unique in shape and colour, thus giving a dazzling effect on the hands.

10. Rose Hand Tattoo

rose hand tattoos for men
rose hand tattoo for men

Contrary to popular belief, rose tattoos do look good on men. A rose hand tattoo is an elegant and surprisingly masculine design that can be dialed up with intricate shading and innovative use of colour.

 Roses symbolize a state of beauty after going through a rough patch and many ups and downs.

This tattoo design is very meaningful and also simple. You can get a rose tattoo to also symbolize a significant woman in your life, be it your mom, wife, or sister. Rose hand tattoos for men are very beautiful, and more men need to embrace the idea.

11. Side Hand Tattoos

side hand tattoo for men
side hand tattoo for men

A side hand tattoo is a creative and unique tattoo idea for men. These designs are often small and simple, but they signify something meaningful and, sometimes, personal.

This type of tattoo is not so common. They could be simple designs like a name, a small star, arrows, feathers, initials, and many other symbolic designs.

12. Name Hand Tattoo

name hand tattoos for men
Name hand tattoo for men.

The name hand tattoos for men design is a classic and popular design that allows men to get creative with their artwork. Wearing the names of the people closest to you with pride will always keep them by your side. This type of design can be written in large fonts or something small and inconspicuous but still meaningful.

13. Full Hand Tattoos

full hand tattoo for men
full hand tattoo for men

A full-hand tattoo is definitely daring and very sexy. A lot of men these days have their whole hands covered with tattoos.

A full-hand tattoo design can comprise different types of designs coming together to form one big full-hand tattoo, or it could be just one type of design covering the whole hand. Whatever type of full tattoo you decide to get, you are sure to grab your attention to yourself while looking daring and sexy.

14. Colourful Hand Tattoos

colorful hand tattoo for men
Colourful hand tattoo for men

Bored of regular black and grey tattoos? A colourful tattoo is an attractive and artistic design that blends in many different colours to create one unique and stunning piece of artwork.

Whether you appreciate the bold shading of Americana and Japanese stylings or want to add visual interest to minimalist pieces, coloured ink allows you to get creative.

15. Family Hand Tattoos

family tattoo design for men
Family tattoo design for men

Are you more of a family man? If yes, then this tattoo may interest you. A family hand tattoo is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to immortalize a meaningful bond with their family.

There are several ways you can get a tattoo that represents your family. One of these ways is by writing the word ‘family’ in bold, cursive ink on your hand. You can adorn your styling with creative swirls and deep shading.

Another unique way to get a family tattoo is by recreating a beautiful family picture on your hand.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Here are some of the best hand tattoos for men that can inspire you when you want to get your next tattoo.

Tattoos are generally beautiful, and regardless of the controversy surrounding tattoos today, they are still very attractive.

If there are any questions, post them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hand tattoos hurt?

Hand tattoos are generally known to hurt because the skin of the hand is thin and, therefore, more sensitive. The hand is also bony and filled with ligaments, which generally hurts getting a hand tattoo.

Do hand tattoos fade a lot?

Hand tattoos fade faster than the rest of the body due to the excessive wear and tear your hands get. Use and wash your hands so much there is constant cell turnover in that part of the body. However, this does not mean hand tattoos are any less permanent.

How do I pick my tattoo?

When picking a tattoo you want to get, there are several factors you should put into consideration.
1. Pain tolerance: Some tattoos are known to hurt more than others, so it is important to know the level of pain you can bear before deciding what type of tattoo to get, where to get it and how big it should be
2. Know what you love: Some people may like big, bold and daring tattoos more, while others may just want simple ones. So it is also important to go for what best matches your personality so you do not regret it later.
3. You might want to start with something simple: When getting a tattoo for the first time, it is advised that you start with something simple to observe how your body reacts to it.

Which tattoo is best for hand?

There is no universally accepted best hand tattoo. Whatever design you love is the best hand tattoo for you.

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