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Below are 20 cross tattoo designs that you will love.

cross tattoo designs
Cross Tattoo Designs

A cross tattoo symbolises so many things. But only the wearer can truly speak of its nature, essence, and definition. Publicly, there is a general notion that it is a “Christian” symbol. You are not wrong. You are not right, either.

When it comes to cross tattoo designs, or any other tattoo designs for that matter, their true definition lies in the wearer’s mind. There are several reasons why people get tattoos. These reasons offer a sentimental definition of why they mark themselves, especially with a cross.

Whether by public or private definition, the cross tattoo design is popular. Why? It’s gender-neutral. No one can wear it without fuss due to a misallocation of design. Feel me?

Its gender neutrality amplifies its love in the hearts of everyone. Not to stray from the topic, here are a few things that a cross tattoo can symbolise.

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What Does a Cross Tattoo Symbolise?

What Does A Cross Tattoo Symbolise?
What Does A Cross Tattoo Symbolise?

1. Christianity

That was obvious, wasn’t it? The symbol of the cross is heavily related to Christians. “Our Lord Jesus Christ dies on the cross of Calvary.” The cross of Calvary represents more than just the crucifixion of the Saviour. It represents a story of faith, salvation, love, mercy, grace, and adoption.

You can now understand why its association with Christianity is grave. It transcends the physical.

2. Spirituality

There might be some similarities with Christianity, but there are also differences. Many instruments are used to connect with the spiritual realm, and the cross is one of them. Rosaries and stones are some popular examples.

It should be known that not only Christians access the spiritual. The cross can serve as a medium to access that realm. Whatever you use to establish a deep connection, including crosses, can act as a medium.

3. Memorial

You must have passed the graveyard and seen many graves stamped with the sign of the cross. My best guess is that it is done in the hopes that you go to the much preferable side of eternity, heaven.

Whatever the reason, The cross symbol acts as a remembrance symbol. “And for every time you look upon that cross, they shall be in your heart”.- That kind of feeling. In the memory of the dead, the cross can help keep them alive in our hearts.

4. Protection

A popular scene in movies where they perform exorcism involves the use of a cross to chase away evil spirits. In a more fictional sense, wearing a cross can help keep vampires away. You can call them Blood-sucking demons!

The cross is believed by some cultures and beliefs, to be a symbol of protection. People wear it around their neck or wrist, hoping to keep it close to themselves. What better way to keep it close than with a tattoo?

5. Artistic Expression

Apart from the cross’s spiritual belief, some people choose a convenient tattoo design mainly because of its artistic value. They don’t attach any exaggerated belief to the symbol (permit me to use that word).

Isn’t it spectacular how two lines can unite at an unequal angle and look so interestingly artistic? There are some amplified designs of the cross these days, but it all started with those two lines lying perpendicularly and demands such historical and artistic focus.

6. Recovery and Redemption

Stories of recovery and redemption pass through your physical and online timelines every day. Truthfully, not everyone gets to survive what some people recover from. Being offered such a chance comes with an eternal appreciation that shouldn’t be forgotten.

To stamp this, having a token close to you can be helpful to remind yourself of such an event. An example is the cross. For some, questions about the cross tattooed on their body will launch you into a story of lost and found.

Even beyond these six listed, there can be more subjective symbolisms of cross tattoos, which are all valid. Wear yours with pride and never forget its meaning.

It would be foul to have a tattoo that has no meaning to you, right? That’s just my opinion. Tattoos should be personal. More seriously, Cross Tattoo designs should be even more personal.

If you are thinking of getting cross-tattoo designs, here are the top 20 cross-tattoo designs for men and women.

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20 Cross Tattoo Designs Ideas For Men And Women

Getting a cross-tattoo design can be difficult. Getting a tattoo is difficult. You are always unsure of the design you want and if it’s the right one to get.

Fear no more. Here are the Top 20 highly scrutinised lists of cross tattoo designs that you will love.

1. Traditional Cross Tattoo Design

Traditional Cross Tattoo Design
Traditional Cross Tattoo Designs

It is traditional because it is the most common cross-tattoo design—the one with two lines where the vertical line is longer than the horizontal.

The traditional cross design is valued because there doesn’t have to be much explanation for it. As soon as it is seen, it is understood. Well, it is understood according to personal bias.

The most popular definition would be the symbol of Christianity and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

2. Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design
Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

The Celtic cross has a circle that intersects the arms of the cross. It is often associated with Irish and Celtic heritage. The Celtic cross represents the union of the spiritual and earthly worlds and eternity.

You can now understand how the cross can be modified to mean different things.

3. Greek Cross Tattoo Design

Greek Cross Tattoo Design
Greek Cross Tattoo Design

In a Greek cross, all four arms of the cross are of equal length, creating a balanced and symmetrical design. It signifies Christianity and faith, emphasising the importance of balance and harmony.

4. Ankh Cross Tattoo Design

Ankh Cross Tattoo Design
Ankh Cross Tattoo Design

With its distinctive loop at the top, the ankh cross is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing life, immortality, and the key to the afterlife.

5. Maltese Cross Tattoo Design

Maltese Cross Tattoo Design
Maltese Cross Tattoo Design on the hand

This cross has four arms of equal length, each ending in a V-shape. It is associated with the Knights of Malta and signifies bravery, service, and protection.

6. Rosary Cross

 Rosary Cross For Women
Rosary Cross For Women

Incorporating a rosary with the cross symbolises devotion and prayer within the Catholic tradition. It represents the importance of faith and spiritual practise.

7. Floral Cross Tattoo Design

Floral Cross Tattoo Design
Floral Cross Tattoo Design

This design combines the cross with intricate floral elements like roses or lilies, symbolising growth, life, and the beauty of faith. It can have a feminine and decorative touch.

8. Dagger Cross Tattoo Design

Dagger Cross Tattoo Design
Dagger Cross Tattoo Design

Adding a dagger or sword intersecting the cross symbolizes protection, strength, and a warrior spirit. It can signify the willingness to defend one’s faith.

9. Watercolour Cross Tattoo Design

Watercolour Cross Tattoo Design
Watercolour Cross Tattoo Design

This style uses watercolour-like techniques to create a vibrant and colourful cross tattoo, allowing for artistic expression and a unique visual impact.

10. Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs
Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs

Incorporating tribal patterns and designs around the cross gives it a bold and distinctive appearance, often reflecting tribal or cultural symbolism.

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11. Winged Cross Tattoo Design

Winged Cross Tattoo Design for Men
Winged Cross Tattoo Design for Men

Wings on the cross symbolise freedom, spirituality, and the journey towards a higher purpose. It represents the idea of transcending earthly limitations.

12. Cross with Scripture Tattoo Design

Cross with Scripture Tattoo Design
Cross with Scripture Tattoo Design

A cross with a meaningful Bible verse or scripture passage that holds personal significance reinforces the message of faith and belief.

13. Infinity Cross Tattoo Design

Infinity Cross Tattoo Design
Infinity Cross Tattoo Design

Interweaving the cross with infinity symbolises eternal love, faith, or a never-ending journey. It emphasises the enduring nature of one’s beliefs.

14. Geometric Cross Tattoo Design

Geometric Cross Tattoo Design
Geometric Cross Tattoo Design

Cross-using geometric shapes and patterns results in a modern and abstract design that can be open to interpretation, allowing for unique symbolism.

15. Anchor Cross Tattoo Design

 Anchor Cross Tattoo Design
Anchor Cross Tattoo Design

A cross with an anchor symbolizes hope, stability, and faith as an anchor during challenging times. It underscores the importance of faith in providing stability.

16. Heart Cross Tattoo Design

Heart Cross Tattoo Design
Heart Cross Tattoo Design

Incorporating a heart shape into the cross symbolizes love, compassion, and the central role of faith in one’s heart and life.

17. Cross with a Dove Tattoo Design

Cross with a Dove Tattoo Design
Cross with a Dove Tattoo Design

A flying dove near the cross symbolises peace, the Holy Spirit, and new beginnings. It signifies the calming and transformative power of faith.

18. Cross with a Compass Tattoo Design

Cross with a Compass Tattoo Design
Cross with a Compass Tattoo Design

Adding a compass rose to the cross means guidance, direction, and faith as a guiding force in life’s journey. It signifies the importance of staying on the right path.

19. Cross with a Crown Tattoo Design

Cross with a Crown Tattoo Design
Cross with a Crown Tattoo Design

The cross with a crown symbolises the sovereignty of faith and the victorious reign of Christ. It emphasises the divine authority of one’s beliefs.

20. Cross with a Skull Tattoo Design

Cross with a Skull Tattoo Design
Cross with a Skull Tattoo Design

This design can represent the triumph of faith over death and the idea that faith provides meaning and purpose even in the face of life’s impermanence and mortality.

20 good cross-tattoo designs would help narrow your choices for an exciting tattoo experience. The question to ask now is,

Where is the best place to get a cross tattoo design on your body?

Your back? Your neck?

Most importantly, it’s all down to personal preference, but here are some places for you to consider.

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Best Place For A Cross Tattoo

The middle finger?

Well, while that is not advisable for popular reasons (haha). Take a look at this list to consider.

1. Forearm

This is a common location for a cross tattoo, especially if you want it to be visible. You can choose between the inner forearm and the outer forearm. It provides a good amount of space for intricate designs if desired.

2. Wrist

A cross tattoo on the wrist is small and subtle, making it a suitable choice for those who want a discreet tattoo. It’s easy to conceal with a watch or bracelet if needed.

3. Chest

The chest is a prominent and meaningful location for a cross tattoo. It can be placed in the centre of the chest or slightly to the side. A larger design can be used to create a more dramatic effect.

4. Back

The upper back or shoulder blade area is popular for larger cross tattoos. It provides ample space for detailed and artistic designs.

5. Neck

A cross tattoo on the neck can be quite bold and visible. Consider whether you want it on the front or back of the neck, and remember that neck tattoos may not be suitable for all professions.

6. Ankle

Ankle-cross tattoos are often small and delicate. They can be easily concealed with socks or footwear, making them a good choice for those who want a discreet design.

7. Ribcage

The ribcage area allows for a larger and more intricate cross-tattoo design. It can be a painful area to tattoo, so be prepared for some discomfort during the process.

8. Bicep/Upper Arm

Placing a cross tattoo on the bicep or upper arm allows for flexibility in size and design. It can be easily concealed with clothing if desired.

9. Finger

Finger tattoos, including cross designs, are small and subtle. They are gaining popularity but can fade more quickly than tattoos on other parts of the body due to the frequent use and exposure of the hands.

10. Behind the Ear

A tiny cross tattoo behind the ear is a discreet choice. It can have a symbolic meaning while remaining inconspicuous.

I’m sure you’re satisfied with this information. Do with it as you please, brethren.

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Let’s Wrap This Up

Cross Tattoo designs, among other tattoo designs, are very old and personal. Anyone wearing one has a story to tell. Attribute your cross tattoo to a significant meaning that would justify your need to get it.

“I don’t need to justify myself to anybody”, you say

It would help if you justify

yourself to yourself. Get a meaningful cross tattoo today.

If there are any questions, post them below.


What does a cross tattoo mean for guys?

A cross tattoo often carries spiritual significance, symbolizing various themes such as faith, sacrifice, redemption, and connection to a higher power, particularly in Christianity. It can represent a personal commitment to religious beliefs or commemorate important spiritual moments

What tattoo looks good on men?

Rose Tattoo: Personal Expression.
Dragon Tattoo: Ancient Myth & Power.
Skull Tattoo: Embracing Mortality.
The Mystique of Snake Tattoos.
Quote Tattoo: Words of Wisdom.
The Scorpion Tattoo: A Symbol of Power & Survival.
Family Tattoo: Honoring Your Roots.

Where do you put a cross tattoo?

While there are certain areas of the body that are deemed more appropriate than others for certain tattoos, you can put a cross tattoo literally anywhere on your body that you want it to be

What do 3 crosses tattoo mean?

Choosing a tattoo with three crosses is a deeply meaningful way to express your faith, as it embodies the pivotal event of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, a cornerstone of Christian belief.

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