Natural, Raw and Organic Sea Salt
  • 31/10/2023 3:54 am
  • Ikorodu, Lagos State

Sea Salt has great health, beauty and spiritual benefits more than the table salt.

Sea Salt is good for everyone.
Types of Sea Salt – there are different types of Sea salt.
Benefits of Sea Salt – great benefits abound.
Cooking with Sea Salt – it’s good for everyone.
Sea Salt vs. Table Salt – Sea salt is the best.
Sea Salt Flavors – Enhances food taste.
Health Benefits of Sea Salt – They’re numerous.
Sea Salt Uses – it’s also used for spiritual purposes.
Sea Salt in Food – adds great minerals to it.
Sea Salt Minerals – Has over 80 trace minerals.
Gourmet Sea Salt – raw Sea Salt is available.
Sea Salt Scrubs – exfoliates
Sea Salt Bath – clean skin
Sea Salt for Skin – smoothens
Sea Salt for Hair – adds shines
Sea Salt Extraction
Natural Sea Salt – available from us
Sea Salt Production – it’s purely natural, no heating.
Sea Salt Harvesting – natural.
Sea Salt History – very great to know.


  • Our Sea Salt is raw, pure, natural, unrefined, unprocessed and Organic.
  • Our Sea Salt is good for cooking, beauty and spiritual purposes. It's used for cleansing.


Maya-Idafa ,Ikorodu,Lagos State

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