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Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs? The next best thing after your basic dreadlocks.

butterfly locs 1

Butterfly Locs are textured and somewhat dishevelled. We call them butterfly locs because they bear the same markings as a butterfly.

Butterfly Locs can be tailored with various colours, lengths, and adornments, providing room for personal expression and creating a great style for individuals who desire a style that changes from time to time without putting too much effort while at the same time protecting your hair. 

How to Do Butterfly Locs

There are various methods of making butterfly locs, but no matter the method you use, ensure to start by soaking the hair you intend to use(synthetic) in an Apple cider vinegar rinse.

To achieve this, you craft a solution that’s part vinegar and part water, then soak the hair for a couple of hours and rinse thoroughly. It helps to avoid itching for individuals with sensitive scalps.

To make butterfly locs, follow these steps;

Step 1: Select a Pattern and Braid or Twist Your Hair. 

Use a product like Shine and Jam or any edge control to maintain neat partings. You can either use a rubber band or braid your hair to hold them in place. To understand how to go about your butterfly locs, follow the technique in the video below. It will guide you in making the perfect butterfly locs.

Butterfly locs

Step 2: Prepare Your Wave Hair

You can choose to complete this step as you go or all at the beginning. Take two pieces of the water wave hair and divide them. The aim is to achieve a fluffy but somewhat cohesive result.

Step 3: Crochet the Wave Hair to the Base of Your Hair

Take the crochet needle and gently slide it through the bottom of your braid near your scalp. Next, put the loose water wave hair into the hook of the needle, close it, and pull it through until it’s not quite halfway through.

At this point, you should have roughly three-fourths of the water wave hair on one side, all set for the wrapping part. If you’ve had some experience with faux loc techniques, you’ll find this process similar to beginning a box braid extension underneath the faux loc.

Step 4: Begin to Wrap

Now, grab the shorter section of the water wave hair and combine it with your braid. Start wrapping the braid and the shorter piece using the longer section of water wave hair.

Wind it around the base about 5-6 times to ensure it’s securely fastened close to your scalp (this will help your style stay neat for a long time). Just be careful not to pull too tight. While you’re wrapping, use the thumb technique to make those cool loops.

The magic of Butterfly Locs is in their relaxed, slightly tousled look. When you’re wrapping the hair, there’s no need for super tight or perfectly controlled wraps.

The charm lies in those loops, and the textured appearance of the locs. They get better with time, so the messier, the better. Embrace the natural frizz as they mature; it adds to their unique beauty.

The thumb technique

While wrapping the water wave hair, gently loop a portion around your thumb as you continue wrapping down, repeating this two or three times. This technique is what gives the loc its distinctive loops.

Certain stylists recommend doing three regular wraps and then introducing the thumb to “pick up” some of the hair before reuniting it with the wrapping section.

Step 5: Seal the ends

When you’ve reached your preferred length, it’s time to finish and secure the loc. Create a small loop with your finger at the end and then wrap the remaining hair back up the braid until you’ve used up all the water wave hair. For added security, you can apply nail glue as you wrap the last inch or two.

The loop is a crucial step as it provides a neat end to your loc and helps keep it in place. Please do not use heat to seal the ends.

Butterfly Locs
Short butterfly locs

How long do butterfly locs last?

With proper care, a butterfly locs can last between eight to twelve weeks.

After installing the hair, you can spray underneath the locs with leave-in conditioner or water-based moisturiser to keep them hydrated.

How many packs of hair do I need for butterfly locs?

To make a butterfly full head locs, you need 6 packs of butterfly locs as there are 12 strands in each locs pack.

How do you care for butterfly locs?

To take care of your locs 

This is where having a solid hair care routine can help extend your style and keep your scalp clean. 

Here are some ways you can maintain and care for your butterfly locs:

  • Wear a bonnet or headscarf at night or sleep on a silk pillow.
  • Continue to wash and shampoo your scalp every week.
  • Keep your style in no longer than 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Make sure your butterfly locs are fully and thoroughly dry after a wash.

Disadvantages of Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are quite popular but like all things, they have certain drawbacks. Here are the disadvantages of butterfly locs:

  • Time-Consuming Installation: The intricate nature of butterfly locs makes them time-consuming to install. The process can take several hours, which might not be suitable for those with busy schedules or limited patience.
  • Scalp Tension: Creating butterfly locs often involves tight twisting or braiding, resulting in tension on the scalp. This tension can lead to discomfort and, if not done properly, may cause hair breakage or thinning.
  • Weight: Depending on their length and thickness, butterfly locs can be quite heavy. This added weight can stress your scalp and hair, potentially causing discomfort or headaches if not managed correctly.
  • Maintenance: Butterfly locs demand regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh. Periodic re-twisting or re-braiding is necessary to prevent frizz and maintain the style, which can be time-consuming and may require skill.
  • Limited Styling Options: While beautiful, butterfly locs are not as versatile as some other protective hairstyles, restricting your styling options and versatility in changing your look.
  • Residue Buildup: Over time, product residue, dirt, and sweat can accumulate within the locs, potentially leading to odour and hygiene issues. Proper cleaning and maintenance are vital to avoid these problems.
  • Hair Damage: Incorrect installation or maintenance can result in hair damage, including breakage, thinning, or even hair loss, especially if the process is excessively tight or hair care is inadequate.

Ways to Style Your Butterfly Locs

1. Classic Half-Up, Half-Down

Gather the top section of your locs, which is usually at the crown of your head, and secure them with a hair tie or clip. Let the rest of your locs flow freely down your back. This style is a timeless choice that keeps your hair out of your face while showcasing the beauty of your locs.

Butterfly locs
Half up and half down butterfly locs

2. Top Knot

Twist or braid the upper part of your locs into a bun or knot at the top of your head. This creates a stylish and practical updo that’s perfect for casual or formal occasions.

Butterfly Locs
Top knot locs

3. Low Bun

To achieve a low bun, gather your locs at the nape of your neck and secure them with a hair tie or pins. This style is elegant and keeps your locs neatly tucked away.

Butterfly Locs
Low bun butterfly locs

4. Side Swept

Butterfly locs
Butterfly locs

5. Braided Crown

Divide your locs into two sections and braid them. Then, wrap each braid around your head to create a crown. Secure with pins or clips. This style offers a regal and eye-catching appearance.

6. High Ponytail

Gather your locs at the crown of your head and secure them with a hair tie to form a high ponytail. This style is both sleek and fashionable, perfect for a polished look.

high pony buttrfly locs
Butefly locs

7. Double Buns

Divide your locs into two equal sections and create two buns on either side of your head. This playful style adds a touch of whimsy to your appearance.

Butterfly locs
Double buns half up, half down

8. Messy Bun

Form a loose, textured bun by gathering your locs at your preferred height on your head. Leave some strands loose for a laid-back and carefree look.

Butterfly Locs
Messy bun

9. Faux Hawk

To create a faux hawk with your locs, pin the sides of your locs upward, leaving the central section loose. This edgy style is perfect for those who want to stand out.

Butterfly Locs
Faux hawk butterfly locs

10. Braided Pigtails

Divide your locs into two equal sections and braid each section separately. Secure each braid with a hair tie at the end, forming playful pigtails.

11. Sleek Low Ponytail

For a sophisticated and professional appearance, gather your locs into a low, sleek ponytail at the nape of your neck. This style is neat and elegant.

Screen Shot 2021 07 23 at 3.36.26 PM 1002x1024 1

12.Spiral Curls

Use flexi rods or curling rods to create spiral curls in your locs. This elegant style adds a touch of glamour to your look.

Spiral Curls

13. High Bun with Bangs

Gather your locs into a high bun at the crown of your head while leaving some locs in the front to frame your face. This style combines sophistication with a touch of playfulness.

Butterfly locs
Butterfly locs with bangs.

14. Accessory Locs

Butterfly locs
Butterfly locs with accessories.

Let’s Wrap This Up

If you want a hairstyle that’s alluring and easy to maintain, then butterfly locs are the best option for you.

If there are any questions, post them below.


How many butterfly locs for a full head?

3 packs are adequate for a full head.

Which hair is best for butterfly locs?

If you are looking to install your butterfly locs without using the crochet method, then you should choose any water wave synthetic hair and marley braiding hair

How many months can butterfly locs last?

With the proper care, butterfly locs can last between eight to twelve weeks.

Do butterfly locs damage hair?

While this style can last up to several weeks, leaving locs in longer than what’s suggested can lead to oil buildup, resulting in damage to your hair and scalp

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